Word(y) Wednesday

Bon Jovi can meet me halfway there any week. Oh yeah. How’s your week been so far? I hear Friday tiptoeing toward us.

Live, love, bark! ❤︎

25 thoughts on “Word(y) Wednesday

  1. Normally I look forward to the weekend as much as the next person, but the hubs is leaving for a biz trip on Sat morning and Rita and I always miss him terribly so I wouldn’t mind if the weekend takes it time this week…. (But only this week!)

  2. My week has not been Bon Jovi great, but it has been productive. I am finally having someone painting my great room. Getting everything out of the way is like moving – I may just be able to throw some stuff away as I am putting it back where it goes (was in too big of a hurry to do it as I was moving it.)

  3. My Mom kinda, sorta idolizes Mr. Bongiovi in the same way you seem to. Me on the other hand….

    OK, I do like some of his songs…. just not the Slippery When Wet trio that get overplayed.

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