Fab Friday ~ December 8, 2017

Our favorite day has arrived and can I just say color me happy! Although time seems to be whizzing out of control toward Christmas, I’m starting to make a little bit of progress with the howli-day baking though Sam and Elsa keep staring at an empty treat jar hinting that I’m not as far along as I think. What about you? Any plans for the weekend?

Live, love, bark! ❤︎

50 thoughts on “Fab Friday ~ December 8, 2017

  1. BOL!! Yummm! Sprinkles!! I think my humom is still in denial about Christmas coming so soon. She JUST ordered our xmas cards!!!! Sigh…don’t even get me started on the howliday baking!

  2. That’s a hilarious photo!!!!

    Nothing exciting here except for two sick dogs. I give up. I won’t be ready for Christmas, and that’s just fine with me. 🙂

  3. We had a bit of a winter storm on Friday afternoon into late yesterday afternoon. So, after breakfast at the diner on Friday, we picked up some groceries and came home to snuggle with the pups. The little bit of snow we did get is mostly gone already, but there’s black ice on the roads so we’re staying home today too. At least until it melts. Current temp is 27F. Even the pups get cold in those temps! Happy Sunday!!

  4. If I could bake it would be a good alternative to moving two yards of rocks to a new garden project we are working on. I thought about hooking a wagon to Kloe to move them about 100 feet to the final destination but she would be too “enthusiastic” and they’d land in all the wrong places. Kali would be much better suited to follow instructions and be precise in her delivery but alas, she is much older and sometimes can barely carry her own 60 pounds. SO, dad will be humping all the rocks while the dogs lounge in this unseasonable warm weather snoopervising (thanks for letting me use your hilarious term).

  5. Thinking that maybe it is time to get the house finished decorated and maybe get the tree up

  6. Early morning walk with Benji ; breakfast ; computer ; garden ; help Annabell to get things ready for Sunday ; watch Netflix ; Sunday, church then the congregational Christmas Lunch ; home ; help Annabell ; Family over for dinner; Once they have gone, have second glass of wine, go through to my room,, settle down with Benji and watch another episode of the Shannara Chronicles on Netflix. Quiet weekend really……

  7. BOL! Love the meme 😉
    We are installing our new wood stove; it’s bigger! Apparently it will throw more heat efficiently while lowering the emissions to almost nothing (whatever that means)!
    HuMom didn’t want to put up our purple tree until this is done; it may get messy.
    So we will be decorating this weekend after the stove is in (it’s heavy, almost 10 of me).
    Sam & Elsa, I hope mom gets to those treats soon 😉

    Nose nudges,
    CEO Olivia

  8. Housebreaking the schnauzer (still), grooming, housebreaking the schnauzer, church, continuing to housebreak the schnauzer.

  9. If today counts as part of the weekend, which I like to think it does if I’m not working (like today), we are going to have a Christmas photo shoot for Tippy, tomorrow my plans are to go see my nephew graduate from college with an advanced degree and Tippy gets to go to doggie day care (if it doesn’t snow like the weather people are calling for), and Sunday I’ll miss church (because they are only having one service at 10:40) so I can go have my sing-along with the residents at a local nursing home. I’ll probably break out the Christmas hymns, even though they are pretty hard to play and sing, I think. In between times, I’ll try to get some cards mailed, cleaning done, and Oreo Balls made.

  10. We’ll definitely go and see the “Christmas Journey”, a living Christmas scenes display by the congregation of the Bethany Lutheran Church – either today or tomorrow – and on Sunday we’ll very likely go to a Vivaldi concert by a local choir and orchestra in St. Mary’s Church here.

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