Monday Moanings

Ugh, is it really Monday already? We’re…umm…feeling a bit sluggish after the weekend. Following Elsa’s torture spa treatment, she had a tiny little seizure on Saturday. She’s fine now but I’m closely monitoring her since this was the smallest seizure she’s ever had and I don’t know how it figures in going forward. We received maybe 16 flakes of snow Friday and it was quite windy and cold. The extreme weather may also have been a factor with Elsa’s seizure on top of the stress of listening to a hyper-barking dog. On the plus side, she  looks and smells amazing. I think the little Pomeranian that was waiting for its huMom to pick it up and barked non-stop for 45 minutes with a high pitch yapping may have left Elsa feeling overly stressed out…heck I was stressed out with that racket. It gave me a headache and left Elsa frazzled. Poor thing wouldn’t even eat any treats for being so good for Rebecca, our groomer and Elsa never passes up a treat. Ever. Looks like I’m going to need to try to maintain the cut better so she’s not subjected to any future rounds of a screeching banshee.

Aside from looking good, there was enough hair left on the floor to make a whole other dog. To bad I don’t knit. Guess she really was resembling a Muppet bear before.








We’re gonna kick back today, get our paws under us and prepare for a visit to West Pines later this week. How was your weekend? 

Live, love, bark 🐾


78 thoughts on “Monday Moanings

  1. Wow! that’s a lot of hair. Sorry about Elsa’s little seizure. Love that first pic — totally looked frazzled and stressed out.

  2. Mee-you Elsa you look furabuluss aftur yur cut an dry! An there ISS enuff fur to make a mini-Elsa fur sure!
    **nose kissesss** Siddhartha Henry xXx

  3. Bummer news about Elsa, so I hope she’s feeling better! Definitely warrants taking it a bit easy. But hey – that’s quite the trim! Looking good!!!

    1. Thank you. It is sad about Elsa but not unexpected given the racket that other dog made. That kind of stimuli is a bridge to far to cross for my little girl. Luckily she’s a fighter and is back to her stealthy personality as a Ninja and one is who is mighty fine looking if I do say so myself. 😊

  4. Glad to hear that the Ninja is ok after her little seizure. Little or not, it’s still a concern. We had a busy weekend with Benji and me wandering all over parts of the district. We must have covered a couple of hundred klms with all the driving back and forth. Since Saturday it has been quiet with the temperature hovering around 39-41c. Too hot to take Benji out.

    1. Thanks for the kind words on the Ninja. She seems fully recovered and trying her best to get Sam to play with her. I heard about the ongoing heat wave on the BBC last light night. Sure hope your temps cool down soon. Please give my favorite ‘down under’ pup an ear scratch from me.

  5. Well, Elsa is sure looking good, though I’m sorry it was so stressful for her and led to a seizure. 🙁 At least it was a small one though. Do you have any mobile groomers in your area? That could be an option if you needed it.

    1. She’s done very well in the past with Rebecca who adores her, but I think the weather and that barking dog just stressed her out too much. It was the quickest seizure ever, so that’s the good news. I’ll probably just do all her grooming jobs in the future. She may not look as impressive, but I’ll get better at it with practice. 😇

  6. We hope the small seizure was all there is to it. Mom says that weather changes and a full moon were often triggers for Angel Ciara. Not fun at all.

    Woos – Lightning, Misty, and Timber

    1. I’ve heard that weather extremes & moon cycles can impact seizure occurrence. And stressful situations (like that yapping dog). Luckily Elsa is a real trooper and pretty much back to being her adorable Ninja self for the most part.

  7. That is a lot of fur…on the plus side, at least you planned for its arrival. With my Labrador, I just find great clumps of it tumble weeding about the house in the Spring……

  8. Look at that beauty! I recently met a guy at the vet with a lovely female pitbull who suffers from seizures, just like Elsa. Rescued dog. I guess it’s more common than we think.

    1. Genetics play such a big role too often. No telling what Elsa’s lineage is but each dog seized in her group had some sort of genetically transmitted condition along with all their unsocialized behavior issues. If I didn’t have standards, I’d have a Pit. LOVE those sweet dogs!

    1. 😇 Yeah yappy little dogs set my nerves on edge, I can’t imagine what they do to Elsa’s neurotransmitters. As I sit at the computer, Elsa is laying nearby and I can’t stop looking at that beautiful velvety coat. {Swoon}

  9. You could collect all that fur and donate it to that charity that provides toupees to Mexican hairless dogs. Or not. Anyway, it’ll be 90 degrees today so your mention of snowflakes was…hehehe…refreshing.

  10. Sorry about Elsa’s seizure! Small or not, they’re always worrisome. But she’s in good, capable, loving hands. Damn, I hate it when a yappy dog gets started and won’t settle down! I’d still have that headache. Thank goodness we’ve been able to settle Ducky down over the past year or so. She still has her moments, but they don’t last as long any more. If I could send you some rain, I’d be glad to!!

    1. Many thanks. I like to think Elsa is in good hands and we try our level best to take care of her when she seizes. The epilepsy community is so helpful with tips and strategies. We’re pretty blessed all things considered.

  11. Unlike on the seizure, like on the haircut, unlike on the cold and windy, like on the upcoming therapy visit. Any questions? 🤓. Hand a great week at the ranch. High seventies forecast today at the Golden K and then snow forecast for Thursday. What’s up with that?!?

  12. Sorry about your seizure. I know you’re mom will be monitoring you closely.

    That’s a lot of hair you lost during your spa day.

    I linked this post to Awww Mondays.

    Have a woof woof day. My best to your mom. ♥

  13. I know about that hair pile. It’s amazing, looks like a sofa was unstuffed
    They must spend a tremendous amount of time growing hair!
    Listening to a yapping dog complain at the hairdresser’s is awful !

  14. She looks adorable! I hope today can be a quiet, relaxing day for all of you and that Elsa will once again be anxious for a treat!
    We are supposed to get snow tonight . 16 flakes would be enough for me!

        1. We haven’t had any kind of winter (beyond cold winds) and worry the summer is gonna be a dry scorcher. While wearing sandals and fewer clothes is always welcome, I can’t help but hope for some rain or snow though.

            1. Here in Southwest VA, it keeps switching back and forth between 70 degrees and sunny, snowing, and nonstop rain. Currently we are having a nonstop rain day. Ugh.

                    1. Reminds me of one time when my brother and I were kids, he left the hose on and flooded the yard. Oooh goodness, that was… interesting. 😄

              1. One of Danilo’s dogs turned up to spend the day with us yesterday…slept overnight in a box two sizes too small for her…ate heartily…the one more might be on the way…

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