Monday Musings ~ October 1, 2018

Is it really October?!  Indeed it is and with the turn of the calendar, I discovered it’s also National Black Dog Day. We’ve all heard of “Black Dog Syndrome,” a phenomenon where black dogs are often passed over for adoption in favor of lighter-colored pets. Black dogs have a higher likelihood of being  killed in shelters regardless of their breed, are far harder to photograph and it’s often impossible to read their facial features. Help break stereotypes and spread the truth by using social media to spread the word about adopting a black dog.

It was two years ago that I added my own ‘black dog’ to the Ranch pack and while there are days when I shake my head at some of the Ninja-like shenanigans she pulls, I couldn’t be happier with that decision. Here are ten reasons why you should consider adopting a black dog.

1. Black dogs are just as loyal and loving as any other colored dog.
2. Black dogs are mysterious. Too often we think black dogs are less friendly and their features often get lost in shadows on online profiles.
3. They are easier to clean. Ok, I just made that up. But at least you can see where you need to clean from the black hair that shows up on surfaces.
4. Protection. Black dogs are often thought of as menacing because of their coloring.
5. Black dogs are always ready for formal events. Slap a bow tie on and they’re ready to boogie on down. Remember, black dogs aren’t mean or evil, they are merely sophisticated…and should be thought of more like the James Bond of canines.
6. They look pawsome in snowy scenes on Instagram. Talk about a contrast! Now if only snow will arrive in the desert otherwise known as Denver.
7.  Truth be told, they will look great in pretty much every photo. I probably have more photos of the dogs than anything else on my phone and look for different ways to stage them on our adventures.
8.  They are a built-in heater. Cold? A black dog is the ‘pawfect’ snuggler to keep you nice and toasty on a winter’s night. Did I mention it’s October already…colder temps are just around the corner.
9. Be a trendsetter. One of the reasons some experts believe Black Dog Syndrome exists is because of their “generic” look. Especially in these superficial times, people want distinctive looking pups. But if everyone had a perfectly coiffed Pomeranian, life could be kind of boring (with no offense or malice toward Poms, mind you).
10. You want one…now. There are so many loving, wonderful pups with black coats just waiting for their fur-ever home in shelters. There’s hardly any waiting period nor is it hard when doing an online search for available dogs, since black dogs are often the last ones to get adopted.

I’m sure Sam would be quite happy being an only kid again but trust me, always having his back, has its own rewards. For him and me.

So the next time you’re considering adopting a pet, why not take a look at one of those loveable, loyal black pups? So Happy National Black Dog Day. I hope you find your own special Ninja.

Live, love, bark! 🐾


65 thoughts on “Monday Musings ~ October 1, 2018

  1. Great post, Monika. Having diversity among our pets could well encourage an acceptance of diversity among people too. When my parents had the beach house at Palm Beach, I noticed loads of golden spoodles. It was liked they’d been cloned and there was very little diversity in the local dogs. I found that very disturbing. We are Border Collie people but have ended up with BC x es these days. Lady is almost fully black with a touch of white. She disappears in the dark and is a very adept hunter. The pups are border collie x kelpies and black and white.
    We do have safety concerns with Lady being all black but I think she has a glow in the dark collar.
    Black dogs also hide the dirt well and don’t need to be bathed all the time, unlike a celebrity Maltese who has been sighted with tomato sauce, lipstick. He has no secrets.
    Best wishes,

    1. LOL, yeah those white dog’ coats tell no lies. Black dogs do tend to hide dirt, though I note dust shows up. People often tend to think black dogs are somehow negative. Far more black dogs (and cats) languish in shelters than other colored pets. It’s too sad. Years before Sam arrived, I rescued a black Standard Poodle from the local Dumb Friends shelter. Best dog ever. We shouldn’t judge a book by its cover (or fur coat).

  2. I had no idea black dogs get passed over more frequently than lightly colored ones. Black boxers don’t exist so I never had to confront the problem (but we did own a very black Rottweiler for 10 years).

    1. It’s true and so sad. Hopefully the tide of awareness will turn the plight of these otherwise sweet and deserving pets.

  3. The hardest thing about having a black dog is taking a picture where you can really see your eyes. You are obviously a pro, because your final photo does a great job!

    1. Aw, thank you. Yes, getting dark eyes to show up on a dark dog is a real trick. I delete 99.9% of all photos of Elsa because of it!

      1. I know your pain! My black dog, Garnet, is always a challenge. So when I get a good one with clear eyes, I do the happy dance!

        1. Happy dance indeed! I kept thinking I’d have to add cartoon eyes to photos of Elsa but have learned to work with natural light a little better. It makes all the difference.

  4. Monika,

    This is heartbreakingly sad but true.
    Why is it that way? How are people so simple minded?
    I love my Mr. Speaker, a black cat. He is the best thing that happened to us.

    1. If only we took a page from our [non-judgmental] pet’s book, maybe then we’d actually be entitled to call ourselves a ‘humane’ race.

  5. We love our black dog too! The only downside is that he is hard to photograph! But his amazing spirit makes that a silly little detail. I wish that I’d know that it was black dog day!!!

    1. All shelter dogs and cats deserve a chance and should not be judged by their color. Just like people. 💖

    1. They are pretty cute. We walk past a black one every day. Molly gives Elsa the what for. It’s pretty funny.

  6. Our first two dogs were black, and both were awesome dogs. We didn’t get away from that on purpose, it just happened that we chose other dogs. I was actually looking for another black lab mix when we found Luke. Since his face is black, he still provides those photographic challenges, but I think how they photograph might be one of the last reasons I’d choose a dog (even though as a blogger, maybe it should be? LOL).

    1. I’ve learned to make peace with photographing the black Ninja. That and to make sure there’s plenty of natural light. 😇

  7. I have never understood this! I might only be part black, butts I was almost all black as a wee lass! I hopes everyone who can, goes and adopts a FABulous black doggie today!! Ma…can we gets one??? sigh. she said I was enough for her to handle. rude.
    Elsa, you are one lucky puppers! (okays, so your pack are the lucky ones….)
    Ruby ♥

  8. We love our trio of black pups. One of their foster moms mentioned how hard it was to get black dogs adopted and I didn’t realize that was the case. More for me, I guess!

  9. When Mom looks at animals, she doesn’t see color, just love. Great post. And yes, how did October get here so quickly???

    Woos – Lightning, Misty, and Timber

    1. We’re color blind too. I’m beginning to think that the rotten hot summer filched some time. 😇

    1. Yes, black cats are subject to the same biases as black dogs. I personally am in love with black dogs!

  10. You know I love my schnauzers, black and all. I do appreciate that they have some white on their faces just to make their photos better. My husband had a black dog named Ivy who was a spaniel/lab mix. We instantly hit it off, which surprised Jeff, as she was usually very aloof. She and her dad moved in with me when she was a “mature” girl, and I was the only one she would cuddle with. One time I got really sick, all of a sudden, and when Lily got on the couch and laid next to me, I recovered almost as quickly. After that, Jeff called her my “black healer.”

  11. I agree that black dogs are just as good as any other color of pup. Our last baby was a black flat coated retriever. She was the best baby ever. We miss her so.

    I linked this post to Awww Mondays. Such aw.

    Have a fabulous day and week. Scritches to the pups. ♥

    1. My heart dog, McKenzie was a fabulous black standard that I rescued from the Denver Dumb Friends. Best. dog. ever. Well, until the next one that is (Sam). 😉 Thanks for the link.

  12. My first poodle was black (actually he was blue, but most people do not know the difference). All his good pictures were taken out side. My new poodle really is black. At age 8 she developed cataracts and was no longer perfect, so her owners took her to a shelter to be euthanized. Little did they know it is against the law for a vet to euthanize a healthy uninjured animal. They refused to sign release papers, the shelter refused to return the dog. 5 days later I was her first suitor, and after a meet and greet, a shelter requirement, she was mine. For $30 (senior for a senior fee), I got a well bred dog who would have cost at least $1000 as a puppy. Yes, her blindness can be a hassle, but it is surely not a death sentence, but she loves her morning walks along a creek, and prances along like the princess she is..

  13. I never understood this phenomenon. I had a black lab, my shiny little seal, and a black poodle and now the black pteradactyl, er, poodle is the latest in the inky love.

  14. I never knew people were against black dogs, i thought that was just black cats! Its totally crazy to be against either one. I love your fun reasons to have a black dog! I have seen many beautiful black dogs and black cats. Cheers to Black Dog day and may people grow smarter! 🙂

  15. They say that about black cats too. I’ve had two of those and really they aren’t any different than any other color. If anything they tend to be shiny and pretty.

    1. It’s true, black cats tend to languish in shelters just like their canine friends. I’m a big fan of black kitties (despite being horribly allergic to cats). The black ones look like panthers and are soooo beautiful.

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