Monday Musings ~ November 5, 2018

The weekend is over and now we wait for the endless election to be over. Sam here. But first, a smile. I’m thinking this Twitter strategy should be used for all the incessant ads. If you have not yet voted, please do so. While every election is ‘impawtant,’ this one will set the direction our country will take over the next two years. For those who have voted early, humble poodle tail wags.

And now in the it’s-not-too-late-to-think-about-the-howlidays category, we note the following post from our avian pal, Kismet regarding the card exchange. We sent our email in accordance with the instructions because Mom likes to mark things off her to-do list. So right after you vote, email Kismet, ‘kay?

Live, love, bark! 🐾

Please reblog. Not everyone follows me (that’s NOT smart)!

The Blogville list is going live!!
To get yourself on the list and receive the entire list by email please use the following template.
Blog Name:
Blog Url:
Email address:
Snail mail address:
Animals name, type:
For Example:
Blog Name: Kyla Scott
Blog Url:
Email Address: kyle.a.scott@gmail
Snail mail address: 44121 N 16th St
New River, Arizona 85087

Animals name and type
Kaci (dog)
Kali (dog)
Kismet (parrot)

These MUST be in by Nov 16th, He will start working in it on the 17th. There were stragglers last year and he wont make an effort to get those in that miss the deadline so DON’T forget NOV 16th!!!

Send them in an email to

The subject line is very IMPORTANT!!
Snail mail

If you don’t specify then your email will get lost. You must put in the subject line how you want your cards to come to you! So remember Nov 16th is the deadline. If you don’t use the template, then you will get lost.

Remember, if it SQUAAAAAAAAAAAAWKS, it talks.

28 thoughts on “Monday Musings ~ November 5, 2018

  1. Let’s hope this election goes the way we want – and need – it to. The important thing is getting out and expressing our wishes!

  2. I will be off to vote shortly. I actually always prefer to vote on election day and haven’t missed an election in about 18 years. I love the excitement and energy of election day and wouldn’t miss it for the world. My daughter has been going with me to vote since she was 4 months old. She’s 12 now and still goes in with me. This year is doubly important for sure!

    1. Gold star ⭐️ for you! Especially showing your daughter the importance of civic responsibility.

  3. Ma already sent her ballot ~ she votes by mail, it really couldn’t be easier! Sometimes she drops it off at the polling place so she can gets those little stickers saying I VOTED, butts she wanted to make sure it was in early this time! I gots my paws crossed that things go in a good direction this time!
    Ma already sent her info to both Kismet and Oreo’s Moms for the gift exchange! I can’t waits!!!
    Ruby ♥

    1. Good for you, Ruby. And your mum. We have mail in ballots here too. I think they should be available throughout the country. It couldn’t be any easier. 🤞🏻on the outcomes everywhere.

  4. We are all set for the Christmas Card list too. It is so much fun to give and receive holiday greetings from all our friends. Our peeps have voted already by mail. Mom says it is so easy. Everyone needs to get out there and vote – it’s the only way to make a difference.

    Woos – Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  5. Can’t vote early but WILL vote tomorrow. Don’t know who’s running for Trey Gowdy’s HOR seat, but will either vote opposition party or write in “Minnie Mouse”.

    1. I have not heard who’s running in that seat but glad he’s leaving the house. Good luck.

  6. We don’t have early voting in our state but our mom will be out tomorrow to get it done. Our names have been submitted for the card exchange. Now we just have to get our card made.

  7. The cards helped so much last Christmas. Of course, Xena and Lucy helped a ton, too! I have done my civic duty and am plotting how to vote 87 more times, bwahaha.

    1. Kudos for voting and taking your civic responsibility seriously. We’re looking forward to the card list-you’re right it DOES help during the holidays. 🌲

  8. You are right, this election is so important!! My family and I will be at the polls tomorrow, and will be anxiously watching the results tomorrow night. I will be very glad to have the political phone calls stop and really hope and pray that we can see positive changes made in the government!!

    1. 👍🏻Luckily with mail-in voting here, once your vote goes in, the calls [mostly] stop. If only the non-stop ads would stop.

  9. Sam if yiu were running for anything I would not only vote early but vote often! But yes, cast my ballot last week by mail and I’m pretty sure my vote will be the one that gets many of the issues and candidates across the finish line in these tight races out here in Cali. Here’s to hoping all your favorites win whatever horse race their in.

    1. Outstanding! We have mail-in voting here too, what a novel idea-making civic participation easier instead of more difficult. Paws crossed we come away happy with the outcomes. My campaign manager should contact you about a fundraiser. BOL
      Your fur-iend,

    1. Yay! It was fun to receive greetings from all over the world last year. Have a super week.

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