Nature Friday ~ February 15, 2019 (updated 2/16)

Nature Friday
Editor’s Note: Apparently our scheduled post didn’t publish yesterday. We apologize for that.

Once again we are joining our fur-iends Rosy and her brothers from LLB in Our Backyard for this week’s edition of Nature Friday Blog Hop.

It’s been a super busy week with commitments scheduled every day and today is no exception (we’ll have more to share about the adventures next week). While Sam and I had some very lovely visits at West Pines, hospital and hospice we still managed to get our walks in around the neighborhood. We couldn’t help but do a double take when we saw these little babies. Daffodils! Maybe the Groundhog’s prediction a couple of weeks ago is right for a change.


Further along on that same walk, we found more evidence that some tulips are planning on making an appearance soon.Tulips

February provided us with more snow over the past two weeks than we’ve received all year but we are looking forward to the arrival of Spring and sharing of more floral scenes in the coming weeks.

One more day of volunteering and then I’m kicking back and enjoying a nice quiet weekend with the Knuckleheads. How ’bout you, any fun plans on the horizon?

Live, love, bark! 🐾

43 thoughts on “Nature Friday ~ February 15, 2019 (updated 2/16)

    1. Thanks, yes, relaxation is about the only thing to do when it snows. That and drink something warm.

    1. Hard to believe it’s baseball season already. I was hoping to savor hockey even though my team sucks right now. *sigh*

    1. Cheer up, spring has got to be just around the corner for you too. If it makes you feel better, it snowed here a bit today.

  1. Regardless of the reason, always a bummer when posts don’t go up as planned. Daffodils already? Whew … good luck … then again, they are a hearty lot.

    1. And blooming crocuses. Just went out and found the hyacinths poking up a couple of inches too. Yes, I think spring is on its way.

    1. Some of mine have been under a few inches of snow and managed to survive nicely. Fingers crossed for yours. Stay warm.

  2. Amazing that those flowers are coming up already. We will have to check our hyacinths – with all the snow and cold, we bet they are still sleeping:)

    Woos – Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  3. We’ve got the lilies popping up around here too. Just hope they don’t get killed by a hard frost. It’s still not too late for that. Looking forward to reading about all your busy adventures this past week.

    1. Bulbs are pretty hardy. I’ve seen daffodils buried in 4 inches of snow and they continued to bloom beautifully. It was a busy week with all sorts of adventures we hope to be able to share.

  4. We’re kicking back this weekend, too; but not with snow falling outside. It’s about 60F, the sun’s shining in through the front window, and the clouds are on the move. Both girls are asleep at the moment, hubby’s reading “A Team of Rivals” (the book that inspired LINCOLN nearly a decade ago), and I’m catching up on my favorite bloggers’ latest posts.

    1. We will probably get more of that white stuff soon. But it sure is nice seeing that spring is at least trying. Stay warm, safe and dry.

    1. Came across some blooming crocuses on the walk yesterday evening, it shouldn’t be long now.

  5. We had a couple of warm, for winter, weeks in January and some flowers/flowering trees peeked out–I saw my first poppies. Since then it has been cold. Lots of snow in the mountains, 2’+ on the last 36 hours alone, I80 shut down for 24 hours. Lots of people heading towards the ski resorts–lots of snow,, but I wouldn’t go near the slopes until avalanche control is complete. Saw pictures on the news about natural snowballs in Yosemite. Snow falls from a tree and rolls downhill, one of them looked 6′ around

    1. Last night on our early evening walk, I found some blooming crocuses. Had to squeal out loud upon seeing them.

    1. Nice and considerably surprising for February, since there’s been a fair amount of snow this month. Maybe those 60+ degree days back in January punked Mother Nature? 🙂

        1. The weather seems screwed up everywhere. SW Colorado is experiencing a horrible drought while we seem to have received more snow this month that all of last year. Very weird. Stay dry.

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