Monday Musings ~ February 18, 2019

Let’s start the week out with a smile but not the kind of smile Mother Nature is giving us today. After seeing the first batch of crocuses blooming on Friday, she apparently took a left turn, put a down payment back on winter and dropped a couple of inches of white stuff. She isn’t funny at all. She’s cold and sadistic. The temperature is only 10º F.

Sprinkler smile

Have a great week and don’t forget to smile.

Live, love, bark! 🐾

64 thoughts on “Monday Musings ~ February 18, 2019

    1. He would if there were treats involved. 😇Thank you for swinging by the ‘Ranch,’ we ❤️visitors.

  1. A warmish 35c here today- 37C on Sunday, then the last four “Official” days of summer. The only consolation about the heat is there is not a lot of wind – which is a bonus.

    1. Hopefully things will cool down soon. We had 10″ of the white stuff arrive last night. The weekend will involve lots of shoveling. Remind me again why I bought a house on an oversized corner lot with twice the sidewalks? 🤣

    1. All you can do is smile at the happiness that moment must have brought to the pup. I love that kind of joy.

  2. OMD! that is too funny. Mom says she is glad we can only use the doggy door when they are home
    Hazel & Mabel

    1. That would be one time I’m grateful not to have one, though the thought of either Sam or Elsa getting near a sprinkler is beyond remote.

    1. LOL-I’ve been waiting for someone to notice that. Ding, ding, ding…we have a winner!

  3. I love the picture! I could see Percy bringing in a sprinkler if he had the self-control to avoid eating the hose first. Hope the weather warms up for lots of walks and sniffs soon!

    1. Isn’t it hysterical? It’s snowing a little again and cold today which will make the knuckleheads imitate an Alaskan mushing team…at least until I start to freeze. 😇

    1. Crocuses are hardy buggers and I’m sure they’ll be back later this week, once it warms up again. That room however, will probably never be the same.

  4. Haha, this must be why hubby won’t let us put in a doggy door! Well, at least Mother Nature let you glimpse some crocuses. With another round of snow, albeit a small amount, today, I fear we will never see the bare ground again, never mind flowers popping out of it. 🙂

    1. 😇 It’s getting so crazy, these winter months. Think everyone is ready for spring and then we can complain about summer being too hot and humid. Humans, we’re a funny lot.

  5. You are such a wimp! 😉 Mind you, today we have a “balmy 19 which actually feels like 10 so. Yeah, you’re a wimp 😉

    And such an excellent reason to NOT have a doggie door…

    1. The winters have been so mild for several years now, yes, I am a wimp. Don’t mind the snow, but the wind is another story. Don’t. like. windchill. factor. 🥶

      Yeah, that photo made me grateful I don’t have one.

      1. And all jokes aside, so am I. Four years ago, I was out with Zeke in -35C… now? Ummm… Zeke, it’s -12C, do you mind?

        Ugh… could you just imagine? No thank you…

        1. -35C? -12C? Egad, woman, are you insane!?! Yeah, no, we are {emphatically} not going out in weather like that. Coats, boots, mittens, and other gear notwithstanding. Not no how, not NO way.

            1. There aren’t warm enough snow pants for me to deal with -35C! Or mittens, which is the usual area where I totally freeze.

  6. We got hail, but the mountains got several feet of snow–2′ in one day, and it snowed 4 dayss straight. I80 was closed several times, including once for 24 hours. It didn’t help that benighted people in the Bay Area tried to come skiing without chains or the wrong size. The really stupid ones used travel apps to get off the highway and take back roads to get around traffic.
    I saw my first poppy in January, bet is sorry it bloomed now.

    1. It’s been a very weird winter, all over the country. Poppies in January? Holy cow! Then again we had lots of 60+ degree days in January.

  7. Our spring usually starts in February when the almond trees bloom across the Valley. This year it is still cold and rainy.

    1. I’d love to go and see them peaking out of the snow but it’s too cold to walk that far today! Even my hyacinths were about 2″ tall. I’m sure they’ll go back to sleep now.

    1. It was quite bracing when I let the dogs outside this morning, that’s for sure. The windchill made it below zero. 🥶

  8. Awww, this is adorable. Not good for the floor, walls and furniture, but good for the pup. You need to link this post to Awww Mondays. Just saying.

    Have a fabulous day. ♥

  9. Heelareuss photoe Miss Monika! Wee furry sad you got more snow!! It has bin like this here for ever it seemss….*sighss*
    Poor Crow-cussesss will not bee happy eether……
    ***purrsss*** BellaDharma

  10. We have some sunshine this morning, thank goodness. Love this cartoon! It’s a good thing we don’t have a doggy door, or Ducky would drag the whole yard inside. 😝

    1. Wasn’t that funny?! I know a couple of dogs I could see doing that, but luckily neither Sam nor Elsa are ‘water’ dogs. Enjoy the sunshine ⭐️

  11. Woof! We are bugging Mom and Dad who are home today to take us for a walk. Yes, it’s cool out and cloudy, but at least it isn’t raining or snowing or 10 degrees. I think we have them almost worn down, er, convinced. Lucy and Xena

    1. Good luck. Both the dogs ‘want’ to go for a walk but I’m the one resisting. I just looked and the windchill say’s -2º. Think I’ll try to delay going for a walk a bit. 😇

  12. I saw a photograph of anemones yesterday on a blog from Turkey…they used to come about a month later for us when we lived in France but it was a reminder of the gardens we had there.

    1. Ooh, I love anemones. I hope the ones I planted come back, they’ve been getting sparcer with each year. I think the squirrels are digging them up. Little devils!

  13. Expecting our own dusting of white stuff tomorrow into Wednesday. I see crocuses starting to peek up through the ground in places around the neighborhood so that’s something! Happy Monday.

    1. Though I’d prefer more springlike temps, I don’t mind the snow. It’s the wind that accompanies low temps that frosts me. Literally! LOL

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