Nature Friday ~ February 22, 2019

Nature FridayHi guys, Sam here. Today we join our fur-iends Rosy and her brothers from LLB in Our Backyard for this week’s edition of the Nature Friday Blog Hop. Be sure to click on the link to check out nature around Blogville.

Mother Nature decided to take a detour away from Spring, beginning last weekend. It’s been c-o-l-d with a couple of dustings of the white stuff.

FlowersLast Friday we saw these crocuses blooming. Their cheerful blooms brightened our spirits and *POOF* just like that, Mother Nature decided to snow on their sweet little heads. We haven’t walked past them again to see how they fared since it’s been too cold to walk that far. We hope they are hanging in there. Mom looked out this morning under some dead leaves in our garden to see if there was any action there and lo and behold…these little heads were checking to see if it’s safe to come out through patches of snow. Woohoo, guess maybe Spring really is planning on arriving. At some point.


There’s a chance of snow again today so I guess I’d better go outside and cover those babies up so they stay safe and warm. Next week should be warmer so we expect the garden to make us look forward to warmer springtime days. We hope you have a fun weekend.

Live, love bark! 🐾

64 thoughts on “Nature Friday ~ February 22, 2019

  1. All much the same here. The Frangipani is not really doing anything much. I think I might have to transplant it into a larger area. The Mulberry Bush is not doing much and the Desert Rose has gone to sleep for a bit. Should probably trim it whilst there are no flowers or buds. Cold and wet then dry and sunny then hot and in a days or so back to cold mornings and cool days again. Not been the best summer I remember.

    1. We’re having a bit of yo-yo weather here too. Last week in the 60’sF and now in the low 20’s for highs with single digits early in the day. 🥶

  2. There is nothing like seeing those first little shoots poking out of the ground, is there?? I can’t wait (it will be a while here, as you’ve seen!).

    1. It renews your hope in life. Hope the sun starts winnowing that snow mountain down soon.

    1. Crocuses are always early and there were enough 60 degree days in January that probably confused them.

    1. It’s not so springy today. ee received about 8 inches of the white stuff last night. 😳

  3. We woke up this morning to -5 degrees. No sign of spring here yet unfortunately
    Hazel & Mabel

  4. We sure hope those Crocuses pull thru, they sure are pretty!!
    Mother Nature has been pretty crazy this Winter, we sure hope things warm up for you soon!
    Rosy, Jakey & Arty

    1. They should be fine; the only bulb that seems to suffer are tulips when it snows (they flop over and never regain a straight up and down look). Crocuses are Mother Nature’s tough guys!

    1. 18? Has to be Celsius! It’s 18F with the windchill and I am bundled up like an Eskimo!

        1. Deer are very hard on flowering bulbs. Come to think of it, they are pretty much hard on everything in a garden!

            1. Around here they view gardens like salad bars. They may be iconically associated with the mountains but they are not well liked for their browsing. Despite only living 3 miles from the center of Denver, I’ve had deer in my front yard! They probably traveled through a couple of major 4 lane streets to get here. You can see the photos here:
              They won’t show up today; we received nearly 10″ of snow last night. Serves them right! LOL

  5. We have some yellow crocuses (crocusi?) blooming in various places in the yard. Unfortunately, we’ve had rain, rain, and more rain – and very little sunshine in between – making it difficult to enjoy them.

  6. The way the temperatures are here at the moment, I would expect the summer flowers to bloom this month! Crazy. I love your last shot of those shoots trying to come up.

    Mara from the Netherlands

    1. Thanks for swinging by our dreary winter scene. With you being in the Netherlands, I’m picturing rows and rows of beautiful tulips. Have a great weekend! 🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷

                1. Melt/freeze cycles are one of the worst aspects of winter. They really jack up our roadways. Pothole season is in full swing. Stay warm and safe.

                  1. My street is a nightmare.
                    But it is so beautiful out there, Zeke is gonna get lucky. Plus, I am procrastinating at getting the house ready for an open house on Sunday…

                    1. Here’s wishing the perfect buyer attends. I suggest making up a nice spicy baked good before you have to exit-always makes the house smell divine and homey. Good luck 🤞🏼and have fun with the Zeke-ster.

                    2. Yes, thank you. I had “sold” on Tuesday and by Tuesday night, he welched.
                      I am considering it… 😉
                      Thank you! We will!

                    3. Ugh…those kinds of ‘buyers’ are the pits. Let’s hope Sunday has a much better outcome.

    1. Thanks, we’re ready too. The long cold days of winter are especially tough in February but see hopeful signs spring is just around the corner.

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