Red Carpet Monday ~ February 25, 2019

By now you know who won at last night’s Oscar ceremonies. Sam here. Naturally Elsa and I walked the Red Carpet, paw in paw. I couldn’t decide if I should go understated but dashing like Bradley Cooper with a silk bow tie or something more…ahem, ‘eye-catching’ like Spike Lee and ended up wearing a flowing red scarf with a new trendy pair of Warby Parker glasses. Elsa was breathtakingly gorgeous in a pink silk off the shoulder printed scarf. She was so nervous that she thought she might pee on the carpet but I said, I’ll be here for ya, kid. We just got to our seats in time (with no accidents, I might add) for some of the lesser known categories that aren’t broadcast on TV. And guess what…I actually WON! I was nervous speaking to so many people, but then my professional therapy training kicked in and I was able to deliver a heartfelt and surprisingly ’emotional’ acceptance speech. What do you think?

The Oscars

We hope your favorite nominee won last night. Happy Monday to all the winners.

Live, love, bark! 🐾

61 thoughts on “Red Carpet Monday ~ February 25, 2019

  1. I admit I don’t watch award shows. I usually look at the list of winners the next day. For the Oscars I had seen one movie and not heard of most. I live under a rock.

  2. We would have cheered for your Dogscar! Mom quit watching award shows because they are too political nowadays. Plus, the music awards make her feel ancient. We did watch Queen open the show (Favorite Group EVER) and had our fingers crossed for Bohemian Rhapsody.

    1. Yeah…it doesn’t get much better than seeing Queen perform. Loved seeing the look on Brian May and Roger Taylor’s faces when Bohemian Rhapsody won a couple of Oscars. Pure delight!

  3. We did watch part of the oscars. Mom hardly knew anybody as she’s very old and doesn’t know the up and coming stars. I would have applauded Sam winning such a fine Oscar but we must’ve switched the channel by then.


    1. It was one of many oscars that weren’t broadcast. There are actually over 200 awarded!

    1. Thanks, I used to think I was above these awards shows, but I’m just as vain as any Hollywood peep. BOL

    1. Wasn’t she a hoot? And who didn’t love Melissa McCarthy’s ‘presentation gown.’ I laughed myself silly with the bunnies especially when she tried to open the winning envelope.

  4. no one deserves it more! I forgot about the Oscars last night til I caught the best actress speech which was hilarious. I had never even heard of the winning movie!!!

    1. It was quite a cinematic offering telling the inspirational story of Dr. Shirley, a pianist who toured the Deep South with a white driver.

    1. Hahaha. If he heard ‘appawse,’ he’d never leave! They’d have to bring out the hook!

    1. Boy don’t you know it. Talk about some bizzaro outfits. Not to mention weirdo peeps. But they all need the kind of help I can deliver. 😍 Happy Monday.

    1. I couldn’t stop wagging my tail. And knowing Elsa was watching me…didn’t help calm my nerves. Luckily I can easily go into zen mode when I need to.

        1. Mom thinks I’m a knucklehead, we all know knucklehead mean sweetheart in doglish. 😉

    1. I know…I was hoping to get the nod (mom seemed to think I was a paw-in) but when I heard my name called, it was surreal. 😂

        1. Well it WAS the Knucklehead category I was up for…and that sounds knuckleheaded to me. 🤣

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