58 thoughts on “Wish I Was There Wednesday ~ August 21, 2019

    1. Such a beautiful island with a warm and generous people. The beaches are pretty special to visit. As are the olive groves and almond trees. Always wanted to visit when the almonds were in bloom-can’t imagine how amazing the heavenly scent must be.

      1. I had a few cold beers the other night. Linds B and Ali had a get together and it quickly became ALL about their new goodest boy. A pit named Fig, who is just amazing.

        Cold beers, a full bar, Fig and my loaded nachos. And get this, the girls were amazed because he never goes in the kitchen. But he was hanging with me as I was preparing the nachos. I told them it’s because I rewarded him with treats for being such a great sous chef! LOL

        1. Sounds like an evening to savor. Love the name, almost as much as the breed. They are such sweet and loyal pets. Add a cold beer, snacks and friends…well sounds like a bit of paradise to top off the day.

            1. Indeed they did. Hope there will be shared photos at some time. A dog named Fig is worth sharing photographically. Just saying.

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