Nature Friday ~ June 21, 2019

” Into Each Life a Little Rain Must Fall” [Henry Wadsworth Longfellow]

Rain dropsNot sure Longfellow had this quote in mind for the first day of Summer but this is what greeted the Mile High City today.

While Summer officially arrived earlier today (9:54 A.M. MDT), my Internet was missing (hence this late post). But we wouldn’t miss an opportunity to share some of the good and bad Mother Nature offered this week with our hosts Rosy and her brothers from LLB in Our BackyardIt’s been one of those days and since we couldn’t post the intended potpourri of lovely, I thought I’d share some of the not so lovely aspects Mother Nature dished out on this cold and rainy day.

There are elements of nature that aren’t quite as picturesque as the beautiful flowers that are just beginning to peak. Weeds fall in that category but even some of them can be quite stunning. As in this wild dandelion. That bloom is over 3″ across and I couldn’t help but wonder if that meant when you blew those seeds, you’d have more wishes fulfilled.


Along with weeds, some nasty critters are part of dear Mother Nature. Two days ago, the neighborhood nemesis (aka Hoodlum Bastard Squirrel “HBS”) decided to grow a BIG pair and attack the other kitchen window that faces the street (this makes the 4th time squirrels have chewed through the screens). From the living room I heard something crash in the kitchen and went to investigate and found HBS scrambling over the drapes and behind the herbs looking an exit like his life depended on it (it did-I was super cheesed off at this latest ballsy move by the little creep). Lots of HBO words were screeched which frightened said HBS which made him totally freaked (there were skid marks in the sill) out but he managed to exit the same way he broke in. For my part, I wailed my head off and then began looking for the roll of screen material and spleen tool to repair the latest damage. Man, you’d think the mouse traps on the outside sill would be a hint he’s not welcome here. Frankly, he’s not welcome outside either, but that’s another story. Who knew squirrels were so clueless?


Despite these bad elements Mother Nature provided for the arrival of summer, I’m not completely oblivious to the beauty she does offer. Rain drops on this nearby Clematis this afternoon looked especially lovely.


So how’s the weather on your first day of Summer? Anything like the cold, wet stuff we have going on in the Mile High City (which is forecast here for most the weekend)? We hope your first weekend of summer is sunny and bright.

Nature Friday

Live, love, bark! 🐾


81 thoughts on “Nature Friday ~ June 21, 2019

  1. SQUIRREL! Good Dog!
    Dot & Jerry Underfoot would be waiting on the inside here; no squirrel, stupid or not would be that foolish to try to enter😉
    Wts, huMom told me about a time a flying squirrel got in🤣

    The weather was pawtacular but the bugs were horrendous on the Summer Solstice ☀️🦟

    💜nose nudges 💜

    1. We’re ‘enjoying’ the broil season now. 🔥Thank goodness for air conditioning!

  2. Wow, you have got some crazy squirrels around there!! Our first day of summer was not much to speak of, but after that we had three beautiful summer days in a row! We’re back to rain and cool today, but hopefully we’re done with it after just one day this time. Fingers crossed!

    1. After a few days of 40’s & 50’s (unheard of for the first days of summer), we’ve now gone straight to broil. Mother Nature sure needs to get some hormone treatment!

  3. Whoah, that’s one aggressive squirrel. I’d say that rat with a hairstylist has got to die. (Sorry PETA but we’ll put him in the stew pot and recycle his aggressive, furry self.) We also are under attack by CHBO (California version) who are going for my garden. Nobody goes for my garden. Max is on alert and I’m contemplating squirrel genocide.

  4. I can’t believe that Sam and Elsa did not add to the chaos as they tried to catch the squirrel. What we’ll-behaved dogs you have! Of course they aren’t terriers, so that should help. I’m glad he found his way out before the HBO words fried his ears. Ha, ha!

    1. So grateful for small miracles. Luckily the chaos was over quickly. Elsa has an extremely high prey drive; I have to keep my eyes open so as to prepare for becoming a human kite. 😂

  5. The Nest does not condone such reprehensible behavior from our fellow squirrels, and will only be slightly verklempt should the alleged (we stress “alleged” just in case that squirrel has a weasel for a lawyer) hoodlum get caught in one of the traps…

    1. All squirrels have weasels for lawyers. In fact if they did a 23 & Me DNA test I’m sure weasel would be a significant portion of their roots. That said, little HBS tried to swing by again yesterday but thought better of it when he noticed me screeching and windmilling my arms out the door. The neighbors are starting to set up lawn chairs to watch the war, er antics going on. 💀

  6. Had no idea that squirrels could be that bold and destructive. OUr first day of summer was chilly
    Mabel & Hilda

  7. This Squirrel buster is still available…MOL 😀 We had rain too and everything seems to overgrow us, but from now on the weather is getting hotter and hotter, like Summer has to be…except when it’s getting to hot, Sam, Elsa and Monika 😀 Pawkisses for a Happy Caturday🐾😽💞

  8. Hi Monika,
    I have never met a squirrel in person and have never even witnessed their antics. HOwever, you have initiated me into the darkside of a critter I thought was endearingly cute. If it weren’t for the unfortunate impact on the Australian environment (see introduction of the rabbit), I would bring your squirrel over here (via quarantine, of course).
    Have the dogs had any success with said squirrel?
    Perhaps, Lady needs to come for a holiday. She has form.
    Meanwhile, Zac is proving a reasonable laptop mat. He doesn’t seem to mind it resting on top of him when he’s on my lap. Warm lap trumps cold floor.
    Hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend.
    Best wishes,

    1. Consider yourself fortunate though I’m guessing there is some Aussie equivalent. Yeah, cute went out the window after the second breakin. Elsa is always game when it comes to squirrels and has come very close to a snap or two. Alas they flee lickety split up trees and she hasn’t mastered tree climbing yet.

      1. You’ve got feel for dogs. They’re so keen but they’re targets have it over them. Lady being virtually all black and coming from a farm environment where she honed her hunting skills, has caught a rat or so and much to our horror, a beautiful Rainbow Lorrikeet. She had been warned that she “liked birds”.
        Best wishes,

        1. As Elsa has a very strong prey drive (Sam not so much) I was very grateful they didn’t follow me into the kitchen. A crazed pup, an old pup under foot, AND a squirrel and they’d have had to cart me off to the funny farm. 🤣

  9. As for the first day of summer? It wasn’t too bad here at all yesterday – mid 80s, partly cloudy, and not all that humid – but early this morning we had a cluster of thunderstorms, so now it’s damp and chilly. I hate high heat and humidity, but I’m not fond of chilly and wet either.

    1. I’ll take chilly and wet over hot and humid any day of the week. I think the high will be in the mid-to-upper 50’s today. Brrr. I needed to drag out some fleece for our morning walk.

  10. Wow that is one tenacious little HBS you’ve got your hands. Imagine rather than on your hands you’d prefer to have your hands around his or her neck! I had a battle with squirrels several years ago when they were tearing into our patio furniture covers. After a week’s I heard sounds coming from over my microwave in the kitchen. Up n and investigation that my group of HBS’s were nesting in the vent. There was straw and a bunch of batting from the covers in the vent. When I reached in to,pull it out a very startled and scared HBS ran out along my arm and fled the scene. I couldn’t bring myself to put a cover on the vent in case there were babies in there. Somehow we all managed to co-exist peacefully the rest of that summer. Good luck with your HBS and screen repair. Here’s to warmer in the coming days. 88 forecast at the Golden K…

    1. The dashing about is quite alarming while he was racing around behind and between the potted herbs in that deep window sill. Definitely not a fan. This guy was an adolescent but may have trouble reaching adulthood if this gangster behavior persists. 😈

  11. Great photos!! Squirrels can be such destructive little monsters, but their faces are so darn cute. I wonder if something near your kitchen window is attracting them? In all the 65+ years I’ve lived in homes surrounded by trees, I’ve never had rogue squirrels eating through the screens. Mice, yes, but never squirrels.

    1. I’d take mice ANY day! No, there’s nothing close to the house that they pay attention to-just flowers and a narrow sidewalk; you’d think they’d hang out in the back where the compost bins are. I think the ‘cute face’ phenomena went bye-bye after the second breakin. #dontliketreerats #despisegangsters

  12. Beautiful photos of nature around you and what a pity the squirrels are so busy there. It’s like here but with the Vervet monkeys. Russel and I would chase them out of the house, but Mom says we must leave them. They just come in to look for a snack and then leave again. They don’t take anything or break stuff as they are well-mannered. I think I must come and teach those squirrels there some manners. 😀

    Our winter is here but it feels like summer. hahaha

    Have fun and lots of hugs and wet kisses for all of you. 😀 💕😘

    1. It’s bad enough they chew tender leaves and stems from the trees but the breaking and entering is a bridge too far to cross. We’d gladly welcome you and your brother’s security detail any day.🥰

      1. It sounds like they don’t have much to do. 😅 I am sure Mom will give them lots of work. 😀

        I think we will have to open a security office depot there on your side. 😁😘

          1. 😂🤣😅 Awww, thanks! But not too much though, otherwise Russel will not take care of his security job. I am always on the ball of course. 😅

    1. Thanks, Molly; guess it just goes to show you have to take the bad with the good. Happy weekend.

    1. It’ll be here most of the weekend and then immediately move into the broil setting next week. At least we’re not under a winter weather advisory like the mountains. Snow at the end of June. Nothing odd about that. 🤪

    1. You guys have been under a ‘drowning’ advisory now for the past few months. Mother Nature is starting to act like a stuck record. Happy weekend.

    1. I’d feel better if he were a bobcat-they avoid humans. He’s just a rotten gangster!

  13. We were ready to build an ark earlier in the spring, but the rainy season is over here until fall, I

    thought our squirrels were obnoxious, but they are nothing like your little warrior. I would consider squirrel soup ::-)

  14. It was great here today – sunny with a high of 82° F. But, the weekend is supposed to be a total washout. I guess we’ll be getting the weather you are having today.

  15. We are having our first warm sunny day all week finally! It’s been rainy, dreary and damp but today is finally summer! Sorry about the squirrel. He’s quite persistent. We have quite a few but none like that.

    1. They’ve been such pests ever since I moved into this neighborhood. 50 year old trees apparently provide them with 5-star hotel rooms. Ugh.

    1. As much as I’m not a fan of grass, I’d take it over squirrels any day!

        1. Oh I am familiar with that “stuff.” Definitely not a fan either! 😃

  16. Sounds like you need a ratter! 😉 I wonder what the knuckleheads think about this intruder?
    It’s been raining all week and at last this afternoon the sun broke through to end the day beautifully. Happy Solstice!

    1. Elsa hates squirrels but didn’t see it soon enough. Sam could care less. It’s just 55 degrees now 🥶 and raining again/still.

  17. We took an unbelievable pounding about an hour ago, but it’s lightened up now. I am keeping my fingers crossed for no hail as our cone flowers are in full bloom!

    1. It’s rained hard throughout the day but no hail. It’s probably too cool for hail 🤞🏻

    1. My sis is in Bastrop and my daughter in the Houston area; both say it’s been 🔥🔥🔥No thanks, I’ll take chilly and wet any day.

    1. I stopped blowing on them when I realized I was just spreading seeds (gah!). We already have more than enough of those things this year. 😇

  18. It’s summer here finally, and though we’ve had some triple digit weather it’s nice now. Not to hot, but not cold either and the rain has finally gone away. We were beginning to wonder about the rain staying.

    Have a fabulous day and weekend, my friend. ♥

    1. You as well. I can’t ever recall a first day of summer where the temps are in the 50’s! ☔️

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