Monday Musings ~ October 28, 2019

Which one is the dangerous one?

There are some scary things lurking around the neighborhood this Halloween week. But probably the scariest part of Halloween might be this.


The forecast calls for [more] snow today, tomorrow and perhaps even through Wednesday. And bitter cold temps. The Knuckleheads enjoyed an early morning romp but were very willing to come back inside. What do you think the odds are that demon dogs or witches will be out trick-or-treating Thursday?

Have a safe week.

Live, love, bark! 🐾

78 thoughts on “Monday Musings ~ October 28, 2019

  1. Odd as it may seem, I would much prefer your snow and cold than the 41c, hot and windy here, and no real change until Saturday 22c. Not many children in this area so not much in the way of Halloween. Like the other John – it’s over 30 years since I lived in snow in Scotland – and I do miss it…

    1. Not odd one bit. I prefer the cooler temps too, just not single digits this early in the season.

  2. And this gal was complaining about rain on Halloween night. Still, if I had to pick between snow and a soaking rain to trick-o-treat about, I’d pick snow. But wowza….snow came early in your neck of the woods! Living in Denver for so many years….I remember lots of the fluffy stuff but not always so darned early! Hope your day includes hot cocoa with the poodles snuggling near to keep you warm and happy.

    1. It’s actually on target-first snowfall is generally in October but the bitter cold is something unusual. Another 5″ fell last night and my phone weather app says it will snow all day long. 😳

  3. No snow, but it will drop below freezing for the first morning of November. We officially had a trace of snow on Halloween in 1993, but I have no recollection of that actually happening…

  4. Snow never stopped us Pennsylvanians from doing anything. I bet you’ll have trick or treaters. I’ve got a bag of Reesie peanut butter cups stowed away where I don’t see them so they’ll make it til Thursday. 🙂

    1. In my neighborhood, there is a big halloween crawl in the shopping district from all the restaurants and boutiques so I’d be surprised if anyone shows up if it’s real cold. People around here are somewhat pampered and most millennial parents tend to hover over their kids and over protect. In the past I’d always buy the kind of candy (i.e. chocolate) that I liked and then would take the leftovers into work when it was too cold for any trick or treaters, but this year it’s hard candy which I won’t eat. 😈

    1. Snow is actually typical for us this time of year. The cold temps are not though. 🥶

    1. We’re spending a lot of time today hunkered down and staying warm. And avoiding scary skeleton dogs!

  5. I need that Basset Hound statue! What is with the snow already?? If you need to hop back down to H-Town, it is cool but no where near snowfall. LOL!

    1. Aren’t those two Bassetts adorable? Heard it’ll be around 80 down your way. Enjoy it for us!

    1. I wish I had a fireplace now. Candles just don’t quite provide the same atmosphere. 🕯 🕯 🕯

  6. I am ever so glad they call Canada “The Great White North”… Mind you, they did get nailed in Alberta and Manitoba this week…

  7. I know I wouldn’t be! LOL. Here it is supposed to be raining I think. We almost always see our first flakes of snow, even if not significant, by Halloween. We’re holding our breath this week! 🙂

    1. They’re not much for snow rolling, more like bunny hopping in the snow. Though it’s very cold today, they have been most happy staying warm and dry inside.

    1. Welcome back! It’s normal for snow this time of year (remind me again though why I bought a house with a corner lot-oi vey). But the cold….awwwwkkkkk!

  8. I know there was little accumulation even though it snowed all day yesterday, but we woke to at least 5″ overnight, still snowing… more to come… it would never rain for three days straight here, why snow for three days? I bought candy but the temps will be so cold I doubt many will be coming over. I was concerned about our pyromaniac neighbors who hold bonfires in their driveway, but I doubt even they will be out in 1F. Who’s gonna eat this candy I ask? lol

    1. 8″ and counting now. The single digits will deter most trick or treaters though there are always one or two morons. 😈

    1. Wish I could share some with California. I think you could use some help with the fires. Stay safe.

        1. It’s been dry here too but at least we only have a small handful of fires. Stay safe.

    1. It was a bracing 16ºF when I began shoveling. That will feel warm tomorrow morning when it’s supposed to be in the single digits.

        1. I’d practically kill for 40’s. It was 73 on Saturday with a 50 degree swing yesterday.

  9. Yup that definitely makes a scary Halloween!! 🙂
    We got snow one year right before Halloween which was so highly unusual for us. They are saying now that next month is supposed to be heavy snow for us, which would also be unusual as most of our snow usually comes after Christmas or right before. Who knows what this winter will hold, but it looks like yours is definitely getting a BIG start!

    1. Snow this time of year is normal. The bitter cold however, that’s a different story. Guess I need to fully switch out my summer wardrobe.

    1. The third storm this month. 6-12″ expected for this one. It took an hour to shovel the walks at 6:30.

        1. I really don’t mind a few storms ‘every once in a while’ but these bone chilling temps this early in the season…um no thank you. January and February oughta be brutal.

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