Nearly Wordless Wednesday

One word. C-o-l-d.


Live, love, bark! 🐾

68 thoughts on “Nearly Wordless Wednesday

  1. We got snow Monday night and now it is very very cold – 0 degrees this morning. This is January weather not October
    Mabel & Hilda

    1. Snow on Monday, Tuesday and a few flurries today. You’re right about it feeling like January! 🥶

    1. Snow in the 303 is not uncommon this time of year, but the bitter cold…that’s a whole different beast!

  2. So, today marks your first official griping about the cold weather day! That means only about 140 days until your first official griping about the hot weather day! Here comes summer!

    The parts of Socal that aren’t burning are actually quite lovely right now with temps in the mid-70s. The 40 mph breezes are less delightful.

    1. Be nice. We usually don’t get such Arctic fronts this early. Blame climate change.

  3. Eeeek!! Are you sure this isn’t the “ghost of Christmases past” instead of it being almost Halloween? BWWWAH!!!!! Guess you got tricks instead of treats for Halloween and early to boot! xoxo

  4. Wrong word, Monika…

    That is nuts. Even we in the Great White North are sporting sunshine and temps of 15C (59F) though we do have weather warnings in effect. Matter of fact, the town where I work has moved Hallowe’en to November 1st because of it…

    1. I don’t ever remember an Arctic front this early in the season. I just looked at tomorrow’s forecast and it should get back into the mid-40’s which is more normal. Probably means there will be trick or treaters now. 🤯

      1. It is way too early, that’s for sure. That is crazy. Talk about up and down weather!
        I am a mean home-owner. I turn off my lights and don’t hand out candy. The last few years I ended up with so many leftovers. My arse does NOT need that.

        1. I don’t turn on the outside light but worry that vandalism will result if I refuse to answer the door-even if to tell them the candy is gone. Naturally the doorbell ringing all night long is a trigger for the dogs to go insane. I hate this holiday-it’s like July 4th without fireworks. Just go buy some candy for crying out loud. And get off my lawn while you’re at it. 🤣 Jeez, I’m turning into a nasty old broad, aren’t I?

          1. I loathe this holiday. Never could get into it after age 12. Never go to Hallowe’en parties myself. Hate dressing up. And I don’t worry about vandalism as I am at home And can see through the window perfectly… We have this funny set of videos this guy made using dolls but inserting his eyes and mouth and.. never mind me trying to explain it to you, here is a subtitled video of the first one which just so happened to be for Hallowe’en. When it came out, I couldn’t understand my nephew going on about Pop-Tarts!

            1. OMG…that was hilarious! Maybe I should buy a box of poptarts! Then again, two deep-voice dogs barking their heads off when the doorbell rings may deter some kids with their helicopter parents from darkening the stoop. With all the boutique merchants and restaurateurs in the neighborhood hosting a costume crawl during the day on the weekend before Halloween, I don’t understand why they have to hit houses on top of it. Or just buy a bag at the store.

              A few years ago some guys arrived really late, in no costume with voices as deep as Barry White to which I commented, “aren’t you a little old for this kind of thing?” They just blinked and shook their pillow cases. Some people push the boundaries of decency.

              1. So glad you enjoyed. This series was ridiculously funny. He had a doll for each character and there were lots of characters. I don’t think they all got translated, unfortunately.

                And ugh. Seriously, why but the homeowners who have NOT decorated their house so are blatantly telling you to go elsewhere?

                I know what you mean. Really late, no costumes = no candy. Bugger off!

                    1. Methinks you are right…. though my 52-year old sister looked at me askance when I said I don’t do the candy-thing. They decorate their house and go full out… To each their own, I say.

                    2. Head shaking. 😳I know a lot of peeps go full out (my own daughter is ga-ga over this holiday). I really don’t get it.

    1. Parka, boots, scarves, mittens, blankets, wool, wool, wool, Cupcake! 🧤🧣🧦🥾

  5. That reminds me of a mystery I read once. They couldn’t find the murder weapon because it had melted. Those look quite deadly.

    1. Bwahaha! It sure made me do a double take and take special care while shoveling a pee-atio for the Knuckleheads this morning.

        1. Luckily…I don’t use the pee-atio. LOL But will watch from afar while the dogs do their constitutionals.

    1. It’s too cold for me, too! 3 bracing degrees. Not even close to the usual temperature for October. This is January weather. In Minneapolis!

    1. Icicles fascinate me, but I’d prefer to ‘see’ them in a book, not my backyard!

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