Monday Musings ~ May 18, 2020

So I was walking the dogs a couple of days ago and noticed a bunch of young guys had hopped the closed and padlocked playground at the neighborhood elementary school. They obviously have whistled past their ability to continue to deal with shelter in home restrictions. I just shook my head. Not sure what’s worse. Not wearing masks or ignoring social distancing rules.


Even the pandemic’s official animal observes those protocols. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not making light of the current situation. It’s definitely serious and not a laughing matter but it seems that gallows humor is becoming more and more prevalent in dealing with these unprecedented times. Around the Ranch, we’re still observing social distancing and wonder if those who are wearing masks are smiling back at me or silently mouthing “stupid Boomer” while I hopscotch back and forth across the street maintaining social distancing. When you have a dog like Norman who simply invites being pet and totally enjoys it, it’s hard to act nonchalant while maintaining appropriate social distance. For his part, Norman doesn’t seem to understand why people can’t shower him with attention these days.

So how are you coping? Has your state ramped up relaxed restrictions? Has shopping for groceries become easier? Is life moving back toward the ‘old normal?’ The Ranch-hands want to know when passersby are going to start petting them again.

Norman & Elsa

Live, love, bark! 🐾

78 thoughts on “Monday Musings ~ May 18, 2020

    1. I agree. With a recent spike in confirmed cases, I’m taking it slow and easy.

  1. I love the gallows humor!

    Up here, we are absolutely flabbergasted by the insane crowds of people at the nearby trailheads. They overrun the parking by about 9AM, and then they start parking on the roads, blocking driveways and even blocking roads. It’s as if people have gone utter crazy. That is not mentioning the used TP behind every tree because USFS bathrooms are closed.

    Aside from that, we are doing okay up here. We have places to stay away from the crowds but I feel so badly for peeps who live near trailheads.

    Hang in there. It’s all that we can do.

    1. I’m not surprised by that. People feel entitled to do that. Really cheeses me off. Stay safe and keep photographing the beauty from your area-I absolutely love them all! Especially the Labro-Duo.

    1. Yeah, those self-absorbed, arrogant and uninformed peeps are really pixxed about having to wear a mask. They don’t seem to comprehend the rights of others to stay safe.

  2. Love the raccoon mascot. Humor is necessary, IMO.
    We have another week to go before the first stage goes into effect. It’s going to take me a while to relax out in public!

    1. No kidding. I’m starting to build my outfit according to the mask I’m wearing. 😷

  3. Shopping has never really been a problem here. We did have restricted numbers in shops for a while and that stopped. Many of the small shops are still closed down but the large supremarkets and department stores are open. Baskets are cleaned, trolleys are wiped down and each checkout operator is protected by a perspex screen — actually the perspex screen in front of the operator are in most shops and stores here now and the Post Office now has a screen similar to a bank all along the counter. There is no requirement to wear masks although some people do. And there is rarely people about when I take Benji out for his walks. so the petting problem does not arise.

    1. Sounds like you guys have this better under control than we do in the states. So much for exceptionalism which doesn’t really mix well with unbridled fear. Continue to stay safe and give the 4-legged lad a nice belly rub from me.

  4. Lucy: So THAT’S why no one is petting me!
    Riley: So THAT’S why I can’t go over to see the little kids in the neighborhood.
    Xena: Woof! Woof! Woof! Woo! And I thought it was because of me barking!

  5. Meow meow Miss Monika it has bin hard fore LadyMew as shee can not pat Maggie May a poochie who livess inn our buildin or Jasmine poochie inn Hi-Rise. LadyMew has THE ‘sadss’ over this.
    Tomorrow sum storess can open usin social diss-tancin an onlee allowin 3-4 peepell inn store at one time. LadyMew iss NOT goin anywhere! Groomerss an Pet Supply storess will open too.
    IF mee can get inn for a mani/pedi Aunty Sheila will take LadyMew an mee up to Pet Supply store….if not wee wait fore appointmint. Shee not want to take any chancess…….(mee eether!)
    It must bee so diffycult dodgin peepell while walkin Norman an Elsa. You are foin yore best!
    ***purrss*** BellaDharma

    1. Everyone is sad they can’t touch pooches during the social distancing. Little kids and Norman especially don’t understand it and we hope we can resume those encounters soon.

  6. The peeps here are still pretty much at home. Mom makes an occasional early morning trip to the grocery store, or the drive thru for prescriptions. She walks us but most people here are very respectful and move to the side as Mom does too. The big test will be now that the hair salon is open, will they both get brave enough to get much needed haircuts???

    Woos, Lightning and Timber

    1. Ugh, the haircut hassle. I can’t even imagine dealing with that even though I need one soooooo badly. Thank goodness for hats!

  7. I keep seeing dogs that I so desperately want to meet and love on and I tell them that someday I will but not today. I’m fairly certain they understand me. 😉 Shopping is not easier, we’ve just gotten used to the new way of doing it. I don’t think we’re going to go back to the old way. I think we’ll have a new way and it’s going to take a while for us to see what that is. I’m super curious about it in a good way.

    1. I think you’ve nailed the new reality, at least for the foreseeable future. We ran into another sheepdog the other day…it was all I could do not to race across the street to chat and give ear rubs.

    1. We’re right there with you observing safely and appropriately. Continue to stay safe.

  8. Too funny!!! But…our little raccoon friend only wears a mask on his eyes! Look at his mouth hanging open and that nose! BOL!!
    Watching our Governor now…….she is opening up Northern Michigan this weekend…….just some retail establishments and some restaurants with outdoor seating…….since we aren’t far from Detroit, we will probably be opening last on her agenda. I have my doubts that our May 28th opening date will stand because I have a feeling there is going to be a spike……don’t mean to be “Debbie Downer”, but i am seeing tons of people (including my own family) being EXTREMELY relaxed with the rules……..should be interesting!

    1. Like us humans, raccoons are somewhat imperfect. ☺️ We’re keeping our paws crossed that those areas being opened up stay safe and don’t go crazy.

    2. I agree, Caren. I don’t think it’s Debbie Downer at all. It’s based upon what we’ve seen already so I agree it’s a good idea to wait a “bit” more (one month? two months? six months? who knows?) and attempt to keep ourselves and those around us safe. I was reading an article the other day about when will this end, and there’s really two endings. When it really ends and when people have had enough and just go back to doing stuff because they can’t take it anymore.

  9. It’s tough for the pups since they don’t understand why strangers can’t pet them. We’ve been maintaining our social distancing and letting other people do our shopping. We hope things don’t open up too soon but we’re lucky to be in NY state where our governor has been doing his best to keep us all safe.

    1. We hope you continue to stay safe in the face of those who are impatient for life to return as they once knew it. It’s hard but I think we need to do this strategically for the greater good.

    1. It’s definitely in their DNA. We’d be wise to strive to be more like them. 🦝

  10. Glad you’re doing what you need to keep yourself and the people you love safe.

    Honey agrees with Norman–not getting petties from strangers is a huge bummer.

    1. I’m old enough to know about mortality and smart enough to heed the warnings. Stay safe and please give Honey extra ear rubs from me.

  11. The measures here are not so harsh as those friends in Europe and the U.S. are undergoing….apart from vehicle restrictions, life is not too far from normal – thanks to the people who keep the country going – the bus drivers, the lorry drivers, warehouse workers, shop assistants.
    The small dog Zuniga has now moved in full time and is bouncing even Black Tot – senior matron – into playing with him, so we hacve plenty of amusement.

    1. How fun for you! Yes…I hope the appreciation for those who have kept us all in delivered goods and wellness continue to receive our thanks and admiration long after this thing has been dealt with effectively.

  12. Protip: don’t wear the mask before you brush your teeth in the morning. Don’t ask me how I know. Also, with a flex leash (cough, cough) you can let your dog get closer to the pets while you stay socially distant.

    1. I usually RUN away from flex leashes rather than walk. Sam and I were cut up by 3 Scotties all going in different directions around us with theirs. I’m terrified now. The most important thing is who’s on the upright end of the flex leash more than at the end of it. 😇I’ll keep the pro tip in mind on our morning walks.

  13. I’m normally a fan of dark humor but find it very hard with the virus. Mourning the loss of my Dad (aged 93) who passed from the virus in April (he was in an ALF in hard-hit NJ). Stay vigilant, this thing is for real.

    1. I’m so very sorry for the loss of your dad. I totally believe this thing is real and wish others would realize it by masking up and observing social distancing. To do so is for everyone’s benefit. Sending thoughts of comfort your way.

  14. We are one of the worst high states and are area is the highest so we are still in lock-down. Some things have eased as far as stores allowed to offer curbside pick-up. People are getting antsy but the obits are flooded with covid-19 deaths. I’m taking it slow. I get antsy too but I try to work it out safely. Fortunately I have a lovely yard and my neighborhood is a great place to walk. I rarely see anyone outside.

    1. Slow is good me thinks. As an introvert, I’m not minding it so much but I can tell others are raring to go. Better them than me.

  15. Parts here in So Calif are creeping open. Our famers market was open yesterday with people standing in line 6 feet apart. I drove by and saw it. For me, it’s mask and distance. Someone judges me for it, so be it. Give your pooches a hug from me.

    1. Poochs say many thanks for the digital attention. Yeah, I’m with you. With my mask on I feel free to mouth all sorts of descriptive words. 😆

  16. We are inching toward opening here in NJ. Personally, I LOVE curbside pickup because now I can officially go EVERYWHERE with Mom and she can’t say she can’t take me because she’s afraid to leave me in the car alone. #weareateam

    Love and licks,

    1. Great teamwork, Cupcake! Order something tasty for us. This home cooking thing is getting old!

  17. Young whipper snappers dissin’ us boomers?!? Hrumph! I wear my mask at the market and miss being able to smile at other shoppers as I pass by. I do smile but they can’t see it; I hope the smile shows through my eyes. Tara Banks the super model refers to that as smyes… have a good week at the ranch. The Golden K is smiling atcha from a safe distance and unmasked,

    1. You are a delight, Michael. I smile at some folks, but those who blatantly disregard protocols get very creative descriptive words mouthed at them. Good think I wear dark glasses I think so millennials don’t know what’s going on behind the mask 😎

  18. we hope we don’t have to go back into lockdown, there are 87 restrictions and rules, but at least we can go out … and to avoid other people is no biggie here…. we pray for all who are sick and in danger… please baby jeesuz take this from us and give us our normal life back…

    1. We pray for that same thing but wonder if this stays with us for a while. Stay safe and enjoy the new freedom to roam a bit.

  19. When I’m wearing a mask in town – which I still always do – I feel like an outsider. After the restrictions have been lifted, we had hundreds of tourists flocking the town, and nobody was wearing a mask or keeping a safe distance.
    We still do our shopping curbside, or have the stuff delivered to our house. And we don’t eat out. We do take-outs at the local (small) restaurants. Walking [in a residential neighbourhood with wide streets] is still fine and easy, as is bicycling in the countryside.
    Take care, and stay healthy,

    1. My daughter sent me a story about how crazy it is down your way. Galveston and the beaches in particular. I’m happy with staying home, wearing a mask when I need to grocery shop or walking with the dogs. The quiet life works just fine.

  20. Zeke doesn’t understand why I won’t let him be pet or play with other dogs (plus he has a snotty nose). I keep my distance without freaking out. My sister told me our Costco has basically dropped all sense of care. They wipe the carts and that’s it. They didn’t restrict entry; though it is stated all Costcos demand we wear masks it was a mix of the masked and maskless. They would wipe the plastic wall between the cashier and the customer between each, now? No. I don’t think I’ll be hanging out there any time soon. All the other stores are keeping the safe protocols. I have to admit I am more or less in agreement with Bill Maher on this one. Too much protection and our immune systems get weaker. Then again, not enough and we can get really sick. I dunno anymore.

    1. There are far too many breeches of protocol at all grocery stores in my area. I complained to one clerk recently and she said she felt the same but related that when she questioned someone, they got all up in her grill and she felt threatened by their tone. She said I’m already laying my life on the line just by working, I sure as heck don’t need some nutcase waxing on about ‘their’ freedom on top of it.

      1. That is so awful. I really feel for all the employees in the stores (as well as everyone working the front lines of, well, everythng).

        1. It sure is…we’ve become self-centered and clueless at the same time. Each on its own is bad enough but coupled…😡

        2. It really is. I keep wondering if we’ve always been so selfish and arrogant or if this is a darker evolution of our souls.

            1. Self-centered, arrogant, and downright vile with our ‘me-first and only’ mentality.

  21. We’re still locked down here, but it’s a democratic state so no surprise there. Unknown when we can get a haircut of get our nails done. If any of those places open their licenses will be pulled.

    The grocery stores are pretty good now, but now there’s a meat shortage. At Costco you can only get four packages of meat. Only four not matter what choices you get. So there is that.

    Have a fabulous day and week. Scritches to the pups. ♥

    1. Meat is quickly becoming the new toilet paper no matter which side of politics you’re on. Stay safe and keep smiling.

  22. well since nothing has changed with risk, we still play frogger back and forth across streets to avoid people. The hospitals may have a bit more ability to house people but the virus is still spreading so we withstand the derisive comments on our masks and keep distance if we can. People without them walk right at us on 3FT wide sidewalks like it’s nothing.

    1. Far too many are oblivious to space and distancing. A guy would have walked right into us this morning while walking the dogs had I not watched him engrossed with his phone for nearly an entire block. 😳

  23. Gracie, who turns two on Saturday, is absolutely miserable with not being pet and greeting people, but we are still (technically) on lockdown. So many people are not observing it anymore that it might as well be lifted. But we are still social distancing, and not making a lot of unnecessary trips out. Quarantine has almost become normal for us, but we’ll be glad to get out for pet sitting sometime in the near future, and dog therapy visits probably a lot further in the future.

    1. It’s especially hard on those extroverted dogs. Rejoining the pet therapy squad will be most welcome. Happy early birthday wishes to the adorably sweet Gracie. Sending digital bones for her special day. 🍖🦴

  24. Well this past weekend our small town made a few tentative steps back in that restaurants (which are still closed to folks wanting to be inside) have put tables/chairs in front of their restaurants on the sidewalk and/or in alleys next to their restauants – so we have “outdoor dining” back. Paper menus, no condiments, masks – but you can TALK to your friends or make new ones. Other than that, YES grocery shopping seems better in that there’s more food on the shelves – still masks and barriers but FOOD (no TP though). I feel like the “sleeping giant” is awakening but very very slowly. I just want it to be SAFE. Raccoons are smart…..we should at least be as smart as they are right?

    Hugs, Pam (and Teddy too)

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