Nature Friday ~ December 4, 2020

Welcome to the first Friday of the last month of one helluva year. We’re joining our Nature Friday weekly hosts, Rosy, Sunny, Arty and Jakey from LLB in Our Backyard. Don’t forget to click on their link, to see what they and others around Blogville have discovered in nature this week.

It’s been another busy week with loads going on around the Ranch. It also was a bit on the chilly side. Yesterday was so ‘crisp’ with the wind chill that when I walked the dogs in the morning, one side of my glasses not only fogged up, it frosted for the majority of our 2 mile walk-about. It’s hard to see spots of nature through permafrost, although the ice crystals were pretty cool. Literally.

I’ve been busy working on Christmas gifts, a bit of organizing (out of necessity-where DOES all that junk come from??) and finding some holiday spirit…as in looking for holiday lights. Junk I can find, but Christmas lights and decor seem to be MIA. All of which has conspired to keep me from finding much in the way of nature in the ‘Hood.

Although I did happen to notice some ‘wildlife’ a couple of days ago on our walk and did a double take when I saw a deer from a block away, so naturally we had to investigate it up close.

WildlifeI’m in awe of how some people go all out for holidays. These neighbors had quite the front yard scene at Halloween (pirate skeletons having a garden party) and now they are working on Christmas. This is the largest outdoor blow up decoration I’ve ever seen and I’ve never found any there weren’t all vinyl or plastic. This guy had fuzzy fur!  Of course, deviating from our usual route tends to cause all sorts of canine consternation for Elsa who wasn’t all the keen on getting too close to Rudolph, though she eventually did give it a perfunctory mini sniff and then promptly looked away as soon as I pulled out my phone. Elsa, Elsa, Elsa {head shaking}. Why do you always have to look away as soon as the shutter is released?

Norman on the other hand seems perfectly content to stop, sniff, and cast his best pose. This guy needs to find a modeling agent.

We hope you are able to get out and enjoy some of the nature’s beauty or at least, check out some amazing holiday decorations this weekend.

Nature Friday

Live, love, bark! 🐾

78 thoughts on “Nature Friday ~ December 4, 2020

  1. My Poodle love is oddly none too keen on those inflatable Christmas lawn ornaments; he frequently barks at them. It is actually hilarious. Stranger still… in our mighty populated just a stone’s throw from Washington D.C. area…is the recent sighting of a small bear caught on our neighbors ring camera literally pawing, knocking over and destroying their big blow up Santa. Apparently said bear made our local news as he’s been caught doing similar antics on other Christmas inflatables! Perhaps this bear likes the more traditional holiday decor of wreaths, bows and fresh garland? 🎄

    1. Holy cow, who knew bears were all ‘bah humbug’ when it comes to blow up decorations. Around here we’ve had a number of them stolen but none destroyed.

      Elsa wigged out with a neighbor’s willow twig deer sculptures. It was hilarious seeing her hackles up at seeing them. Happy howlidays to you and the poodle love.

    1. {Snicker, snicker} Dennis would have a full time shredding job in my neighborhood. Those things. are. everywhere.

  2. A giant, furry deer? The thugs would be on to it like a shot!
    Photographing Norman is clearly no problem…but my lot are like Elsa…one look at a camera and they are turning their backs, performing acts you would rather not immortalise or just legging it for the wide blue yonder.

    1. Seeing a pack of thugs set on one of those things might just be on my bucket list. 😈 Can’t help but wonder why dogs don’t like their photos taken.

  3. Oh NOrman, I have missed your handsome face my furiend!!! You do make a FABulous super model! I hopes you are makin’ your MOms pay you in cookies…don’t look for FREE! I thinks that’s why you turned away, right Elsa?! BOL!!!
    If that Rudolph was around here, it fursure would get stolen! sad butts true!
    Ruby ♥

    1. Aww, you’re too kind, Ruby. Norman appreciates your always kind comments. He’s wondering if yo’ll be his agent? We haven’t heard about stolen blow up decorations, my neighborhood is more known for porch pirates. *sigh*

  4. Elsa, you are so pretty…but are you shy or modest?? BOL!
    Norman sure is a sweetie!
    As for Rudolf??! Well, um…he is humongous!!

    Dalton & Benji would be upping their hackles and barking at it…to prove to me they aren’t scared…no really, Mom, we aren’t; BOL!

    1. Hahaha! We passed by some willow woven small deer in someone’s yard, Elsa could have swore there was something nefarious about them given her raised hackles and woofs. It cracked me up. Then again, they were about her size, not house sized! LOL

  5. I’m with you on not liking those huge blowup decorations. But, this one would be an exception. Love that it has fur. I live in a town that has an historic district. One house always puts out those big blowup things – huge spider for Halloween, and something for Christmas (can’t recall what). It just looks so out of place! I just shake my head.

    Tippy is like Elsa, most of the time. She will be standing still, looking right at me, and as soon as I pull out the phone, she turns her head.

    Norman is so handsome!

    1. Thanks. It’s always a gamble trying to photograph dogs, and black dogs are already hard enough to capture so you can see their eyes. I live in an older neighborhood and those things just don’t fit with the architecture much. And too often there are multiple ones as if they think more is better. 🙄

  6. I love that Rudolph – he’s so cute!! As for Elsa turning her head, Ducky does it too. So did Kissy, Callie, Shadow, and to some extent Radar. Oh well, sometimes I can get good candid shots if I’m patient enough.

    1. It’s only easy with those shy pups, that’s for sure. Some days I feel like I need to photograph her from a hunting blind! 😆

  7. Great shot of the giant monster. I feel you, E. What you don’t see can’t get ya! Illustrated here: There’s more than one way to handle something scary.

    Love and licks,

  8. Norman and Elsa are so photogenic and sweet. We went for a walk around the neighborhood earlier, and so far it doesn’t seem like people are decorating as much as they did for Halloween. Our hood goes crazy for Halloween.

    1. People seem to be going all in for Christmas here (though they go bananas for Halloween too). Even a nearby neighbor put up one of those giant blow ups and I’ve never seen them do anything like that before.

  9. Elsa still gave you a lovely profile shot. Frost on your glasses?? Yikes! That’s a bit too cold for me. On our mini-vacation over the holiday weekend I saw a deer statue in a yard – that turned and ran into the back yard! It did look awfully life-like, now I know why! Lucy says she would like to play with Norman, and would even give him a kiss or two if he promised not to tell Achiles.

    1. Norman is a proper British gent who’d never tell on a lady as lovely as Miss Lucy. 😍

      Yup, it was 18, 10 with the windchill. 🥶

  10. Mew mew mew Elsa yore heelareeus purrtendin you do not like Rudolf!! How cuud you not like him?? An Norman yore one hansum poochie dog!!
    Miss Monika there iss NOT alot of Catmess Cheer anywhere. Mee thinkss peepell are just worn out from Covid. It has bin a furry RUFF yeer….Wee mailed a Catmess card to youss’ yesterday! (Furinallee…)
    ***purrss*** BellaDharma

    1. You’re too kind, BellaDharma. I haven’t even begun to think of ‘howliday’ cards. I’m so far behind in holiday preparations this year. Clearly the panDAMNic is starting to get to me. 2020 has been suck a sucky year! We’re hoping 2021 will be an improvement.

      1. SUCKY iss RITE Miss Monika!! LadyMew sayss all shee can due iss send cardss with guud wisess from us an mee agreess. There iss no giftie shoppin. It sure iss a weerd situation…
        Butt wee DUE have each other <3 <3 <3

        1. I know what you mean but no amount of money can compete with good wishes from good friends.

  11. Now that is HUGE!! Good gawd some peeps do go all out, don’t they?
    Norman definitely needs an agent. Elsa doesn’t DO those types of things…
    Happy Friday! Okay, I’m late… but still 😉

    1. Happy Friday. Hope it’s been a good day. Yeah Norman could get a job with Calvin Klein while Elsa would be the irascibly demanding diva like a Naomi Campbell. 😉

      1. Hahaha! Indeed. Naomi Campbell… good analogy.
        It’s been a great day. Week 2 at this job and I’m feeling like I could actually stay there until it’s time to retire. I’ll give it a go, anyway!

          1. I’m pretty chuffed, myself. And, I have to admit, it’s nice to leave the house every weekday. I have to wear the damn mask when I’m not sitting behind my plexi partition, but still nice to talk to others, exchange, get to know these new peeps.

    1. Yup, pretty much! The older she gets the worse she is about picture taking. Norman on the other hand is a natural but not in a conceited way. He’s the most affable dog I’ve ever seen!

  12. Norman’s like “Is that one good? Let’s give it another take, I’ll go like sis and give you my profile. And then maybe my other side. And then . . .”

    Look at the size of that Rudolph! People do go all out!

    1. I’m always stunned Norman’s so compliant for these photo shoots. Elsa on the other hand…no way, Jose and you can’t make me!

      You’re right, Rudolph is monstrously huge! Happy weekend!

      1. He’s got a real thing going with the camera.

        Elsa says “I don’t do that Instagram Life!” LOL.

        If Santa would have had that Rudolph, he would have needed clearance from the FAA.

        1. He’s so good with a camera…that boy needs an agent. You know, I do believe Elsa said something pretty much on those lines! 🤣

          FAA indeed! How’d you like to ‘clean up’ after a reindeer THAT big?

  13. The first thing I noticed was the “fur” on Rudolph, very cool! Great picture of your cuties with him!

    1. That fur was quite the surprise. Normally I despise those blow up things, but I lingered looking at the humongous thing from all angles.

  14. Oh deer! What type of bread do deer enjoy the most? Sour-doe! What is a deer’s favorite flavor of ice-cream? Cookie-doe! What is a deer’s favorite coffee shop? Star-bucks! OK I’ll just show myself out now.

    1. It sounds as though you may have made a double batch of cookie shot glasses and filled them to the brim! You’re too funny for which I’m always grateful. Happy weekend with ear rubs for the Max Malt.

    1. Thanks, John. This is one of the few blow ups I didn’t say “psst!” under my breath. I just stood there in awe of its size and looks. Happy weekend!

  15. I love the reindeer. That’s adorable. Not as adorable as Elsa and Norman though.

    Have a fabulous day and weekend. Scritches to the pups. ♥

    1. Aww, you’re too kind. Thanks. That reindeer really is gigantic! Have a great weekend.

  16. WOW……that’s a BIG deer and like you, I’ve never seen one with fur! LOL Elsa is ready to move on and Norman is happy just looking at Mom. Sweet photo no matter who’s looking at the camera though……..just two happy pups out for a cruise.

    Hugs, Pam

    1. So true, Elsa is always focused on the walk, Norman is happy to roll with his mum…no matter where she drags him. LOL Happy Friday!

  17. Imagine Norman’s joy this year at having a furever home with a sister and a mom who pets him and takes him on walks…. what a change! They are just so pretty…

    1. Thank you. I count myself ever so fortunate to have found this boy. He brings such joy to all around him. Happy weekend! Ear scritches for Milo.

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