Nature Friday ~ May Day, 2020

Happy May Day and welcome to the first Friday of May. We hope this finds you healthy and following whatever rules are in place in your local area to keep yourself and your loved ones safe in the pandemic. As usual, we join our furry friends, Rosy and her brothers from LLB in Our Backyard for this week’s edition to the Nature Friday blog hop.

What a difference a week makes! Last week we experienced a bit of spring, then some winter, then a quick return to looking at spring again. This week has been more summer-like with a couple of days well in to the 80’s F (27-30C). But we’re ok, in spite of the whiplash. Jeez, Mother Nature…what’s up with you?

A small portion of the grape hyacinth invasion

Remember one of those snowstorms in April? Well the hard frosts that accompanied the snow pretty much did a number on most of the flowering trees, including peach, apple, cherry and the ever popular non-fruiting but spectacularly flowering ornamental pear trees. Of the flowering trees around the neighborhood, very few have or will bloom which is quite sad. Bulbs (namely grape hyacinths) survived and are making their annual appearance unfazed. In my garden, they have naturalized everywhere. It’s always entertaining to see who wins out the landscape war-grape hyacinths, lupines or dandelions. The yellow flower is shining brightly all over this part of town. Some people have already abandoned any hope of trying to reduce their presence (for the record, not my garden-I gave up on grass years ago 😈).


Some of the early bloomers who had their moment in the spotlight, still provide beauty with their seed heads, like this Pasque Flower. I love this plant maybe even more after it blooms. Can you say…t-e-x-t-u-r-e?


Two days ago on one of our walks, a few field poppies made their arrival. Flowers

Usually at this point in the season, early perennials begin to arrive like this Golden Alyssum. Everyplace I saw this beauty looked somewhat peaked, suggesting the up-down, yoyo weather has taken its toll. Not one plant was particularly full and vibrant.


Even candytuft, while blooming, was just a bit…meh. Not nearly as robust as usual. This was the best version I found along our walk. Sigh.Flowers

While many of the spring bloomers may be somewhat lacking, we still hope for some nourishing rain to improve the early summer garden blooming season. The forecast calls for a ‘chance’ so we’ll see. I remain skeptical since rain is rare around here. However, the lupine and peonies have their petals crossed.

As your area begins to loosening up some pandemic restrictions, do you have any plans to change the way you’ve been living or will you get out there and so something just to get away from house arrest? Whatever you chose to do, please do it safely while enjoying the beginning of a new month and fresh weekend.

Nature Friday

Live, love, bark!  🐾

73 thoughts on “Nature Friday ~ May Day, 2020

  1. I just saw my first dandelions this week! That’s sad about all of your fruit trees, things are progressing so slowly here there at least wasn’t much for our last snow to damage.
    Things are going to slowly open up here. I’ll be able to open my shop before the end of the month – yay!- but other than going there I’m still going to stay pretty hunkered down for a while.

    1. So excited for the shop opening soon. Nothing wrong with hunkering.

  2. Grape hyacinths do well up here too – and we get snow every April and May – so perhaps that’s why yours made it through the snow so well! I always love seeing your flower images in the spring. They tell me what’s coming. Oh, and that poppy is gorgeous!

    1. They are such resilient little things, aren’t they? Have seen them blooming in 6″ of snow with no problem.

  3. Now that the weekend is over, here I am! You may find your flowers are meh but it seems like you have scads more than us. Magnolia are barely begun, I have found some grape hyacinths (aren’t they just the sweetest?) My own damn tulips are just greenery with itty bitty bulbs still not letting me know what colour they are gonna be (the joys of moving to a new house and not knowing what’s what yet). On today’s walk, I saw some lovely daffs. Sigh.
    That said, this morning’s walk was filled with birdsong, so there’s that!
    Hope you had a fabulous weekend!

    1. Blooms this spring were really impacted…not by the snow but by the hard frost. Still…nature shows it can and will prevail. Sounds like things are ready to pop soon in your hood. The anticipation is palpable. 🥰

      1. Mother Nature did do a crazy with you guys so the fact some survived is a good thing. So slow here!! But, I do know it is coming…

  4. After our Summertime in Spring, we now have icecold hail and rain, kind of mixed up Autumn and Winter…MOL… We like all the flowers that pop up from nature, but Granny has to get them out, as I get the scratchies from some of them. It seems that everything is slighly open up again, very slowly, and with care, you can see it on the streets, very much cars again, but we had our first Chinese food this week. We like to eat Chinese from the Restaurant once in a while, and girl, did we enjoyed it. Thanks for the walkie talkie, Monika, Elsa and Norman😺Clean Pawkisses for a Happy Sunday. Stay Safe Healthy and Yourselfie🙏🐾😽💞

    1. I made some stir fry this week, it was so good I’m going to make it again soon. And it’s far more healthy that the sugary treats I’ve been indulging in too much lately. 😏

    1. Thank you. I walked by last night and found one coming out of the stone wall! They pop up in the weirdest of places.

    1. The weather sure has been crazy. Hopefully things will settle down soon.

    1. Thanks, Molly. Those field poppies pop up in some of the strangest places and always provide a nice surprise when they do.

  5. Oh, you gots some beautiful blooms bloomin’! Yeah, the weather has been bipolar this Spring fursure! We are already into full summer mode! I am afraid that we will have to turn on the AC by the end of next week ~ was holding out as long as possible, as the cool nights have help so far. Anyhu, you guys stay healthy, and keeps your paws washed!
    Ruby ♥

    1. Bipolar is the perfect description for nature these days. Yeah I had to get my AC fired up this week. These kinds of highs are not normal for the end of April. Egad…what’s July and August going to be like? 😳🥵

    1. I’m very partial to the grape hyacinths and have watched over the years how they’ve gone from a few bulbs to hundreds. They always make me smile. Happy weekend!

  6. Everything here is blooming much later than they have in the past. Most of our rhodies, which usually are blooming in early to mid April, are just now starting to bloom!

    1. Kiitos, Kosmo! While spring isn’t as photogenic as usual, there’s always something to see that’s worth appreciation. I’m looking forward to being able to wander about the botanic gardens at some point soon to see some really amazing sights.

        1. So true and with everyone being quarantined, I think seeing them is extra special this spring. 🥰

  7. Despite the crazy weather mishaps, you still found some beautiful flowers to share. Mom got to a nursery today and bought lots of pretty flowers, now to get them planted:)

    Woos, Lightning and Timber

    1. Thanks. After a weird winter I had high hopes for spring but nature decided to bat those silly desires straight away. Still hopeful the peonies will bloom nicely. 🤞🏼

        1. Always around here. Think that’s what makes it so appealing to people who visit. Have a great weekend.

  8. I like the Friday nature posts because they seem to be a flashback to about a month ago for us. We get to relive the flowering of the trees again! Out this way it’s hot, hot, hot! We skipped Spring and went to July which is amazing because it seemed like April by itself was 120 days long. You’ll be pleased to know I broke out the cargo shorts and wide-brimmed sun hat and shades and am officially attired in summer Dad gear now.

    1. I know exactly how you feel. We may hit 90 today (ugh-neither Norman or I are nowhere near ready for that kind of heat). Looks like you’re settling in well for Father’s Day attire. Now to find some flip flops. Have a great weekend tending to the BBQ grill and stocking the cooler. 🧉

  9. Lovely photos, Monika. I think I’m going to stay in for the rest of the year. I still don’t think the virus will be depleated. I’m thinking another wave.

    1. You make an astute observation, John. I’m with you. Stay safe and have a great weekend.

  10. The “new normal” hasn’t been that difficult for us. The worst part is not being able to worship with our fellow congregants in person – we miss that physical connection – and not being able to visit with our out-of-state families. Otherwise, things haven’t really changed that much for us. Ducky’s daycare has remained open – they care for the pets of many of our local hospital workers – but until now, I haven’t considered utilizing the service. But the girl is needing some socializing with her doggy friends, and a spa day.

    1. For this human, socializing and thoughts of any spa pleasures are a thing of the past. At least the dogs are great company. Stay safe and keep smiling!

  11. We lost all our peach blossoms due to that late freeze & snow, but I’ve seen a few cherry blossoms this morning, so there could be hope there. I’m not sure if our apple trees will bloom at all. Sometimes they get mad about the freeze if the timing is bad and decide not to blossom. We’ll see.

    1. I’ve seen a few cherry blossoms, but nothing to write home about. Still they look far better than any of the other fruit trees around. We’ve got our paws crossed.🤞🏼

      1. I also didn’t see a glorious show of blossoms! You’re right, it’s just a few, which is disappointing. Really? Mother Nature disappoints us again?

        1. Welcome to the gardening version of the Front Range craps table. Sigh

    1. If only dandelions weren’t so rangey and piecey. One part is chockablock stuffed and then 3 feet away, nothing.

      1. A French friend used to keep a patch of his back garden for dandelions – out of sight of course as the rest was immaculate – and used to put pots over them to blanch them. Then there was all the fiddle of trimming them….but the salad was super!

        1. Some high-end restaurants offer them seasonally but I’d be loath to try any of the neighborhood fare with all the dog traffic. I’m not that keen on ‘yellow’ dressing. LOL

    1. Spring can be sketchy here even in normal years. This year it’s been downright schizoid! Wishing you a wonderful weekend.

  12. There’s no doubt that weather EVERYWHERE has been just a little “huh??!!” this past winter and now spring…..we think Mother Nature is as confused as most of US are right now! We have had TOO MUCH rain while others have none or little – TOO MUCH cold weather while some are already too hot for this time of year…..anyway, I finally gave in and planted some annuals in my deck flower boxes just to brighten things up. It cheers me to see them. I say whatever works – go for it. Love your photos – they are perfect – little bits of color here and there always make me smile!

    Love, Pam

    1. Happy to provide a spot of color. It’s interesting (at least to me) to see what flowers do well from all over the country. Happy weekend!

    1. Thanks, while our state is now in Phase II (Safer at Home) the city is still locked down until at least May 8. Masks in public areas are ‘required’ though there are too many who blithfully wander around without. 😳Do have a great weekend!

  13. It’s always been unclear what the “stay-at-home order” here in Texas actually meant. Our gouvernor has never been clear about it, vacillating everry time he was asked. And consequently, this order has not been followed by each and everybody, and it has not been inforced.
    We ourselves really refrained from meetiing even our friends in person, and we also didn’t go shopping inside the stores, but we did go for walks in the neighbourhood and – as you saw on my blog I did sopme bicycling, too.
    This routine will not change for us, except for the fact that we’ll very likely to get our hair cut some time in the near future.
    And thinking about what we know about this virus: it will stay with us for years to come, So we’ll have to accept that sooner or later we will be infected.

    1. The new normal will be nothing like what it was just a few months ago. I talked with my daughter in the Houston area last night and she also moaned the confusion about the latest confusing order. Stay safe and enjoy a beautiful weekend.

    1. These field poppies spring up between stone walls, sidewalks, etc. They’re almost a weed. My regular poppies are just beginning to show signs of waking up. They also are a bit weed-like…those seeds fly everywhere. Need poppies, I’d be more than happy to send seeds. 🙂

  14. the people around me never followed the restrictions anyway. I plan to stay as far from them as possible which makes me feel more and more isolated. Yet, it’s necessary. Your poppy is astounding and your photos in general are so good! It takes an eye for beauty and careful cropping and photo work to make such work. Great job Monika!

    1. Thanks. If you saw how these images (all taken with my cell phone) were composed, you’d take back the nice complement. Happy weekend!

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