Nature Friday ~ September 17, 2021

Nature FridayHey everyone…it’s “Fri-Yay!” so that means we’re joining our ‘fur-iends’, Rosy, Sunny, Arty and Jakey from LLB in Our Backyard on their weekly blog hop. Be sure to click on the link to see what others have shared.

This week Norman and I went south to Pueblo West for a short visit with my Dad for a couple of days and to catch up with my sister from Maryland who was also visiting. While I love the Colorado mountains, I’m always struck by the beauty of seeing prairies around Pikes Peak to the north from the comfort of  Dad’s home.

Pikes Peak
Pikes Peak in the distance

The view to the southwest is equally beautiful with the Greenhorn Mountains rising above ‘fruited plains.’ Whenever I walk the dogs, I just have to stop and stare at the beauty of golden prairies with the mountains as a stunning backdrop.


As we took our morning constitution we also passed by a horse property which often has several horses, donkeys and a few ponies in one of the pastures. On this morning they were in the front pasture and trotted over to check the ‘horse on the leash’ with the human (with apologies for the sun flare that refused to be edited out).

As I’ve come to expect with this boy, Norman draws a crowd. The black and white pony had been lying in the early morning sunshine but took one look at Norman and immediately got to his feet and trotted over to the fenceline to get a better look-see.

Howdy!  Pony…meet pony

Everyone got their sniffs in and all species seemed to be bemused with one another.

While the daytime temps still continue to be toasty, over the past couple of days the weather seems to be engaged in a slow roll toward the autumnal transition. This morning’s temperature at 5:45 am was a crisp 48ºF (8C) with early morning walks requiring a hand torch since it’s still quite dark.

Yesterday was the Ninja’s 5th Gotcha Day. It was a quiet celebration, per the little lady herself. Elsa’s not really into being in the photographic spotlight as you can tell below. On the one hand it seems impossible that it’s been 5 years since this world wind fur pile came home with me. Her puppy mill personality quirks are still evident but her sweet loyalty toward me brings many smiles. And even with a couple of recent seizures, she’s doing well while continuing to vex her big brother. Oh Elsa…you’re such a pill but I love you just the same. On the other, it’s been quite the journey. Guestimated to have been between 3-4 at the time of her adoption, she’s reached her prime, despite ups and downs. Happy Gotcha Day, sweet girl! Party on…your way.

Gotcha Day

The arrival of autumn is typically marked with leaves changing color but while there isn’t much of that going on just yet in the city, there are signs beyond cooler morning temps. This maple tree is still 95% green with only one small area morphing into autumn splendor.


As squirrels and other critters begin preparing for winter, acorns have now begun to form with some dropping already. It won’t be long now even if daytime temps will stay warm. As a lover of 4 distinct seasons, I will welcome this annual change.


Enjoy your weekend and make sure you get out there to check out this amazing time of year.

Live, love, bark!  🐾

75 thoughts on “Nature Friday ~ September 17, 2021

  1. A very Happy Gotcha Day to my favourite Ninja. Five years – wow it certainly does not seem like that. I love the head-gear! I also love your photographs , I love wide open country with mountains as backdrops. Not really a “beach” person – prefer mountains.

    1. It really doesn’t seem like 5 years to me either! She’s come such a long way.
      The beach is okay but I’ve always been grateful for the mountains and prairies we have here. One can get lost in the vistas.

  2. I just love your pictures of the valley, and especially the walky talky with the horses, Norman. We hope you had a wonderful Gotcha Day, sweet Elsa🎉Pawkisses for a wonderful day to all of you🐾😽💞

  3. Lulu: “Happy slightly belated gotcha day, Elsa! Many happy returns! Hey, Norman, did any of those friendly horses by any chance give you anything to roll in … ? Just curious.”
    Chaplin: “You’re not just curious! You want to vicariously roll in horse poop!”

  4. Picturesque captures, Norman bringing everyone together and Elsa looking so beautiful on her Gotcha Day . . what more could we ask?

    Maybe one more thing . . let’s all have a great weekend.

    1. Well happy Gotcha Day to our favorite Ducky-girl! Wow, can’t believe it’s her 9th Gotcha Day. She still reminds me of a young puppy! It was a lovely visit, too short but lovely all the same. Thanks!

  5. Happy Gotcha Day Elsa! What a joy you are to your Mom!! ❤ and Norm is lucky to have you too!

    How nice that you got to catch up with your sister. Sisters are the best! Do you ever come in East? We aren’t far from Maryland at all! 😊

  6. My miniature poodle always barked at the horses – I suspect he thought they were large threatening dogs. Lol I wonder if the horses wondered if Norman was a colt or a miniature horse?

    1. It really entertained me-they were looking eye to eye at one another but mostly it seemed just plain ole curiosity. There was lots of sniffing each other’s faces.

      1. Trans-species communications! Congratulations to Elsa, too. Our standard poodle just celebrated her 5th birthday. I had to double-check her paperwork; I thought she was turning 3! My how time flies, and oh how long it has taken her to mature. LOL

        1. 😆 For some of those standard ‘pogo sticks,’ it takes a long while to settle down. Sam didn’t until he was 7! But every bounce and knuckleheaded thing he did I’d take in a heartbeat all over again…and gratefully. They are quite the special breed and make ‘furbulous’ companions.

  7. Happy happy 5th Gotcha Day Elsa THE Ninja Poochie!! May you have many more! Yore foto iss adoorabell. Say you got an OOkpik!! Mee has 3 of them rubbed with Catnip an mee lovess to mess them up an make them all spitty 😉
    Sweet Norman those Horsiess an THE Pony know a guud Pocchie when they see one!!!
    What a lovelee place youss” were vissitin Miss Monika…….
    Wee still ahve warm tempyss an sum hue-midity butt THE nitess ARE kewler an nice fore sleepin….
    It iss dark beefor 8 Pee Em now…bye bye Summer…..
    ***purrss*** BellaDharma an {{hugss}} BellaSita

    1. It was 46F (7C) this morning at 6 AM but expected to reach 90F (32C) later this today 🥵 Both the dogs love that toy and take turns carrying it around. Norman was jealous I gave it to Elsa for the photo session. I had to appease him with extra treats.

      Norman was totally mesmerized by the horses and donkeys. The pony and he sniffed each other all over their faces and seemed very interested in each other. So that that one reddish horse. He REALLY enjoyed sniffing Norman!

      1. Mew mew mew Miss Monika wee now know Sweet Norman werkss fore TREETSS!!!
        Elsa mee wuud not wanna share mee 00kpik eether!!
        An Sweet Norman you looked so hansum with those adorabell Horsiess an THE pony….lucky Poochies!
        An our weather still like yoress an it iss so much nicer than what wee had! 😉

    1. Many thanks, Cupcake. Elsa might agree with you on that (except for when she’s getting pictures taken-she really hates that). But she’s sweet and I adore her and some of her antics.

  8. I’ve never been in a prairie or a desert. I think that’s going on my bucket list. Wait, I first have to start a bucket list, LOL! Please give Elsa a treat from me and tell her I wish her many more happy gotcha days.

    1. Elsa is most appreciative of your kind wishes but especially for the extra treat. As for prairies, they really are special places to visit. I highly recommend them!

  9. Five years already! It does not seem possible….
    She is very much her own lady still, but happy to give love.
    I wonder what thay pony was thinking when meeting Normsn..

    1. I know…isn’t it something? Where has the time gone, seems like yesterday I brought this frightened shutdown little girl home with me. As for what the pony and Norman thought, I can only imagine at each species musings. But they were fully engaged and seemingly excited about the other’s presence. Have a great weekend!

  10. Yup, your Dad’s stompin’ grounds are a pretty area indeed. I like the photo of you and Elsa together – the one where she’s wearing the birthday hat. Happy Gotcha Day to the Ninja, she’s not just a dog, she’s an adventure.

    1. You absolutely nailed my relationship with the ninja. It continues to be quite the adventure! Have a ‘pawsome’ weekend!

  11. Happy Birthday to Elsa! That photo is great, two black and whites meet, they are looking at each others.
    Your prairie is like some parts of our western areas with huge plain fields. Just yesterday we were driving there and I love the never ending fields, do I love prairie with yellow and brown colors.
    Have a great weekend!

    1. Thanks for the birthday wishes. I truly love the prairies. They are so spectacular, especially this time of year. We hope yours is a fantastic weekend!

  12. Happy GOTCHA Miss Elsa! I think the black/white pony thinks Normie is his “brother from a different mother” !!!! Pretty photos of vistas and bits of Fall. Can’t wait until Fall is falling here!

    Hugs, Pam and Teddy too

  13. Love the picture of Norman and the farm animals. So adorable.

    ♫♪Happy Gotcha Day to you,♪♫
    ♫♪Happy Gotcha Day to you,♪♫
    ♫♪Happy Gotcha Day Dear Ninja (aka: Elsa),♪♫
    ♫♪Happy Gotcha Day to you!♪♫

    Have a woof woof day and weekend. Scritches to the pups, a smooch to Norman and a hug to mom. ♥

    1. He was so funny watching them. So intrigued. Thanks for the sweet gotcha wishes. Elsa says thanks. Have a great weekend.

  14. A very Happy Gotcha Day Elsa!!!!

    I am always amazed when I drive through Colorado into Kansas…and all the different terrains the drive entails. From mountains to plateaus to prairies. Such a beautiful state you live in!

    1. That boy knows how to draw a crowd, no matter who it is! Thanks for the Gotcha wishes. The Ninja spent a nice day doing ‘her thing.’ Kind of like every day! LOL

    1. It’s been in the upper 80’s & low 90’s all week during the day. We may get a respite today. 🤞🏼

  15. is that a donkey too??? I remember going to colonial williamsburg with Cole as a young boy and he and the sheep staring at each other thru a fence… so alike but different. Elsa is a beauty and I’m glad you found each other!

    1. That similarly sized critter is a pony. Isn’t it fun to watch our pup’s reactions to other species? Elsa is a special sweetheart, though I think Norman might dispute that notion. 😉

  16. Beautiful pics and I love that sun insisted in being in on the picture with all the critters!
    Happy Gotcha again to the Ninja!
    I agree, those prairie photos are divine. I would be hard-pressed to not stop and take it all in.
    Happy Friday to you!

    1. Happy Friday right back atcha. I’m quite partial to prairies-those wide open spaces just beg to be stared at. Thanks for all your sweet gotcha wishes. 💖

      1. I remember when I drove across Canada (twice) everyone said, just fly over the prairies, they are so boring. Ummm. No. They are not even close to that! 💖

        1. Not in the slightest. Such a bevy of diversity. So fascinating. When one takes the time to look.

  17. Happy Gotcha Day, Elsa – and many many more!
    Btw, I really like that picture of the horses. Don’t apologize for the sun flare. To my mind it really adds to the atmosphere.
    Have a great weekend,

    1. You’re very kind. It was annoying to me and this was the least problematic of the several pics I took. It was such fun watching Norman and the horses interact. They were as curious of him as he was of them! Happy Friday.

  18. we love this photos… this is the dream of my grampy, but sadly it never came true… Happy happy gotcha day dear Ninja… we are so happy that you came to this fab furmily …

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