One Word Wednesday ~ October 27, 2021



Live, love, bark! 🐾

66 thoughts on “One Word Wednesday ~ October 27, 2021

    1. If it weren’t for the yellow leaves, our landscape would mirror yours. I suspect my maple leaves will just turn brown and fall off. Oh joy 😬

  1. My FAVORITE time of the year………leaves of jewel tones shining in the sun……gold, yellow, oranges, reds….Mother Nature in her colorful best!

    Hugs, Pam

    1. It was so hot and dry over the summer, it’s impacted the changing leaves. Thankfully the yellow ones have been decent but the trees that turn orange or reddish have lagged behind. They;ll likely just turn brown at the first hard freeze.

    1. Only in a few places and just with the yellow leaves. The red/orange ones are MIA for the most part. Dang hot, dry summer!

        1. Hurrah! I went out yesterday on a different route specifically to see if there were any red leaves and was I ever surprised. I posted about them today.

  2. I saw a few gorgeous bright reddish orange trees in the bright morning sunshine…and they were glowing…alas my camera was not handy…they were maples.
    We have several catalpa trees here, too. Like you said, elephant ears! LOL!
    I used to call them my green and yellow pancakes, and the pods were the spears to pick them up with, LOL!! Lost a huge limb off of one of them a few nights ago in a storm…I had to break it down into smaller pieces to get it moved. What a mess!
    Our neighbor’s cottonwood tree came down onto our fence several weeks ago in a violent wind storm…I need to rent a chain saw to get that cleaned up…the next door dude would help if he had more time…he has a full time job, and is in the military reserves and has two small kids as well…so when our sons are here for Thanksgiving, I think we will have a yard cleanup party!

    1. Oh gosh, how sad to lose a big tree. Some years back a heavy wet snow storm heavily damaged a very old maple tree. It crashed across the sidewalk and took out a portion of the fence. It was a huge mess to clean up. A few years later it had to be taken down and it was such a sad day. The city put a couple of trees in its place but I still miss that beautiful old tree.

  3. ” I think that I shall never see, a poem as lovely as a tree”

    Now, a tree like that I could live with but what I have are Eucalyptus that do nothing but spew leaves everywhere. I let the birds attend to the almond tree and I adore it when it is in full blossom.

    1. I can only imagine how amazing your almond smells in the springtime. I’ve heard eucalyptus trees are a real pain. Probably like the catalpa across the street. It drops the biggest leaves (think elephant ear size!) all over the yard. Once they’re down, they don’t blow away. 🙁

  4. Gorgeous! I love Fall, mostly because of the lower temps after a long, hot summer, but also for all the gorgeous colors. BUT we haven’t seen much in the way of leaf color changes around our ‘hood.

    1. Thank you! Autumn is the best time of year. Our changing leaves haven’t been as pretty as usual but the yellow ones sure look great against a clear blue sky.

    1. Ours are much less colorful this year too. Hot, hot summer and no moisture have made for poor changing colors. *sigh

      1. Only halfway kidding. My two large magnolias that I despise but can’t remove because of local tree protection ordinances were just ready for a massive, and I mean massive, leaf fall. So I called in the tree trimmers and transformed them into what looks like magnolia lollipops. Naked magnolia lollipops. My neighbors (on whose lawns the leaves usually end up) gave me a standing ovation.

        1. Whoa…you did ‘golf ball’ trimming? I’ve got a 60′ Catalpa across the street, I can’t wait for the leaf drop on that baby. The leaves are enormous, and then there are those wretched long bean pods. #ohjoy

    1. Autumn is my favorite time of year. Can never resist these golden images. Happy mid-week!

    1. I’m a total sucker for golden leaves and blue sky. They make for an amazing combination.

  5. Beautiful! We have a warm and rainy autumn so our trees are not very colorful this year.

    1. thank you! Leaf color change has been very slow, probably because it was such a hot, dry summer.

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