Monday Musings ~ November 8, 2021


The neighborhood has barely put away all of its Halloween decor when we walked past the yard above over the weekend to discover another frightening scene in its place. Ugh, I think I need a Bromo-seltzer to settle that queasy feeling in my stomach. With weekend temps hitting the upper 70’s, some peeps are already dragging out the Christmas gear before raking up all their leaves. *sigh


I suppose if Costco can start displaying Christmas decorations in early September, then anything is possible. Here’s to having a ‘festive’ week-whichever holiday you’re preparing for. Have you managed to source your Thanksgiving turkey yet? I’ve heard there are…wait for it…supply chain issues related to the Thanksgiving meal with all the trimmings.

Live, love, bark!🐾

67 thoughts on “Monday Musings ~ November 8, 2021

    1. Thanksgiving has always been my favorite of the holiday trifecta. An actual holiday that is centered in human qualities and not purchases…go figure.

        1. It’s the stressless holiday. No gifts to feel pressure about, just good old fashioned food, beverages and football. πŸ˜‰

  1. SOmeone in our neighborhood has their Christmas stuff up. Ugh! I hate it. Of course, it is right next to the abandoned house with the overgrown yard, so it does take the focus off that, LOL!
    Uppe 70’s? Wow, we hit mid-70’s yesterday, and I see it’s going to steadily decline from there into highs of los 50’s. Not bad this time of year.
    Have a great week, no matter which holiday you encounter in your neighborhood!

    1. Our weather patterns are a mirrored image of one another. Nothing mirrors the early bird Christmas decorators. It’s just crazy some have jumped the gun soooo early. Stay safe and keep smiling. 🌲

  2. Fortunately no signs of Christmas in yards in our neighborhood………YET. I’m sure it won’t last long – most people seem to at least wait until after Thanksgiving turkey has been digested to break out the Christmas stuff!

    Hugs, Pam

    1. Exactly! I was stunned to see those wreaths and kept shaking my head for the next block. So bizarre!

    1. It IS WAAAAY too early. I barely understand why stores push their Christmas stuff out so early but now people are doing it. Just seems very wrong. We hope you and Kosmo are staying well. πŸˆβ€β¬›

  3. Yikes! That pumpkin evil overlord is downright creepy looking! Thank goodness our condo complex doesn’t go for outside decorations (Halloween or Christmas … with the exception of a few Christmas lights). I guess I’m a grinch – but you can’t put up Christmas stuff too early or leave it up too late – and that Halloween guy is downright freaky.

    1. It was pretty striking, especially on that early blue sky day. But the wreaths…well they’re just flat wrong at the beginning of November. If that’s the trend, I better drag out some easter eggs and bunnies soon. 😬

  4. The Christmas stuff in early Nov is just TOO much. I agree – queasiness prevails. If it’s like last year, we will soon have tourists trying to cut down our trees as Christmas trees. Argh.

    But I have been enjoying the extended autumn!

    1. It’s been a beautiful autumn (once it started). People actually try to cut your trees down??? Good grief! Hope you and the trees stay safe.

  5. Ho yes! Even walking around my hood ,I can see the Christmas Decorations starting to appear. One house even has a “Santa Stop Here” sign and light-up candy cane decorations..

    1. Oh for heaven’s sake! That’s just all sorts of wrong at the beginning of November!

  6. I just bought a turkey breast for the four of us, though only three will be having any of it, since hubby is right now on a very restricted diet…

    My Dad used to only put anything Christmas up in his shop not a day before Dec One…I get started around Thanksgiving…that seems to be the tradition here. But at home our Thanksgiving is in October, so that is WAY too early! Christmas has become not the season of good cheer that it is supposed to be , but rather the season of greed and want. So I guess the commercial side of things wants to get a head start on their competition…but like you, it turns me right off.

    1. Season of greed and want is a good way to describe the holiday season. It completely depresses me.

  7. Chrstmas tat is in the shops here, just waiting for the thirteenth month’s wages to be paid and promptly wasted on said tat.
    You mght like a piece of publicity I saw in the local supermarket…’Black Friday bargains! Buy before October 28th!’

    1. Oh. dear. lord. I’m beginning to duck all the time from all the ‘buy, buy, buy’ messages being hurled non-stop.

  8. We don’t do the traditional meals for holidays anymore. It’s just the two of us and we have whatever we want. It’s zero stress. We like that.

    Have a fabulous day and week, my friend. Scritches to the pups, a smooch to Norman and a hug to you. β™₯

    1. That’s a great idea-I like it! The Ranch Hands send bum wiggles and puppy kisses with the hope that you have a super Monday.

  9. Yikes! I’m in the beginning of a renovation. The good part (aside from the end result) is that I’m giving myself a pass at holiday decorations. Others can have at it but if you don’t need a winter coat, it’s not time to decorate yet. My dad always put the lights up on the coldest day of the year! πŸ™‚

    1. It’s always been Thanksgiving weekend in my family and I see no reason to change it now. Everything these days is just crazy. Here’s hoping your reno project goes smoothly with no hiccups. P.S. Good call on the decor pass. Why add to more to the stress stew?

  10. I was sure I had commented… guess not! I shouldn’t be surprised… this morning I took a picture of a pine tree with blue lights… the same thought crossed mine as did yours!

    1. Jeez, give me a break on the Christmas decor! I saw that you had ‘liked’ the post but was surprised there was no comment but figured you were just interrupted. Happy Monday, my friend!

      1. Yeah.. Gimme a break already! You were correctomundo. I thought I had but nope… bloody work got in the way πŸ˜‰
        Happy Monday. I left the picture on IG for ya πŸ˜‰ So I could share my Christmas cheer discovery πŸ˜‰
        Happy Monday to you|

        1. Dang, hate it when work gets in the way but totally understand! 🀣 Early decorations for ANY holiday I just don’t get!

          1. Yeah. I am so friggen ready to retire! I’m so done with this 9-5 crap!
            And I do agree with too early decorations being ungettable!

  11. I kid not…one house on our street had their Christmas decor up three days BEFORE Halloween. Wreaths, red bows, lights and blow up Santa….the works. I couldn’t help but think WTF as I walked by with The Poodle in tow.

    1. OMD…that’s just crazy! Whatever happened to Thanksgiving kicking off the Christmas season? Guess I’m dating myself. Hope you’re well and settled in the new setting. Give your Poodle-Love an ear rub from me.

  12. I’m definitely not ready for the crazy! Although we are somewhat insulated living in a mostly rural area. Here’s to staging off Santa and his Elves for at least another couple of weeks. 😎

    1. This just seemed over the top beyond crazy to me. Being ready is one thing, jumping the shark is something totally different. Here’s hoping your week is ‘pawsome.’ Belly rubs for the Golden Girls.

  13. I just don’t think one should have Christmas dec up so long it fades and gets dusty! that halloween dec is scary!!!

    1. That blow up was original and entertaining but putting up Christmas wreaths/decor now is just too much for my sensibilities.

    1. Seeing those wreaths took me by surprise. At first I was going to ignore it but then walked back to snap the pic. Guess anything goes now. Maybe I could begin decorating for Easter now? 🐣

  14. Since we’re 2 people only, a turkey would be too much for us. We’ll go with chicken,and I don’t think there will be supply issues.
    Have a wonderful week,

    1. Paws crossed. I made some homemade chicken and noodles last week for my dad and was surprised at the low level of inventory.

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