Nature Friday ~ November 5, 2021

Nature FridayWelcome to the first Friday of November for this week’s edition of Nature Friday as we join our pals, Rosy, Sunny, Arty and Jakey from LLB in Our Backyard. For those keeping track, there are only 57 days left in 2021! Try and wrap your head around that while we take a look at this past week.

Having survived a cold Halloween with a chilly temps and a few days of light frosts, the Mile High has returned back to mild temps and clear skies. It seems like Mother Nature tapped many trees on the shoulder as a reminder to shed their leaves and some seem happy to oblige.


Others have taken a hybrid approach, with some leaves still on and some off. I’m sure you won’t be surprised to know that I came close, ever so close, to jumping into that small pile of leaves to the left of this tree imitating Linus who always jumped into the middle of Charlie Brown’s freshly raked pile. I did come to my homeowner senses but wondered how many kids walking home from school couldn’t quite manage to do the same without enjoying some joyful mischief.


And then there’s my Catalpa which naively takes the Scarlett O’Hara approach to dealing with the upcoming winter season: “Tomorrow is another day.”

TreeUmm…sweetheart, I hate to break it to you but while it’s mild now, it’s no longer summer and you need to pick up the pace to catch up with the rest of the trees.

One of the more interesting aspects of autumn is how leaves impact the dogs. Daily “walks” take on a whole different vibe. It’s as if Nature opened a library and invited the Ranch hands to come in and browse through the collection. And browse they do. What normally takes nearly an hour to complete our route is now taking more than an hour and a half as they read each. and. every. page.

Norman cannot seem to get enough sniffing done in leaves. This Ranch Hunk takes any job on with gusto but his work ethic seems particularly focused when checking out leaves. And not all sniffs result in ‘watering.’


He roots around, over and under leaves as if he were a Bloodhound tracking a lost child. What is it about autumn leaves that turns dogs into Sherlock Holmes looking for clues?

Elsa takes a different approach to leaves. Oh sure her nose goes into overdrive when she’s on those narrow strips of grass between street and sidewalk much like Norman does but will try to find a clear pathway without leaves on sidewalks. Apparently she has no desire to crunch leaves and goes out of her way to not step on them when they cover sidewalks. Sam was the same way and would weave like an Army convoy around leaves on sidewalks. Norman being the Humvee sized dog that he is, merely plows through waiting for the next deep patch that he can plunge his probiscuis into olfactory nirvana. I think there were audible sighs of pleasure.

How does your good dog approach walking (or in our case  sniffing bouts) in fallen leaves?


Do you have big plans this weekend, like sending the Halloween back into their storage shed? Whatever you do, we hope you get outside and enjoy Mother Nature first hand and have a great weekend.

Live, love, bark! 🐾

63 thoughts on “Nature Friday ~ November 5, 2021

  1. I do miss fallen leaves. There are a few trees here that turn colors and drop their leaves but not many. We had a Liquid Amber tree that did but the roots were lifting up the driveway so…. RIP

    1. That’s one of the best aspects of having 4 seasons, even when there are elements that aren’t as much fun…like raking. 😇

  2. Some of my trees have totally divested themselves of leaves, the cherry tree holds on steadfastly, and the pear tree is doing a little of both. This gives me a chance to rake leaves a little at a time, I guess. The maple tree couldn’t wait to let loose and made a big mess in the backyard—where there is no hope that they will blow to Kansas and save me the effort.

    1. The wind was a real blessing a couple of days ago separating many leaves and a curse as to where it put too many of them. At this rate, I’ll be raking until Christmas!

      1. I hear you. Our neighbors behind us have a tree that has been dropping leaves in our yard. I wonder if I can just dump the raked leaves into his yard? LOL probably not.

        1. LOVE it! The 50 ft. Catalpa across the street ends up in my yard too. I wish I could figure out a way to return the favor somehow. Those leaves don’t break down like the rest of leaves on the block.

  3. Your pics of the fallen leaves with Elsa are so beautiful. I apologize for our hiatus from writing, Scarlett took a long time healing from a surgery during the summer and now we’re moving! I’m happy to see you are doing well.

    1. No apologies necessary. I see you’re embarking on a big change! Wishing you all the best and thanks for swinging by. Best of luck on the opposite coast and give Scarlett a extra ear or belly rub from me. 🥰

    1. Oh Lulu, we feel bad for you (but jealous of your Dada who doesn’t have to rake them up)

  4. I was one of those kids that ALWAYS jumped into a pile of raked leaves. Did it in college too (Kent State had TONS of trees!)…..even as an adult I have occasionally jumped into a pile of leaves! Nothing better!

  5. Teddy is a leaf sniffer too……I think the deer, squirrels, birds, raccoons, etc. probably trail around in them when Ted is NOT outside and he feels the need to check everything out that happens in “his” yard with his nose. The photos are GORGEOUS……I love Fall leaves. Jewel shades….

    Hugs, Pam

    1. Autumn is my favorite season, the colors are just gorgeous and the light is exquisite. It’s cute that Teddy is a yard sentinel. 😻

  6. Maybe Norman is trying to find out what messages the birds left…or from the leaves themselves, the reason they all came down!

    We have trees that are all bare and some half bare…the walnut tree is now bereft of all the leaves but there are still stubborn walnut balls hanging on for dear life! Maybe they know that we want to cut their source of life off…when that tree comes down.

    The neighbor has a large catalpa tree and all the pancakes…um leaves floated and fluttered down after only one freeze…but the catalpa tree we have in the back of our yard has still got most of the leaves on it. No sense cleaning them up until the rest come down. They sure do make a blanket!

    Our two just run/plow through any piles of leaves with abandon…they just ignore them. We had a doggy growing up, he wanted to dive into any and all leaf piles we made, what a clown he was.

    1. You’re so right, catalpas make a heavy blanket of leaves…and they don’t compost well at all. Last year’s don’t look much different from when I added them to the bin. 😬

      There must be something extra special about decaying leaves that entice dogs, both sniffing and diving into piles. What fun that would be to have watched a young pup clowning around in the piles.

      Have a great weekend! 🍂

  7. Haha on the urge to jump in the leaves. 🙂
    I am like Norman, love walking through the leaves! Our dogs don’t give them much notice besides sniffing them, like everything else!
    Happy Weekend to you! I work all weekend so today my husband and I went out on a scenic drive and walked in the woods . The temperature was great, not too cold.

    1. Sorry you have to work this weekend. It’s glorious here and with temps in the upper 70’s makes me want to spend every minute outside on long walks.

    1. After yesterday’s breezes, poor Max would be swallowed in the leaves that came down. Norman on the other hand just buries his nose deeper on walks. 😊

        1. With daddy long legs Norman, he’s probably not much more than ankle height! #longdrinkofwater

        1. Allowing a dog to sniff is the greatest gift to give them. Especially those dogs for whom mental stimulation is essential. 😉

  8. When we had the screened porch, the cats loved to nap there in the cooler weather. Chippies and squirrels were more active so the cats had to chase them around the porch (from inside of course). The chippies thought they were exercising them! It was very different from summer when everyone laid on the cool tile floor and slept.

    1. Now that would have been a blast to watch-maybe that’s what prompted the popularity of Peloton? LOL

    1. I think little pups avoid them so as not to be buried in them. At least Norman can flatten them down.

    1. Autumn is most definitely here and it’s been glorious after a few chilly days. We’ll be just shy of 80 tomorrow!

    1. It’s like the neighborhood bulletin board, but is completely amped up after yesterday’s breezy conditions.

    1. That does seem to take the bite out of chilly times. That or it makes you not care. 😆 Have a splendid weekend!

  9. Sweet Norman yore so hansum an so cute sniffin an
    reedin’ THE leevess an treess! There iss sumthin’ so magickal ’bout Autumm rite??
    Mee wuud love to sniff about butt BellaStia sayss it iss not safe ‘casue our street iss furry busy.
    Elsa mee wuud take mee time two…
    Miss Monika wee MOL/LOL here that walkiess take so much longer….Poochiess are so silly rite??
    Sherlock’ss on 4 pawss, mew mew mew….
    Yore fotoss are lovelee…our treess are doin much THE same butt colorss are so washed out…’ss health an stuff…an rest alot….

    Wishin youss’ a grate weekend. Wee goin to try to blog ’bout BellaSita **sighss**
    **purrss** BellaDharma an {{hugss}} BellaSita

    1. There must be something extra special about decaying leaves that makes the Ranch hands enjoy sniffing so much. Here’s to enjoying a beautiful weekend.

  10. the rain must have brought up scent as Milo has been nose to the grindstone! Cole used to love autumn, he’d pick up a twig with attached dried leaves and shake it like a maraca. Milo is careful, like Elsa. He is careful where he steps and doesn’t like any debris stuck to him. If he feels a leaf in his hair he must stop and try to remove it before continuing.
    I am not looking forward to the 78 deg days as our bedroom heats up at least 10 deg hotter than outside, from the strong sun on that ( road )side of the house. I don’t remember in our 3 years of being in CO having such warm temps in November. I love 50 or 60 deg days though.
    did you decorate for fall? How’s elsa?

    1. No doubt that tiny bit of moisture brought the hood scents out. If I didn’t know better I’d think Norman wanted to be a sommelier!

    2. Sixty’s would be perfect in my books. As for yard decor, I don’t have any-no place to store stuff so I just walk around and admire those who do. Elsa is good, She’s gotten over my grooming of her recently and looks so pretty. I’ve begun using a gentle leader on her and it’s helped keep her from losing her mind whenever she sees another dog. Have a great weekend!

  11. all ghosts are back in their crypts and boxes… you have to find the day for removing decorations… mine was today… and I’m glad I have a whole year now till they come back ;O)

    1. The neighbor who decorated with all those skeletons has to have a huge crypt for them! I’m looking forward to what the do for Christmas!

  12. Our tree out front is about 1/3 done with shedding it’s leaves. They do have their own timetables though.

    I love seeing handsome Norman. I know you’re aware of that.

    Loved going on a nature walk with you and Norman.

    Have a fabulous day and weekend. Scritches to the pups, a smooch to Norman and a hug to mom. ♥

    1. We’d love to have your company on one of our saunters. Probably best to clear a few hours-Norman so loves long sniffs.

  13. We have a mix of completely bare and completely green trees with lots of half-and-half, still colourful ones. Lots of pretty left before the drab of mid to end-November happens…
    Happy Friday to you and yours, Monika!

    1. With the bright blue skies I haven’t minded seeing the leafs falling. Knowing that the drab of late November will be here soon enough. Enjoy getting your 10K of steps in this weekend!

      1. Exactly! Mind you… I noted my front lawn is completely carpeted… Got me some work to do. Only so much can be kept and used as mulch. Thank you! I will be (maybe) bringing my mother to my new park to see the wood ducks and feed the chickadees 🙂

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