Wordy Wednesday ~ June 15, 2022

Given how crazy and wild things have been lately, I couldn’t help but wonder if things were better ‘back in the day’ and found this look back in history. The nostalgia was definitely noticeable on my spirits. Wordless Wednesday

Do you have an “I remember when” moment from way back when? It seems we may simply trade problems through the years.

Live, love, bark! 🐾

70 thoughts on “Wordy Wednesday ~ June 15, 2022

  1. This was fun. As a small girl, I remember going to Warehouse Groceries, where we used a black crayon to write the price on each item. And they had gas pumps in the parking lot advertising gas for less than $1.00 a gallon. Thanks for the memories! 🌞

    1. You’re more than welcome. I thought it’d be fun to see what the ‘good ole days’ were like. 😊Thanks for stopping by-always good to hear from you.

  2. It’s funny you should talk about trading problems. My husband and I were having that very conversation at the breakfast table the other day. I guess it’s comforting .. in a very dark and weird way … to look back and remember Nikita Kruschev banging his shoe on the podium during some speach … and air raid drills and climbing under our desks at school. That stuff among many, right? And the gas prices and the lines at the gas stations in the 70s that we never expected to see again.
    Yeah. That’s comforting. 🤣 What’s that old saying? The more things change, the more they stay the same?? Oh well … hang in there!!!

    1. Truly, the more we think things change, the more they seem the same, just different decades. And this one seems very complex for all its technology.

  3. Nostalgic factoids get us looking at prices and trying to calculate expenses as a percentage of the period’s salaries, and that’s always a hoot. There are many things that got better in 50 years that we don’t often consider. We bought our first color TV in 1982 and it cost $250 at K Mart. The wireless remote was a $50 option. It was a 27″ diagonal, considered a big living room TV. Now I can go buy a 65″ TV with a resolution (image quality & detail) literally a thousand times better than my old RCA 4×3
    NTSC cathode-ray tube. And the remote is free. And it weighs 6 pounds, is flat as a pancake, and doesn’t require a separate piece of furniture ’cause it hangs on the wall like a painting. And it can go on the internet. And my cell phone can stream to it via Bluetooth. AND it’s only $350!!
    I remember the year of the energy crisis.(’73). The gas pumps were not designed to show a price-per-gallon over one dollar (it seemed so preposterous). They had to place paper stickers next to the gallon-price thingy on the pump with a “1”. (They were mechanical dials, not LCD displays like we see now)
    Stop me now…


    1. Technology has certainly advanced by leaps and bounds. The fascinating thing is our so called needs have morphed the most (half the stuff we think we need really aren’t needs at all). Some of the news back then is very similar to the news these days, too. 😊

  4. Well, I was still the proverbial gleam in the eye back then. As for nostalgia, well, that 1972 gas price seems so nice, but that was also just before the energy crisis happened. At least you can buy gas today even if it costs an arms and three legs…

    1. Another consequence of big trucks and SUVs. Separate and apart from oil companies greed of course. 😬

  5. I graduated 12th Grade that year, and went on, also to graduate Grade 13 the next year…
    I think I made about 1.55 an hour at a part time job, and put myself through college with that.
    My Dad bought a house on a commercial lot in 1966, for about 19,000 Canadian, and sold it in 1987 for at least 250.000! Sheesh! The last time I drove by it looked like a dump,and I am sure it had gone down on value.
    We had a school shooting at my high school in 1975, my brother just missed being in the gunman’s vicinity…he killed a teacher and injured 13, and then he shot himself. Violence doesn’t seem to have changed.
    I bought a car in 1978 for 5000. It was new! You can’t find a good *used* car for that these days at all.

    Thanks for the memories! Those 50 years have FLOWN by! These days, I think, others would call me ancient, LOL!

    1. Welcome to my world. Someone once told me if you have “an I remember when” story,” you’re officially old. They may have been on point. LOL

  6. Lulu: “HBO premiered in 1972?! And Mama and Dada are still watching it today! I bet they have been subscribers since the very beginning.”
    Charlee: “How old do you think Mama and Dada are, exactly?”
    Lulu: “Older than me, I know that much …”

    1. That little factoid surprised me. I didn’t start viewing it until 1980. Back when it was inexpensive.

    1. I always loved the $1 per carload at a local drive in. We’d cram so many kids in the car I don’t know how anyone could enjoy the movie 🤷🏼‍♀️

  7. OMG!! Look at those prices!!!! Unreal! It’s also unreal that 1972 is FIFTY years ago. Dear God. I also got a huge kick out of seeing who was born that year. Geeze oh man.

    1. I think the first house my folks bought was about half that much. Talk about “those being the days!”

        1. I remember the difference between a 2 bedroom and a 3 bedroom (less than $20 a month) made the difference in their being able to afford that first house. They had to go with the smaller house. 😳

            1. It was definitely ‘cozy’ but we were well loved and had a great childhood with less. Growing up we never had a garage or carport-those were an unaffordable luxury when you needed bedrooms for a growing family much more!

  8. I was 21 years old back then. A long time ago. Love the things that happened that year.

    Have a fabulous Wordy Wednesday. Scritches to the pups, a smooch to Norman and a big hug to mom. ♥

  9. Yes, i remember 1972 but it seems like yesterday! I have some dr scholls sandals with wood soles. They were fine but when you walked you tended to kick yourself in the ankle. Ouch!

    1. Oooh, ooh, I had a pair of those (bright red) and you’re right and the bruises proved it! But I loved the toe bed and always thought they gave my think calves some great muscle tone.

    1. Oh yes, I remember guys getting curly perms back then too. Double gross.

  10. What a blast from the past! Gas prices were roughly .60 cents a gallon in ’74 and I STILL could barely afford filling up my gas tank then as a high school student struggling to save money for college! Still, managed to pay my own way through four years at UCD working at McDonald’s and KFC!

    1. I think it was easier back then. Less salary but needs & wants were tempered. Today they have a free for all mentality for just about everything. Good to hear from you, Cristina. Hope you are well.

    1. LOVED that song and used to belt it out as loud as I could around the house.

    1. Remember the gas wars when you could get it for $.22?! Those were the days. A full tank of gas, PLUS a vanilla coke with your burger & fries.

    1. True enough. Far too many of us have taken those days for granted. We’re too busy wanting more and paying for it on credit.

    1. There are no answers this time around, but the one thing for certain that we all can count on is your hashtag. 😡

    1. It sure brings things in perspective, doesn’t it? And makes even younger folks yearn for the good ole days.

        1. At least with those low salaries back then, you could afford the mortgage on an $11K house without having to sell your soul. Everyone wants more and are more than willing to finance it to get it even if they can’t really afford it.

          1. There is that. The disparity between earnings and cost of things is way wider today than then. We’ve had arguments with my sister’s father-in-law who tries to say that it’s proportionate. No effing way.

            1. It’s like comparing oranges to apples though. Back then we didn’t need multiple streaming services, cable, expensive healthcare that doesn’t cover much or other elements of technology. Things and times were simpler-technology has complicated our lives and charges a heavy toll both financially as well as emotionally.

              1. It really is.
                Technology has placed a rather heavy burden on us, when you think about it. Mind you, you and I would never have met 😉
                But even so. The cost of cars and houses ans grown exponentially and appliances, which were very expensive, were actually made to last 30 years so you more than got your money’s worth. Now? Nobody bothers having anything fixed because it’s cheaper to replace. What the hell is wrong with this scenario?

                  1. They really have. And boy is it hard to try and keep the old ones in this new world.
                    Hell, I saw a story on a guy who ordered Cirque du Soleil tickets but doesn’t have a Smartphone so he could not download the tickets. He had to go through hoops because at the other end, they couldn’t print any out. Seriously? That’s completely ridiculous.

  11. Well we’ve come a long way baby – and not necessarily in a fabulous direction! I think there have always been problems – it just seems to effect us more as we age…..!

    Hugs, Pam

  12. This does make you think! So easy to always think that things were so much better, but its more likeyou said, we just have traded problems over the years. The gas prices look great on here but can you imagine only getting paid $1.60 per hour for your job?
    Happy Wednesday Monika!

    1. That $1.60 an hour could pay for the $11K house without having to sell your soul to the devil. It’s all relative when you get to the bottom line.

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