Nature Friday ~ January 27, 2023

Greetings and welcome to Day 97 of Winter, Norman here. Before I share some of the sights around our Ranch, I wanted…{Elsa yelling from the other room} “Don’t forget, it was my idea!!”

Norman: Ahem…As I was about to say, before sharing what Nature has looked liked around the Ranch, I wanted to express my deepest gratitude to all the wonderful Gotcha Day wishes from all the readers. You made my day extra special and I appreciate it tremendously.

Norman: {continuing} Now, let’s get to the sharing part of this week’s episode of Nature Friday, shall we? As always, we’re joining the LLB Gang.

Elsa: Yeah, get on with it, Bucko. I got things to do to get ready for the weekend.

Norman: Oh dear, I’m afraid this might be harder than I had hoped with all these interruptions.

Elsa: You want interruptions…don’t get me started, pal. Why I oughta…

Norman: No need to get hostile, Ninja. As I mentioned earlier it seems like Winter has been around forever. After those hyacinths raised their heads up a tad recently (in case you missed it, click here), I was ever so hopeful we would be moving toward more temperate climes. Alas, that is not the case. All those “atmospheric rivers” plaguing the West Coast continue to move west and leave piles of the dreaded white stuff.

Elsa: What do you mean, dreaded? This stuff tastes great.


Norman: {Rolling his eyes} Oh for bloody sake…do I get to do this post or don’t I?

Elsa:  Sheesh, lighten up, ya pile of fur!

Norman:  So sorry, I don’t mean to sound so harsh. My bad. I just want to be able to deliver my post uninterrupted. {Clearing his throat…continues}. Well as you can see by Elsa’s pose, it snowed…again. I think that was maybe Day 92 of Winter. At any rate, our landscape remains monochromed. Not totally brown anymore but more like 99.99% white.

Snow scene

Elsa: Ooh, ooh {breathlessly interrupting}…did I tell you I saw some brown yesterday? I took a whiff of the afternoon breeze and caught the scent of bunny. Or maybe it was squirrel, I don’t know. Either way…something had definitely marched through my front garden and I had to check it out since I am the protector of the Ranch.

Snow & shadows

Norman: Ok, moving right along. You know that one downspout that tends to ice up the sidewalk and causes problems when we turn the corner heading back to the dog run? I noticed even you wiped out and your fleet feet are pretty stable.

Elsa: Yeah…once I recovered and got up on all my paws and looked around like “what the dog was that all about!”

Norman: Don’t feel badly. I biffed it there as well. Mum was quite concerned. Seniors like me don’t do well when we fall. She helped me up and slowly guided me so I wouldn’t fall again on the icy sidewalk. I mean, I had patients and staff to visit and being hurt wasn’t on the agenda that morning.

Elsa: I noticed she tried to remediate the situation by spreading some cat litter and it turned into a lovely, squishy, grey goop during the bit of melting that occurred between storms.

Norman: Don’t remind me. It was a bloody mess. Turns out cat litter is not much of a substitute for sand so she cleaned it up as best as she could and then picked some sand up last night in anticipation of the next round of weather expected to move into the area this weekend. She went on a walkabout yesterday afternoon and raved about a cholla cactus she saw. She said it was completely sparkly from its spines to the small icy chunks of snow on it. I looked at her picture and felt badly for her-seems as if winter has clearly pushed her over the edge. All I saw was something poking through the snow with sharp spines. It was hard to see where the spines ended and the clumps of ice began.


Norman: {Shivering} Some of you have admitted you haven’t taken down your Christmas decorations. Well fear not, you’re not alone. When it snowed the other day, Mum was going on and on about this house on her walk. Mum’s…the littlest things seem to amuse them, I just don’t get it. No tree, no decorations, no presents left at our house and she gets giddy about this fenceline.

Christmas decorations

Elsa: She was just captivated by the snow on the ribbon, that’s all. It’s just a human shortcoming to like stuff like that.

Norman: Well I don’t get it. Course I’m more focused on the flakes that keep making appearances and those slippery walkways.

Snowy scene

Norman: There are much better ways to deal with this weather pattern during all these endless days of Winter. For instance, having a good time with a fun toy. And if I can’t play with a toy inside where I’m warm, I enjoy making friends with a policeman and a couple of EMT’s  from Lakewood, CO. They were at the Emergency Department when I visited and they just couldn’t get enough of me. I did rather enjoy that.



Elsa: {clearing her throat} Well your pet therapy work is nice and all, but can I just remind you that it really isn’t “Nature-centric?”

Norman: Perhaps not, but how could I resist such a swell group of chaps on my Gotcha Day?

Elsa: Oh jeez. You are shameless, you know that, right?

Norman: I beg your pardon. I’m just trying to show everyone there’s more to life than just drab brown or crystal white in life. That’s all.

Elsa: W.h.a.t.e.v.e.r…let’s wrap it up, big guy.

Norman: Roger, dear sister. We both hope you have a pawsome weekend and are able to get outside and enjoy some of Nature.

Nature Friday

Live, love, bark! 🐾

51 thoughts on “Nature Friday ~ January 27, 2023

  1. You made us MOL about the ribbon, Norman and Elsa😹Sorry about your paw, we hope it feels better soon. We also had more snowfall than ever. It reminded Granny of her youth. We hope it’s getting warmer where you live, so no more slippery sliding anymore🙏We had a big smile on the last picture, you bring in the sunshine to effurryone, sweet doggie🌞Warm Pawkisses from us for all of you. Stay warm stay happy🐾😽💞

    1. Paw is all good now (doggone Mum made me wear that sock for days-argh). Not only is that ribbon still up but lots of Christmas decorations in our neighborhood are still up. I guess with all the snow, people don’t want to be out there taking decorations down-it’s too cold!
      Your fur-iends,
      Norman & Elsa 🐾

  2. Lulu: “Squishy grey goop? That sounds like something I might want to roll around in …”
    Java Bean: “Or maybe eat!”
    Charlee: “Bean, we keep telling you, kitty litter is not meant to be eaten.”
    Java Bean: “Esa es solo tu opinión.”
    Lulu: “We’re glad you’re okay after taking that spill on the ice, Norman! I fell off the bed once and hurt my backside and it was sore for a long time!”
    Chaplin: “Sounds like you need to learn to fall like a cat and land on your feet.”
    Lulu: “I would’ve landed on my feet if Dada hadn’t interfered by trying to catch me.”

    1. Free fall spills spell all kinds of danger for us canines. Mum ended up putting toe grips on me hoping it doesn’t happen again with the latest round of snow. Paws crossed.

  3. We have had NO SNOW yet this Winter……it’s weird…..we usually have had two or three decent snows (decent for us is still less than a foot!)…..and so far – ZIP other than a couple of stray flakes. Anyway, we think you were a big hit for your GOTCHA DAY at the Emergency Department – you’re smiling and the police and EMTs are smiling – that’s a WIN! Hope your paw is better by now……

    Hugs, Teddy

    1. Perhaps La Niña is keeping the storms to a minimum. I read somewhere that East Coast will likely receive less snow. Let’s hope things calm down across the country.

    1. Thanks Ellen. Norman is a natural, loving all he meets. His gentle spirit comforts both patients and their caretakers.

    1. We’ve definitely had more than our fair share of it. But it really is rather picturesque.

  4. Xena: Snow is everywhere! Wow! We don’t usually get any of that around here. Except maybe a light dusting. Me (Xena) and Chia could go out and play in it, but Chia has short legs and would probably get buried.
    Chia: Shut up about my short legs! Hey, I wanna be a therapy dog, I wanna be a therapy dog, I wanna be a therapy dog…
    Lucy: You’re a senior, Norman? You sure do still look real young. *wags*

    1. Aww, thanks, sweet Lucy. Yes, I’m not a spring chicken anymore but still have loads of live in me. I can’t imagine Chia getting buried. She’s spring out of any snow piles, I just know it. Enjoy your weekend, friends.

  5. Sounds like another round of great adventures for Norman and Elsa, although celebrating gotcha day with first responders seems a little more exciting than eating snow!

  6. Norman – you just cheered me up! This was a rough week in the office. Then when I read about Jakey from the LLB gang that broke my heart. Have a great weekend you 3!
    Cheers from Susan and my little buddy Alex.

    1. You’re so right, that was very sad news. Glad I was able to put a smile on your face despite it being a tough week. Hope the weekend makes up for the sad news.

  7. You guys should have your own show! You’re way more entertaining and informative than most of the stuff that’s going on out there in TV Land. Just something to think about kiddos. . .

    And umm . . . my Christmas tree is still up.

    Happy Weekend

    1. Thank you. We love hearing folks still have their Christmas trees up! If it’s Christmasy weather we might as well have something festive to take the edge of the lousy weather, right? 😉 Have a swell weekend.

  8. I didn’t realize the snow had iced over in the sun, and Milo tried to go out to pee and slid across the yard. He hates his really fine boots that protect and give him traction. Norman is so cute and caring. Love the pic with the emerg. guys. Elsa you can eat the fluff without urping? Milo urps about 30 seconds after snow eating

    1. Elsa seems to have a cast iron stomach. She LOVES, LOVES, LOVES eating snow. Much to Mum’s chagrin. Stay warm this next week-it’s gonna be brutal.

        1. Her preference seems to be the fresh stuff although she seemed to ignore this morning’s latest accumulation. Perhaps the single digits ‘encouraged’ her to do her business and rush back inside where it’s warmer. Happy Sunday.

  9. Mew mew mew Sweet Norman lookss like you an Elsa an Miss Monika are inn deep Winter there!! Wee have 5 or so inchess of snow here an furry chilley!
    That Cactus iss so weerd an kewl lookin at same time…maybee youss’ shuud rap a scarf ’round it to keep it warm!!
    An due bee carefull an not ‘wipe out’ on yore walkiess deer frendss!!!
    Miss Monika mee reememburrss last yeer BellaSita used kitty littur on our patio… was not furry effective at all an wee two, had a Grate Goopy Mess!
    Merry Catmass…what??? Mee iss feelin festive!
    ***paw kissess*** an ~~~head rubss~~~BellaDharma an {{{huggiess}}} BellaSita Mum

    1. We can guarantee we’re not getting remotely close to that cactus. Those spines are long and pointy and just scream…DANGER! Yeah, we were kind of surprised about the cat litter. We were hoping it would clump, not turn to mush. Oh well, lesson learned!

  10. You two are so entertaining. I’m glad the cactus was exposed to spare you any mishaps. Love the photo with the EMTs. Happy weekend to you two and your biped. ❤️🐾

    1. Thank you, Miss Paulette. My sister needs to learn to stop interrupting her elders. That cactus has more than doubled in size over this year and Mum was quite surprised it was even above the snow. But we’re all glad it’s visible…none of us would like to step on something like that! Have a lovely weekend and stay warm.

  11. Elsa & Norman, a lovely Nature Friday. Staying upright is always a priority for you and your Mum during the winter, so do take great care when out and about. I too was happy your Mum graced us with that cholla catcus image, because we don’t have them around here and they looked pretty in the snow and ice. Norman, glad to see you made some new friends on your visit, and also glad your sore was covered up nicely by your Mum. Have a great weekend!

    1. Thank you, kind sir. Thank you for swinging by; we hope your weekend isn’t as cold as ours will be and there will be only pics of cactus, not the actual plants-they’re not friendly one bit!

    1. Yeah, we’re not very keen on more of that, you can be assured. And here we thought the Stock Show weather had gone away. Guess we’d better make sure all our sweaters are clean because they’ll be getting a workout. Stay safe and warm and give your furries an extra ear rub from us.

    1. Thanks, John. It’s not too bad but Mum is overly cautious and I tend to lick my paws with the slightest little boo-boo. Have a great weekend.

    1. It’s in a separate garden with other cactuses (cacti?). We figure NO ONE goes in it and for good reason. We hope you have a lovely weekend.

  12. What a wonderful tour and I am so sorry you slipped on the ice. That is never fun! I have to agree with your Mum, though. That cholla with the ice and snow is really pretty.
    And, say, Norman, what’s with the one sock? Is it for a special reason? Should I worry?
    Happy Weekend to you and all the gang at the ranch!

    1. Thanks. Luckily I didn’t get hurt falling on the ice. That sock is my best impression of Michael Jackson. Bwahahaha. Seriously I have a small sore on the inner pad and Mum wanted to protect it from the toms of mag-chloride the hospital pour on sidewalks. It may keep peeps safe but it’s havoc on us therapy dogs’ paws. Have a great weekend.

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