Nature Friday ~ April 14, 2023

Elsa & NormanWelcome to Friday, mates. Norman here along with my sister Elsa ready to share a few slices of  Nature around us. As always, we’re joining Rosy and Sunny from the LLB life. Don’t forget to click on the link to see what others have shared.

Elsa: Come onnnnnn, dude….ROAD TRIP.

Norman: Patience little one. Let me set the scene before you go sharing pics, okay?

Elsa: Jeez, you’re so prickly about procedure. Just get on with it, will you?

Norman: Ahem…as I was about to say before your interjection, we took a trip to visit with Mum’s Dad. Her sister from Maryland also came to visit so we had a nice family visit for Easter. Needless to say, we received lots of ear rubs and “Atta boy’s.”

Elsa: And “Atta girl’s.” Don’t forget I get lots of attention too, dog breath!

Norman: Yes, yes, of course, there were lots of “good dog” accolades all around. Now may I continue without further interruption?

Elsa: Sheesh, you’re kinda grumpy today. But do go on, brother dear.

Norman: {eyes rolling} As I was saying, we drove down to Southern Colorado but not before Mum got together with her friend from the new sheepdog rescue to discuss some fundraising business. They had a long conference call with someone who knows fundraising techniques that could be helpful to the rescue and hope to make more progress on fundraising future efforts. After their call, they decided to take a rejuvenating break and walk around the small lake across the street. It’s like a little oasis in the city. They took a quick walk around it on what was a beautiful day and the view of snow-capped mountains on the horizon was just what Mum needed to clear her head.

Snow capped mountain

Elsa: That is a gorgeous sight. But what Mom encountered around the lake…well I can’t stop giggling. I mean, look at this pups whose owner may be a ‘tad’ paranoid about wildlife encounters. She was even carrying a wedge golf club with her.

Dog with coyote vest

Norman: I’ll leave it to you to decide which would be more scary, seeing this or the golf club on a walk. Even though I’m a big dog and could likely frighten off any potential coyote, I don’t think Mum would walk us in an area where a pup might be snatched to begin with, and would likely just walk us on the sidewalk near houses. But that’s just me.

Elsa: {giggling hysterically} Oh my dog…I can’t catch my breath I’m laughing so hard. I guess there’s truth to the adage “it takes all kinds.”

Norman: Now, now, sister, no aspersions, okay? Not everyone is as…hmm…how shall I put this…brave as you are.

Elsa: Doggone straight, bucko. And don’t you forget it!

Norman: Moving right along. When you look around the lake (which by the way, is very low these days-much as it pains me to say this…we need moisture in the worst way), you can see lots of dried, crunchy vegetation that probably is wildlife’s  habitat. Mum saw a few birds along with other signs of wildlife traipsing through the area, providing water and cover to all the wildlife. Mum herself has seen a coyote on the other side of the park once when she drove by.


Elsa: By the time we arrived in Southern Colorado and got settled in, we marveled at the quiet plains and beautiful sunset which is so different from our city life.


Norman: It sure is a wonderful place to visit and not just for all the attention we receive. Just look at that sunset.

Elsa: You’re so right, brother. The sunsets ARE beautiful. No wonder it’s called “Colorful Colorado.” And the sunrises are very similar…ahem…when you actually get your butt out of bed and check them out when we go say good morning to the neighbors across the road.

Horses and donkeys

Norman: Hey, don’t look at me as the cause of us not getting out there to see the colorful sunrise which you can still see a glimpse off in the distance. Mum said it was a bit crisp for my old bones when it was brightly appearing.

Elsa: Those four-legged creatures sure were interested in you and they seemed pretty friendly.

Norman: I visit them every time I’m there, so yes, we’re old friends. I noticed you play bowed, wagged your tail and started bouncing around like you wanted to play with them. They do better when we’re not making sudden moves.

Elsa: Sorry, I couldn’t help it…I was so jazzed to see dogs even bigger than you!

Norman: Umm, dear sister, those weren’t dogs-they’re horses and donkeys, for the record.

Elsa: Whatever, I just wanted to play with them. Mom was afraid I’d start my play bark and at 6:30 in the morning, we thought people sleeping in might not appreciate my enthusiasm.

Norman: I don’t think people care for barking dogs at livestock any time of day. Just saying.

Elsa: Sometimes people can be such killjoys. But at least it was a good trip and I’m excited we will get to go back again in a couple of weeks.

Norman: Yes, we will be going back and will scope out more signs of Mother Nature when we do. Once we drove back home after a few days, Mum noticed signs of spring in our neighborhood.


Elsa: Those flowering Phlox sure were a shock of color but I’m partial to this little fairy house scene with a fabulous smelling Hyacinth. Oh man, was it ever fragrant, even if it didn’t have any horses or donkeys.


Norman: I don’t think the neighbors would be all that keen on the barnyard scents in the city but you’re right, Hyacinths are quite fragrant and that gorgeous royal purple color is just spot on beautiful. Well sister, that’s about it for this week. We hope our readers will get out and enjoy Nature of all kinds this weekend.

Elsa: You’re right, dude. Time for us to hit the road again. Next time though I get to choose the playlist. While the 70’s and 80’s music was ok, but I was hoping for more hip hop if I have to lay next to you in the back seat.

Norman: Best to cool your jets, Ninja. It’ll be next week when we’re on the road again. Until then, you’ll have to simmer down and enjoy urban Nature in the meantime. Cheerio and let’s hope we get some measurable rain later today and not just a cool front.

Elsa: {voice trailing as she bounces into the other end of the house} Pip, pip you ginormous bag of fur. I’ll race you to the toy box!

Nature Friday

Live, love, bark! 🐾

44 thoughts on “Nature Friday ~ April 14, 2023

  1. Beautiful pictures!
    That tiny dog wearing/carrying such a huge and likely heavy harness made me feel sad for it.
    Loved seeing the ‘big pups’, too! And a calf!!!They can be curious about their surroundings.
    There are a few on a hobby farm nearby to us, and they will come right up to the fence to investigate me as an intruder…when I go walking that way.

    1. The area where my Dad lives has lots of dogs, but nothing that looks remotely like Norman so he must be quite the curiosity. The same could be said about the donkeys in Norman’s mind. LOL

  2. I have to say, I’ve never seen a contraption like that before. Where’s the pleasure in going out for a walk if you’re that afraid. It takes all sorts, I guess.

    1. Our Mom had never seen anything like it either. She just thought if you’re that worried about your little dog getting snatched, why not walk in an area that doesn’t have a coyote threat? People are sure weird aren’t they?

  3. THE Flox are so so PINK an purrty! An THE Hyacinth are so purpley an purrty!!!
    Beeuteefull sunirsess an sunsetss….
    Yore livin yore best livess there Sweet Norman an Elsa!!!
    Wee have nothin here….sweet nothin….so wee toetally enjoy yore fotoss!
    Have a wunderfull weekend there….
    ***nose bopss*** BellaDharma an {{{hugss}}} BellaSita Mum

    1. Thank you. Spring is the season of renewal and no matter who many times we see those blooming flowers, they make us smile, especially after a long winter.

      1. Agreed Miss Monika…..aftur wee had that 6 feet snow storm an more snow an more…..wee sort thott wee lived inn Narnia…. iss nice to see green an flowerss again……well grass an wildflowerss inn grass so far! No flowerss bloomin heer yet…….

        1. Flowers are such a nice way to reconnect with Mother Earth especially after that much snow.

  4. Lucy: Elsa, we’re so glad you’re feeling playful. We bet you would give Chia a run for the money!
    Chia: I don’t run for money. I will run for treats. Or varmints.
    Xena: I think those farm animals look scary. I’d rather stay in my own yard, just like Toto.

    1. We thought that anti-coyote harness was overkill. Especially when considering safe residential streets being close enough for walkies.

    1. Many thanks, Ann. Their dialogues reflect their personalities to a tee. 🤣

  5. Happy Saturday!! Geez, what a weird getup, especially on a small pup! The Z Kids would NEVER let me put it on them! I kinda think that thing would be scarier than a golf club, but maybe not.

    Love all the other photos tho! And I love the conversations between Elsa and Norman…they are always so much fun to read!!

    Hope the fundraising ideas help!!!

    1. Thanks. That get-up seemed ridiculous to me and with my two dervishes, I’d likely take out an eye or something. Sure it makes sense to protect your dog, but it seems more prudent to walk in an area that you consider safe. Clearly somebody has fear issues that work well for marketers. That golf club was enormous too. Good grief 🙄

  6. Sounds like a really FUN trip! Interesting choice of a “protection device” that lady with the wild-haired spiked up pup had – a golf club? OUCH! Beautiful photos of things you saw on your trip.and the blue hyacinths around your neighborhood are GORGEOUS!!!!

    Huggies, Teddy

    1. Thanks, Teddy. Yes that harness was more than odd looking. It was a good trip for all of us and we’re all looking forward to going back next weekend. A day of showers yesterday should make the spring bulbs really start popping. Hurrah!

  7. I am giggling too, Elsa. And Norm I think the golfclub is scarier! 😄
    Lovely sunset and Phlox are always pretty. Happy weekend to all of you! ❤ and may the coyotes stay away!

  8. Mentioned this to Annabell and her comment was ” Southern Colorado! That’s Joe Kenda country” I did mention the category 5 Cyclone that hit Western Australia and I suggested that we would get some of the rain and we did. Poured down all last night and into this morning. It’s not raining now, but the sky looks a tad dark so we might be in for more today. Great post guys and gals ( am I still allowed to use those terms?) Loved the horses.

    1. Thanks John. Actually Joe Kenda moved to Virginia in 2017 from Colorado Springs which is about 48 miles north of my Dad’s house. We received a bit of rain today and even some wet snow. The temperatures have hovered around 40F (4C) so a bit chilly. Should be warming up again tomorrow. Good ole Springtime in the Rockies! Hope you, Annabell, and Benji have a great weekend. Stay dry if you can!

      1. I’ll have to pass that information on to Annabell. Dry thus far today but it’s only 3 pm so the day is still young and the clouds are still dark.

        1. We were fortunate to receive a nice showery day with intermittent snow showers but no accumulation. It was chilly though. Not sad about the moisture (though Norman may beg to differ); we desperately needed it. The weeds in particular were very happy-they literally grew overnight!

  9. Elsa & Norman, sounds like you had a pretty good road trip overall. Your Mom’s reference to those harnesses seeming to be from a Mad Max movie had me lol. So true. And if you gotta bring a golf club, do you go with an iron or a wood? Decisions, decisions. Anyway…you all get your rain dance on and have a great weekend!

    1. That golf club was one bad looking wedge. Scary weapon. Our mom just shook her head. Have a swell weekend.

    1. Knowing our mom, she’d probably injure herself trying to put one on us. 😆 Enjoy a terrific weekend.

  10. What a nice outing and beautiful photos. Tell your mom I wish her lots of good luck and success with the fundraiser. ❤️🐾

    1. Thanks so much for the kind comment. We’re hoping to write a grant to give us a boost with the startup. Wish us luck-have a terrific weekend.

    1. The landscape is remarkable. While our Mom loves the mountains, she has a special place in her heart for the Great Plains. The vistas can be quite amazing.

    1. Bwahahaha! We’d love to see a pic of that. Best wishes for a ‘wagnificent’ spring weekend.

  11. That anti coyote garb was really something…..and she had a golf club too? Her canine must be very tolerant!
    Let’s hope the fundraising ideas work well and that, having had one road trip you enjoy the next one too – whoever gets the choice of music.

    1. The dogs (there was another one with them) were as nervous as she was. It’s painful to see peeps carry that much fear around with them. Those harnesses seemed like something from a Mad Max movie. Have a great weekend.

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