Nature Friday ~ October 20, 2023

Elsa: {softly speaking} Psst…Mom, oh Mom…time to wake up.

The Mom: 💤 Huh, wha…where am I?

Elsa: Hiya…boy you were out of it! Were you dreaming?

The Mom: Yeah, I guess I was. Weird dream, too. What time is it?

Elsa: Well it’s time to get up. We’ve got stuff to do, lady. Chop, chop.

The Mom: {yawning and stretching} Uh…just a little bit longer, ok?

Elsa: {SCREAMING} Nope, time to get up. Now! As we always do on Friday’s, we are joining our pals, Rosy and Sunny from LLB in Our Backyard. Don’t forget to click on the link to see what else has been shared.

The Mom: You’re being a little overly harsh today. I’m still tired.

Elsa: Well , you shouldn’t stay up late watching a hockey, game Mom. People are counting on me. Come on…let’s get rolling!!

The Mom: Ugh…I’m so exhausted. Yesterday was such a busy day, you know I walked over 10 miles, right? I need to recuperate.

Elsa: No can do, Chica. Time to get rolling. Sorry. I know you walked forever yesterday and losing your phone certainly didn’t help when you had to retrace your steps during the warmest part of the day. While we didn’t set a temperature record, we weren’t all that far off. What’s up with these 80+ºF  degree days? I thought this was supposed to be the time for mild autumn days.

The Mom: {sleepily} Yeah…just a couple more days, {yawning again} then just before Halloween we’ll likely get some moisture, it might even be the white kind.

Elsa: Hmm, good point, it IS that time of year where Nature likes to screw mess with Trick-or-Treaters. But let’s not focus on that…let’s see what we’ve got to share with my readers. I mean, after all, there was an eclipse last weekend for crying out loud. People wanna see the pics. I mean, while you didn’t have the special glasses with you, we did see some wild and crazy shadows. What’s the skinny on those?
EclipseThe Mom: Those were fascinating, weren’t they? Did you know those crescent-shaped shadows are the result of various rays of light passing through to the ground. Only some rays at a certain angle can make it through and those that do are little crescent shapes of the eclipse itself as the Moon passes in front of the Sun. These donut-shaped shadows are the result of the “ring of fire” peak during the eclipse. How cool is that?!

Elsa: They kinda made me dizzy. I was lucky I didn’t have a seizure since eclipses can trigger seizure activity in a lot of us epileptics.

The Mom: Yes, I’m particular grateful. I had completely forgotten about the time when we left for our morning walk. People all along our way were watching it but I made sure not to look up it since I didn’t have any safety glasses.

Elsa: Right and then a couple of hours later you needed to skedaddle over to the hospital for their annual Fall Festival. Sure glad you didn’t take me-I hate dressing up in costume.

The Mom: I know sweetie and figured it was one less stressor you needed. Yes, I popped over there for a quick appearance. The event wasn’t nearly as big as it’s been in years when I took Sam and Norman and it made me very sad recalling those past years when they ‘pawticipated’ in the annual pet therapy parade to start off the festivities. It just wasn’t the same for me. I did however see a cool pup and talked with his Dad about considering joining pet therapy, a St. Bernard ‘puppy’ whose name was Crush and who was a BIG boy at that-145 pounds! Unfortunately he was only 16 months old and therefore not quite eligible according to our age rules (dogs must be 2 years old) but he’ll make a welcome addition when he is old enough. He was adorably sweet. Just look at that smile!
St. Bernard puppy

Elsa: Hubba, bubba…he really was a handsome boy.

The Mom: Indeed he was. It was a bittersweet time for me and because the replacement fridge was being delivered later, I didn’t stay long. Now there’s a story I don’t want to ever have to live through again. All I can say is buying major appliances is not an exercise in fun. At all!

Elsa: Yeah, you seemed pretty stressed. Luckily your son, my uncle Kevin, was able to save the day and gave me lots of nice ear scritches while he helped you out with getting the water line issues resolved. He’s a real lifesaver and a favorite peep of mine.

The Mom: Yeah, I’m so very lucky he lives in town and is able to help me with maintenance things around the house. So what else would you like to share this week?

Elsa: Well, how about pics from your crazy trip to Sloan’s Lake yesterday when you left your phone at the Target store across the street? Autumn sure is starting to be quite evident in some places and yet others, it’s barely registering.

The Mom: True enough. A stroll past these three trees lined up next to one another pretty much shows the various stages of leaves changing colors in the 303. I couldn’t have ordered up anything prettier. Green, gold, orange-the colors of Autumn.

Trees changing colors

Elsa: There are a bunch of trees that are still green and their leaves will likely just fall off before they change colors. It’s been a weird year for leaves changing in the city.

The Mom: You got that right! But it’s been interesting watching them and other plants as they prepare for the next season. Just look at this seeding milkweed pod. It sparkled in the autumn sunlight.


Elsa: Whoa…it looks like some kind of cotton ball! Only it’s not that soft.

The Mom: Yeah, I was surprised it’s not nearly as soft as it looks. Still, it’s pretty cool and if those seeds germinate, there’ll be plenty of nectar for Swallowtail butterflies next Spring.

Elsa: I noticed the reflections on Sloan’s Lake were pretty cool even if you may have been exhausted from all the miles you logged retracing your steps to find your cell phone.

Sloan's Lake

The Mom: Even the skyline casted reflections on the lake.

Sloan's Lake

Elsa: It sure was a beautiful day for a walk, even if it was much longer than you had originally planned on taking. I noticed  neighborhood Skellie-central changed out their scene again. Gotta give them loads of props for their cleverness. This week’s theme is a take off of the Barbie Movie phenomena. I don’t see you making all those changes.


The Mom:  Yeah, Barbie and Ken go to the beach. You’re right, I wouldn’t have the patience to dress and arrange all those skeletons (nor the bank account to buy them or store them) but I will admit, they do make me smile whenever I walk by.

Elsa: Me too, Mom. You humans sure are weird, but funny. So what’s on tap for this weekend? Got any fun plans? Whatever you do, we hope you’ll get out there and enjoy some of the beauty Nature is sharing before she turns nasty.

The Mom: Yes, I’m going to the first of the season holiday craft fairs but we hope you make check out the changing colors and see what Nature offers. Have a great weekend.

Nature Friday

Live, love, bark! 🐾

45 thoughts on “Nature Friday ~ October 20, 2023

  1. Oh how I miss living in beautiful Colorado. Fabulous post! Made me laugh. And yes, love Skeleton decor but my oh my, the expense…storage and, here in Florida, the high winds! Forget about it! Have a fab weekend!

    1. Hi Cristina, nice of you to drop by. Yedah,, the expense and storage of those things is just too much for me. At this stage of my life, it’s more important to get rid of stuff and accumulate more. I don’t need to manage stuff! Have a great weekend; the cold front moved in and wow…what a shock to the system. 27ºF glorious skimpy degrees this morning and colder tomorrow with only a dusting of snow, you can definitely see how Nature likes to screw up Halloween. LOL Stay well and thanks again for swinging by.

  2. Lulu: “Wow, 145 pounds?! Crush is bigger than all of us put together!”
    Java Bean: “Ayyy, sí, he is, but he is not as big as those giant skeletons!”
    Charlee: “Those eclipse shadows are fascinating. Dada is sorry he forgot all about it until well after it was over!”

    1. He’s bigger than me, guys. And at ‘only’ 16 months old, he still has some growing to do. Yikes!

    1. Thank you. Didn’t have the glasses but when you’ve got lemons, you make lemonade, right? 😆

  3. Guud Greef Miss Monika you walked 10 miless?? Whew! An losed yore fone? An found it rite?
    An a new Fridge an havin issuess an WOW! You still managed to get sum speck-taculur fotoss!!!
    THE 3 treess iss a kewl foto. All our treess have golden an red an orangey leevess. With so much rain; they not fallin off treess??? Weerd rite Elsa?
    An that CRUSH iss two ADOORBSS fore werdss…..mew mew mew……
    Sloan Lake lookss so lovelee. An that Milkyweed Pod iss purrty. When BellaSita used to go out fore walkss by THE River shee wuud allwayss open podss to let THE seedss escape!
    Wish wee had sum of those plantss heer.
    Wishin both of youss’ a guud an peecefull week.
    <3 an **nose bopss** BellaDharma an <3 an {{{huggiess}}} BellaSita Mum

    1. Thanks sweet kitty and Mum. I normally walk between 5-7 miles but having to backtrack to retrieve the phone added so
      much extra mileage. Wouldn’t have been so bad if it hadn’t been so toasty out. All’s well that ends well, right?

      Our weather will cool down this week and then the leaves will really start to turn. Have a good week!

      1. EEEKKKK!! Wee furgot to meow how KEWL THE half moon ‘ringss of fire’ foto iss Miss Monika!!! Very kewl visual.
        An wee sorry you had to back track fore fone….you are one strong Hu’man Miss Monika….
        Our weather has been kewler an it iss nice AS LONG AS IT DOES NOT RAIN! 😉

    1. Hallelujah, am I right or what on the cool front coming through?! 😉
      Your fur-iend,
      Elsa 🐾

  4. It sounds like someone’s Mom has been busy lately! 🙂 We’ve got rain all weekend here. Even with the dreariness we’ve got some pretty autumn colors here and there which helps cheer things up a bit!

    1. Yes, she’s been way over scheduled lately…that’s for sure. We’re glad the temps will be dropping and hope there’s some moisture to go with the cooler temps.

  5. Crush is a real cutie and that’s saying something for a CAT to think a DOG is a cutie! I also agree with Elsa that humans are weird….oh boy do I agree. The photos are beautiful – Fall is such a pretty time of the year and I’m having fun playing in the piles of leaves. WHEEEE!

    Hugs, Teddy

    1. He was a real sweetheart and loved all the attention his striking self received. Enjoy those leaves this weekend, Teddy!

    1. Thanks. The eclipse was made by a remarkable artist. 😉 We definitely enjoy those skellies-they are always entertaining.

  6. It’s nice to see fall behave like . . . well, fall!

    And what’s this? Elsa has a crush going on?

    THAT is one tall @ss pair of skeletons, tell you what. And I hope you have a great time at the fair Monika.

    1. Thanks, Marc. I think they had to build a separate shed just for the two + dozen skellies! Am looking forward to the craft fair. I missed it last year and it’s supposed to be really good. 🤞🏻🤞🏻

  7. Did you hear Petcretary’s loud LOL!! She was dressed up sort of like the smelly with the pink leg warmers and tutu last night at her work for a ‘theme day’. Those sj=kelly peeps must have heard about it. Sorry, she didn’t take any pics…now *that* would have made all of blogville go LOL!

    Those eclipse shadows are amazing!
    Your fall images are so beautiful!
    So is that sweet pup! Thanks Elsa for your report…and tell your Mom to keep her phone in her pocket when she’s not taking a picture, BOL!! (Same for ours…)

    1. Thanks. Trust me, she always has it in her pocket EXCEPT when she goes potty-she’s alway afraid it’ll fall in!

      I know both Mom and me would have paid good money to see your Petcretary in that costume. Glad it was her and not me! 😆

    1. It’s been crystal blue skies all week with few clouds. We’re lucky I guess though a shower would be most welcome. Have a swell weekend.

  8. Love the skeletons but we would never have the money to buy them or places to store them either. Mom lost her phone on a walk in June. She was terrified. Bailie was with her, so they started retracing the previous walk and thankfully found it in the grass just a few blocks into the what would have been 3 mile walk. Very lucky. The only thing Mom could think of was she needed to call someone to help but without a phone, no go. Enjoy your fall colors and have a fun weekend!

    1. Eek…that would have been terrifying to lose her phone on a walk. I shudder to think how she would have reacted. Luckily she knew where it was and could only hope someone didn’t waltz off with it. That some kind person turned it in renewed her faith in people.

      We don’t understand how people spend so much money on all those skeletons but confess we enjoy seeing them every day. Have a super weekend!

  9. What a lovely post, even if you were forced to participate. Give Mum a break, will ya, Elsa?
    I just love your Skellie neighbours. I wonder if one of the members of the family sews? That would cut costs a bit, no? Jeez.
    Have a fantabulous weekend!

    1. Thanks Miss Dale. Don’t think they sew-all their clothes seem purchased. 😵 Still we sure enjoy the changing scenes. Have a great weekend.

    1. Many thanks, John. I love walking to Sloan’s Lake-it’s so beautiful but walking walking as far as I had to retrieve the phone was a bit much in the warm temps. Still when I look at the skyline and the beautiful autumn leaves, I can’t help but smile with gratitude that I live so close to such a divine place. Enjoy a pleasant weekend.

        1. I think I’d have sold my soul to the devil for a bike. Walking uphill in the mid-80’s ain’t my idea of a fun time. Especially not twice!

  10. Omg last week I left my license and credit cards at walmart! I’m kind of relieved that I am not the only one, although I wouldn’t wish that on anyone! Sloan lake is beautiful! And I love the st bernard puppy. They are such nice dogs.

    1. It’s one of the most terrifying scenarios ever. I was lucky-some kind soul turned it in. Normally she doesn’t use public bathrooms but had drunk so much water walking there she needed to. I doubt she’ll make that mistake again any time soon. Crush was a such a sweetheart, even if he was ginormous! 😊

    1. He was the sweetest, softest Saint I’ve ever encountered. And a big time leaner. 🤣

    1. Isn’t he a handsome boy? Just needs a bit more settling down. He was such a love bug leaner. Have a pawsome Fri-Yay.

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