Nature Friday ~ October 27, 2023


Well, well, well…lo and behold…it’s  Friday. Elsa here, your intrepid blogging queen with another episode of Nature Friday where we join our New Mexico pals, Rosy and Sunny from LLB in Our Backyard. Don’t forget to click on the link to see what else has been shared.

Elsa: It’s been one of those beautiful autumn weeks with mild temps, blue-bird and cloudless skies and then Nature sent out a memo now that autumn isn’t going to last forever and to get your affairs in order. All our walks have been punctuated with the sound of psst as sprinkling systems were getting shut down.

The Mom:  Right. Last night’s freeze was a rather rude awakening, wasn’t it?

Elsa: Sheesh…rude doesn’t begin to cover it. Even with my luxurious furs, I can tell you straight up that I won’t mind wearing a coat on the morning walk. And the forecast of 1-3″ of white stuff for the weekend with highs in the 30’s…yikes! Oh sure the changing leaves have been terrific, at least the trees received and actually read the memo that ‘things be a-changing,’ but what’s up with all the roses in bloom right now? Oh sure, I expect mums to be blooming this time of year, but what the dog are the roses doing by giving nature the middle thorn and blooming all over the place?

The Mom: {interrupting} Excuse me…middle thorn??

Elsa: Yes, I was being metaphorical.

The Mom: Well, let’s not be quite as crudely metaphorical in the future okay, kiddo?

Elsa: There you go again, harshing on my mellow. As I was saying before you crushed my flow, there have been ooodles of leaves that have turned and started their annual drop although these looked like apple slices to me.


The Mom: Yeah, wasn’t it fun to walk through them? Crunch, crunch, crunch {squealing with delight}.

Elsa: Umm, yeah, no. You may enjoy that crunching but I’m barefooted, or did you forget?

The Mom: Oops, I hadn’t really thought about it from that perspective. Sorry..

Elsa: Well I will concede the ash trees have been pretty amazing-they always are but I still don’t like to walk on their fallen leaves.

Ash tree

The Mom: Considering how bizarre the autumn weather has been, the ash trees really have been pretty colorful. Too many of the maples and elms have just turned brown around the edges and will, no doubt be on the ground once the snow arrives. I noticed this spruce tree where fallen leaves ‘decorated’ the boughs like it was some sort of Christmas tree all dressed up. I’d never seen a leaf garland like that before.

Spruce tree and leaves

Elsa: Nice, but did you get a good look at that ornamental plum we passed by? I almost needed sunglasses it was so bright and colorful. The light was just amazing.

Plum tree

The Mom: Yes, I stopped dead in my tracks because of that beautiful color.

Elsa:  Trust me, I did notice that. There I was happily sniffing through the leaves and {imitating screeching brakes} you just froze. You know our walks are for my olfactory pleasure not for your visual delight.

The Mom: Oh, excuse me. I just got caught up in the moment. Sorry.

Elsa: Ok, just this time. So can you explain why all the roses are going bonkers blooming? For a summer flower, I guess these guys decided to go down in a blaze of beauty. I sure hope Miss Rosy likes these babies.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The Mom: They sure caught my eye too. But nothing like what I saw in the dog run. I saw these weird, swirly tracks in the dirt and couldn’t for the life of me, figure out what or who left them, and then I found the source. A big worm made them. I moved him back toward where he started out because he was quite a bit away from the initial swirls for that picture, before relocating him permanently.

Elsa: I think he was stoned or worse, high-neither one of us could make any sense out of his path or those swirls. Then again, maybe he just was trying to stay dry after a light shower we received but I’m no worm expert. I’m glad you ended up gently placing him in the front garden to hide in the mulch-maybe he’ll do some aerating before the cold/snow gets him. I think I’m going to name him Jake. Yup, Jake, the Snake…er, worm.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The Mom: I have my paws crossed for him too. You’ve named him, I see. Oh brother.

Elsa: Doesn’t everyone deserve a name? I mean you named the mouse that lives in the compost bin.

The Mom: {stuttering} Er, umm, well okay, maybe we’ll keep our eyes open for ‘Jake’ in the future.

Elsa: Thought you’d see it my way. So I noticed you were going through the box that houses the dog costumes and hats. I know Halloween is next week. You weren’t thinking of dressing me up now, were you?

The Mom: Umm, me? Uh, probably not.

Elsa: Yeah…I heard you giggling as you found some of the stuff you used to dress up Norman and Sam. Please, I beg of you…don’t do it. No self-respecting poodle wants to be dressed up like that. I’ll be the laughing stock of Blogville and I’ll look ridiculous and be totally humiliated.

The Mom: {innocently whistling while looking the other way} Umm, I’ll think about it.

Elsa: Mom, please, I’m begging you {making sad puppy dog eyes…desperately pleading}. People will think I’m a sell-out.

The Mom: You worry too much. {changing the subject} So…got any plans for the weekend, Ninja?

Elsa: With the snow and temps in the 30’s? Umm, yeah, lots of cozy naps while this storm blows over. I’m no ordinary fool. Throw in couple of toys for a good old fashioned chew-fest and I’ll be good.


The Mom: Well whatever you do, we both hope you manage to enjoy whatever Nature has in store for your region. Make it a great weekend.

Elsa: Yeah, what Mom said.

Nature Friday

Live, love, bark! 🐾

51 thoughts on “Nature Friday ~ October 27, 2023

  1. We think Jake was writing in hieroglyphics. Get an Egyptian in to decode it. X*wags* Riley
    Those roses for Rosy sure are pretty! She’ll like them a lot. And I sure hope Mommy doesn’t find our skunk costumes. XOX Xena
    Hey Elsa, wanna play? XOXOXOX Chia

    1. Hieroglyphics…yes, that’s it! I’ll put out some feelers on Next Door to see if anyone can tell me what he wrote in my dog run. Thanks, Riley.

      Glad you liked the roses-I guess they just needed to shine after being battered early in the summer. Too bad they waited until now when the weather is changing to make appearances.

      Chia…I think you and I would likely have quite a rousing play session. Mom’s not quite sure, let’s just say, it would likely be ‘interesting.’ 😊

  2. Mew mew mew ‘harshin yore mellow’ iss heelareeus Elsa…..mee herd Mistur Charlie on Tee V meow that an BellaSita giggelled alot….
    So where due wee start? THE Rosess are simplee amazin!!! Rosy will bee thrilled seein all of them.
    An THE Ornymental Plum iss purrty speck-taculur two.
    An Jake THE Werm iss kewl……BellaSita pickss wermss up heer an putss them inn our wee garden. Shee does not like THE feel of them butt shee dows not want any harm to them…..
    Our treess had furabuluss colorss til Furiday. Then it was like sumone flipped a switch an leevess fallen efurrywhere…….
    It sure has been a funny-odd Autumm hasn’t it Miss Monika an Elsa?
    ~~~head rubss~~~BellaDharma~~~ an {{{huggiess}}} BellaSita Mum

    1. ‘Odd’ is one way of describing autumn this year. The weekend’s snow storm definitely did a number on lots of leaves. The Catalpa tree started dropping them like crazy!

    1. Thanks. I’d never seen a garland like that before on evergreen trees. Thought is was kind of pretty. Oh yes, 50ºF changes are not uncommon here but I can say this morning’s 27ºF was more than a shock! Even Elsa looked at me as if to say, “are you insane?” LOL Have a wonderful weekend.

    1. The timing is normal for us-it almost always snows around Halloween, but a 50ºF change in temps…not so much. So far only a trace has fallen with no accumulation, but still…

      Hope you have a wonderful and beautiful New England weekend.

        1. Ahhh, for some reason I was thinking you were in NY, although I guess that’s still in the mid-Atlantic region. My East Coast geography knowledge is clearly poor.

  3. WELL, I had a comment earlier, but I guess it went to the trash bin. WordPress is so unpredictable and a pain. I can comment from any browser in some of them, not in others; I can comment in Safari for some, but not in Chrome, and so on. Used to be I could comment on them all with NO troubles. Sheesh. It seems like they are trying to make their bloggers get discouraged and stop…IDK.

    Anyways, We have those ‘on fire’ burning bush tree/shrubs here, too. Bright red they are.
    Our maples are yellow and only have a hint of red, must be from the earlier drought stresses.

    Those are pretty roses…we had temps in the mid seventies today, but the forecast is calling for much cooler temps and even highs only in the 30’s next week. Brrr!

    1. You’re so right-the latest ‘update’ where you had to click if you wanted replies, notifications or whatnot ranks right up there with the whole stupid block editor. Blogger isn’t much better. So maddening. Sorry it was so cantankerous for you.

      Sounds like our forecasts are mirror images-it was 80F at the beginning of the wee. Today was 47 and chilly, the weekend will only be in the upper 20’s and 30’s. Eek! Not quite ready for that! Stay warm this weekend.

    1. Yeah I wish. It’s only 47 now. A bit lower from the 80 degrees we enjoyed earlier this week! We’re definitely not ready for 30’s tomorrow! Awk.

  4. Beautiful photos. Stay warm this weekend. Can’t believe the weather in Montana and other northing places already. Too early!!! And we have temperatures in the 70’s here…also wrong.

    1. No kidding! It was in the 80’s the first part of the week here. Have a great weekend.

    1. Thanks. The weather always seems to turn nasty just in time for Halloween. I’m sure we’ll go back to mild days soon. 🤞🏻

  5. Elsa, sweet girl, the trails of the snake look like hieroglyfics, it’s just magical how he did that😎 The colours of the trees are so beautiful, to bad Autumn is going to be naked soon…🙊…but the roses still look mighty fine. Our roses are in bud, so we hope that the Sun will bring them out soon…not that there’s any Sun around lately, only rain and cold, but there’s still hope, right😸Double Pawkisses for a Happy Weekend to you and your mommy too🐾😽💞

    1. Thanks sweet kitties. I’m sure it’ll warm up soon. Halloween is gonna be interesting for loads of kiddos though. 🎃

  6. Our colours are only just now starting – sooo late this year! Well, to be honest, there are those that rose to the occasion and are already dropping and other just staring. Usually, the sumac is the first to show off. I was driving into work today and by the entrance to the Victoria Bridge, the sumac and vines and whatnot were spectacular (but I just cannot take a picture of that from the car… sigh.
    If the weather behaves, I am going to try to go up Mount Royal. Fingers Crossed.
    Love your roses! What up with that? (says she, who has a rose bush still producing). Nature as we knew it, is no more… We are all going to have to adjust.
    Happy Friday to ya!

    1. Good luck with extending autumn. Tomorrow’s high will be around freezing this weekend. 🥶 The blooming roses are just puzzling. Maybe those two hail storms stunted their little brains. 🤣 Have a terrific weekend.

      1. Oh dear! Today it’s about 70. Tomorrow is supposed to be a mix of rain in the morning and sun in the afternoon with a high of about 68. Then Sunday, BOOM!
        Thank you. You too!

    1. Her snow boots were pulled out for the weather. She’s not going to be very happy about having to wear them. Clearly not your usual girl. 😂

  7. Sorry for the delay in commenting — I was out winterizing the yard.
    Nice scrolling slide shows! I’ll have to try that. And lovely flowers so late in the season! Well done!

    1. Thanks, Amy. I wasn’t sure quite how to so the gallery but kinda like the idea. Stay warm, it’s bone chilling out there after all the warm days we’ve enjoyed lately. 🥶

  8. Lulu: “No freezes here yet, but it’ll happen eventually. I heard Mama start talking about putting up the ‘Hillbilly Greenhouse’ to protect her plants, but apparently that also invites the bugs to have at them. It’s a balancing act, I guess!”

    1. Our single potted cherry tomato plant will live under a ginormous garbage bad for the next 3 days at least. Mom’s hopeful she can save all the green tomatoes on it. Here’s to a balanced weekend.

  9. Your fall is a wee bit ahead of mine. Cold snap is approaching … there’s talk of seeing a few flurries but a slight chance. Meanwhile, i can’t believe Mom hasn’t learned not to interrupt you. Be patient with her … maybe she needs a beer.

    1. Clearly she needs something! Summer was so brutal so autumn was a lovely respite. Now a spot of winter just as we were getting used to autumn. Stay warm this weekend!

  10. Our roses are blooming too! We get the cold tomorrow, one more day to get ice cream! Reality has not hit yet.

    1. It was below freezing this morning and quite the wake up call. I’m not quite ready for this. Have a great weekend.

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