Release the Hounds

Release the Hounds!
Release the Hounds!

I WANT that doorbell!  Not because it’s adorable beyond all get-out and really describes answering the door at the ‘Ranch.’  And not because I don’t have more than one ‘hound’ currently, but because I need the ‘hounds of creativity’ to be released.  I’m stuck.  I got nothing…bupkis.  My brain is on overload and while there are a few drafts in the works, it seems no amount of editing or resource checking has made a difference to magically transform them into something fit for public view.  So what does a part-time blogger do when she suffers from writer’s block?  Come on all you creative types, please dish and share your secret!  Puleez?

My first thought was to binge watch Breaking Bad (what can I say, I L-O-V-E that show), The Walking Dead (meh, not in the mood for Zombies right now but just wait till the season premiers though) or GoT (Game of Thrones).  Yeah, not so much.  Westeros will have to continue looting and pillaging without me.

This past weekend I spent a few days visiting my parents and celebrating my Dad’s birthday.  It was the perfect trip–we laughed, played games and cards, talked politics, watched the most amazing sunset, enjoyed cool evenings under a sky full of twinkling stars with tasty drinks and ate-boy did we eat…only the best kind of relaxing stuff and exactly what I needed after experiencing several rather stress-filled weeks at work.  When I drove home on Labor Day, I hoped the relaxed vibe I experienced at my parents’ house would translate into some fantastic inspiration for a couple posts.  Instead, I slipped back into overload running around trying to get laundry, housecleaning, and yard work done before having to hop back onto the hamster wheel at work.  I didn’t even realize it right away until I noticed Sam gave me that “hey, how come all of a sudden you’re not doting on me sigh” that only he can give following our Monday evening walk and just before plopping down on his dog bed while giving me the evil stink eye.  Personally I think he got a little spoiled with my parents, and particularly missed my Mom’s hugs and treats (I mean who wouldn’t, but get used to it dude, we all have to soldier on—it’s called Reality 101!).

But you know as I look back at the terrific time we spent together, it occurred to me that even though I didn’t get the writing boost I had hoped for, my inner need for family time was well met and far more important.  And right now, I’m good with that. ❤️ Thanks again, Mom and Dad.  Love you!

So until the blog spirits revisit me and release the ‘creative’ hounds, I’ll smile and relish the ‘pawsome’ weekend spent with the people who know me the best and who still love and accept me for it.  Then I’m going on line and ordering that doorbell!

Hope Labor Day fueled your soul (or your creative juices).

11 thoughts on “Release the Hounds

  1. hello tails around the ranch its dennis the vizsla dog hay we hav that doorbel!!! altho sadly wen it is rung it duz not kawz us to be releesd!!! also the lite stopd wurking a wile ago and dada has not gottin arownd to reeplaysing it he is such a lazybones!!! ok bye

  2. What never fails for me is a long walk with the hounds. When I am stuck, I just leave my computer and take them out to sort ideas and thoughts out. It usually helps (failing that, I am currently bingeing on a gruesome detective series with Gillian Anderson, set in Belfast and called The Fall – but you have to like morbid).

    1. I’ve heard of that one and definitely need to check it out. Thanks! Most of my ideas come during dog walks with Sam, but I need to remember a note pad or use my cellphone and record thoughts. It seems like too many things to carry (leash, ‘dootie’ bags, flashlight for those early morning walks, keys–life is so complicated!). 🙂

  3. If it was easy then it would be boring :)..can you imagine the proliferation of mundane things if we all just put our thoughts embrace the blockage…enjoy the day and bingo it will come back when you least expect 🙂 hugs Fozziemum

  4. Couldn’t have said it better myself. We have a theme going on here tonight! Sometimes, for me, it’s just soldiering on and just writing. It’s the perfection of the “editor” on our shoulders that keeps us from writing, and even though I know it to be true, I can’t knock her off my shoulder some days.

    Oh, this was a perfect read for me tonight and how blessed are you to have your parents nearby to enjoy these visits with. Not to mention, Handsome Sam. 🙂

    1. I swear Bonnie, it’s maddening when the brain fogs up and nothing shows up on the screen (or worse, incongruent jibberish is the only thing you see). Ugh! Even extended yoga poses haven’t made a difference and that usually works. But I am so fortunate having the folks near enough by and having Sam entertain us all. 🙂

  5. Hang in there, creativity will come … and probably when you least expect it. All bloggers and writers suffer from block at times – don’t even sweat it. I’m so impressed with people who blog AND hold full-time jobs AND make time for family. Don’t forget you also do volunteer work! In other words: Lady, you’re kicking major butt as far as I’m concerned. (And if it makes you feel any better I currently have 41 … yes … fourty-one unpublished drafts!)

  6. Sometimes the creative juices and possible topics don’t happen. That’s when I am glad I don’t have a regular column with someone else’s deadline.

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