Bubbles and Balls

bubbles-balls-pet-photo-fundraiser-22Sam and I helped our friend, Ariane from DelaFoto Pet Photography  on Saturday as she sponsored another rescue photo shoot over the weekend, this time to benefit the Misha May Foundation. We love ’em both and are always happy to be available to help out. I’m very passionate about rescue organizations and Misha May is a very special one. The event was a sell out with 50% of the sitting fee going to Misha May. The sitting fee guaranteed a free magnet photo for all attendees and additional prints are also available. It’s a great opportunity to have a professional photograph of your pup (with you if desired) for a reasonable fee. We can all take photos of our fur-kids, but not often do we spring for a professional pet photographer capturing those marvelous moments when the dog cocks his head just so with an adorable expression on his face to boot, surrounded by bubbles.

I wasn’t sure how Sam would react to the bubbles but pretty much knew he’d be nonplussed by the balls. Despite the fact that Standard Poodles were bred as water fowl retrievers, Sam seems to take the position that balls are a useless accoutrement in life. He always gives me ‘that look’ of puzzlement and if there were a thought bubble over his head it would no doubt say, “Yeah, what do you expect me to do now? You threw it, you go get it!”  He was a little unnerved by the floating bubbles initially until one landed on his flank and instantly popped. The puzzled look on his face was priceless. But then being the pro he is, he handled the puparrazzi session just fine.

Trying to photograph dogs can be a challenge as any of us know who try to get them to pose. “Look at the camera, boy.” And just as the shutter clicks, a lightning quick glance away or they’ll suddenly lay down. Argh. Add manually dispersing bubbles to that situation, a photographer with a large camera pointing at them, controlling the lighting and getting the perfect expression, well I think you’ve all seen my limitations photographically. Unless it’s a 700 year old Bristlecone Pine tree that wouldn’t move without benefit of dynamite, I’m sure I can figure out a way to make it somehow look bad. 🙁

But as always, Ariane delivered once again. Sam and I greeted everyone and handled the administrative details (wrangling attendees, getting releases signed and scheduling preview sessions). Some dogs and their owners needed some calming down ‘help’ more than others. spot the confident dogs. They arrived at the third floor walk-up studio with their head held high, purposefully walking toward the sign-in table. Dogs that were stressed by the stairs and the next door musical festive blasting heavy bass music (I still can’t identify the genre-not exactly rock n’roll, not dance music, not punk, not sure what to call it other than very loud noise) and throw in the unfamiliar surroundings and well, it’s understandable they’d be stressed. Sam and I did our best to get everyone at ease and all went well. As usual, he was a great ambassador. One woman mentioned she couldn’t schedule the preview session during the allotted time slots because she has numerous foster kids ‘sucking the life out of her and her time was simply too crazy next week to schedule something.’ Talk about ‘TMI!’  While I had no doubt she genuinely cared about these kids (she brought a really sweet little boy with her and the dog), I suppose she was feeling a bit overwhelmed at shuffling kids to dentist appointments, soccer practice, camp, the usual summertime overload of activities. I can totally understand that, and have felt it myself more than once, but would I rather set my hair on fire than ever say it out loud, nope, that’s just not happening. To each his own, right? I felt badly for her dog, a sweet but very nervous mixed breed pooch. But when I saw the photos of the boy with the little dog though, it really warmed my heart that for a few moments, both were captured naturally and with some joy on their faces as well on their guardian’s. And that’s what it’s all about.

So we’ll be keeping our paws crossed there will be an adorable photo to share. Have a marvelous Monday and an even better week. Here’s to staying cool to all our friends baking in heat and humidity and warmer days for our friends in the southern hemisphere who are shivering.

Live, love, bark! <3

29 thoughts on “Bubbles and Balls

  1. I’m working up the nerve to get into photography but my last efforts were so embarrassing that i lack the motivation,

  2. Wait a minute! Did I read that balls are useless? Wait! Just reading that causes me pain! Nice event but really you need to reconsider that view of balls!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  3. Perhaps i’ll try bubbles on the pups! Trying to get a photograph of them is something else! I have blurred shapes galloping toward me…great backside views….but face on, beaming as they can – no way.

  4. What a great event, can’t wait to see how the photos turned out. Every day I thank the people who invented digital photographer for saving me from myself. I would be broke from printing and throwing out all the terrible photos I take.

        1. Even the pros ditch the vast majority of theirs too. If you get 1 or 2 out of 50, you’re doing amazing. Thanks heavens for digital, otherwise, I’d be bankrupt developing and printing.

  5. How wonderful! i must say working as i do with wild animals i know the complex issues involved! i have had to buy a camo short and balaclava and camo netting for my big lens..i look like a sniper! still they run…oh well…on the other hand my fur babies are no more helpful either ..what a fun and interesting day Sam 🙂 loves Fozziemum xxx

          1. Ummm no not really hahaaaha i think today is the first day my pants have not been covered in mud roo poo and other assorted crudage 🙂 hahaaha

  6. that was an interesting outing. I’ve not done anything like that before. I don’t have human kids, but that nervous dog probably has a lot on his plate taking care of so many foster kids. The kids have need of a loving dog. Bubbles sound perfect for getting the dogs to look. LeeAnna

  7. Oh I’m sure there are fabulous photos who have a ginormous awww and ohhh effect. I dislike that kind of music, we call it Wham-Bam :o) It’s not the best to have that noisy background for a dog event… but nevertheless some dog-clubs here prefer music for their shows and we had to solve the ring-challenge with Cotton Eye Joe, what they blowed in our ears with 180 decibel :o(

    1. It was a coincidence that festival coincided with the benefit. Ariane is good and she managed to work around it.I think some of the dogs thought they were going to the vet judging by their stressed behavior, but all made it through very well and the supply of treats I brought were a big hit. 😉

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