2015 Pet Therapy Awards

Sam here. This past weekend mom took me to the annual awards ceremony for pet therapy volunteers. This is where all my pals and their pawrents get together to snack on food, catch up since the last time they saw each other and congratulate everyone on all the hours and visits for the entire team. This year’s turnout was lighter than in past years, guess it’s harder to schedule  a get-together sometimes since some people were wrapping up vacations and out of town travel before school starts but those of us who were there still had a good time.

IMG_1977  Looks like mom’s driving me to the hospital has paid off, I had 59 visits and received a ‘bronze paw’ for more than 50 visits.  Woof, woof! Thanks, mom.

Our fur-iends, Mary Ann & Teddy
Our fur-iends, Mary Ann & Teddy

This year we are all sad because our favorite toy poodle, Teddy is leaving the program. Teddy is moving nearly 150 miles away and we’re all going to miss this sweet little boy and his biped, Mary Ann. She gave me lots of ear scratches and Teddy loves mom’s homemade treats, so we made them some to take along for the drive to their new home. I helped in the kitchen by laying in the way when mom tried to pull them out of the oven. It’s important for me to supervise the making of treats-I have to put my paw of approval on all of them before they go to anyone. Nom, nom. This batch was A-OK.

DSC00665 Here is our own Ms. Lilly with her mom Roxanne. Lilly is a greyhound who has over 600 visits-more than any other dog in our program. A retired racer, Lilly has been with the program for a number of years. She’s a real sweetie and a great ambassador for pet therapy and greyhound rescue.

DSC00653  My fur-iend and fellow Standard Poodle, Zeva and her mom Sharon, had more than 100 visits. There are loads of pawsome pets who bring happiness and joy to patients, staff and visitors alike. They are such a terrific group of dogs with some of the most adorable faces. Can you see why the patients love these guys? Don’t you just want to hug them?
DSC00643              DSC00655

What exciting things did you guys do over the weekend?

Live, love, bark! <3

30 thoughts on “2015 Pet Therapy Awards

  1. This is a collection of absolutely irresistible dog faces! They individually and collectively must bring so much joy and respite by their presence among folks not feeling well. Congratulations to the muppet for hi exemplary service – I got to say I love that trophy with the paw print. As for Ms. Lilly’s 600 visits, what can I say but WOW!

    1. Yeah, Ms. Lilly has a tad more visits under her belt than Sam does but he think’s he can make a run at her. She’ll no doubt leave him in a cloud of dust, since those 40 mph couch potatoes know what they’re doing! 🙂

  2. Congrats on your award! That is something to be very proud of!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  3. Congrats on the bronze paw, Sammy!  Well done!  Love to hear about the greyhounds…I’d always thought they would make fantastic therapy dogs 🙂

  4. Ummm, I’m certain that it’s because you’re humble and didn’t mention them but what awards did you win? What do they call them (“Poochies”)?

  5. Hey I see a Sheltie there too!! Woooo hooo!! Sam you rock!! Congrats on 59 visits and your bronze paw’ for more than 50 visits!!
    I am sorry about your friend moving away but with your great personality, I am sure you will make more furiends! Barks and licks and love, Dakota

    1. Thank you. Bismark and Akira made me think of you! Teddy and Mary Ann are special people and I will stay in touch with them even if they are far away. You can’t let those kind of folks drop out of your life! 🙂

  6. It’s sad that Teddy moved, but maybe there is a hospital near his new home too where he can visit the people with his mom? I bow my head Sam, you and all your furfriends who bring joy to the people of a hospital or of a veterans home are heroes…. BRAVO!

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