iMovies and minions

imagesSam here. So yesterday we spent 87 hours trying to upload a video to WP that we made with iMovie only to miserably fail. Technology isn’t mom’s fur-iend on a good day, but on a snowy day…let’s just say it didn’t get better.  Can anyone explain why this kind of stuff has to be such a cluster? Oh well, at least she took me on two super long walks when she couldn’t deal with any more technology. Can you imagine how happy I was to be able to read pee-mail to my heart’s content even though she shivered in the latest spring snow storm waiting for me to reply to everyone’s messages?

For the record, us poodles don’t have owners, we have minions. Now if only mine could produce a cotton-pickin’ video! Sheez. Cecil B. DeMille she ain’t! Here’s hoping your ‘minions’ have a terrific weekend.

Live, love, bark! <3

29 thoughts on “iMovies and minions

  1. I didn’t read all the comments so someone else may have mentioned that if you are using the free version of WP you can’t upload videos. I found this out after a couple of hours trying to figure it out and then finally – gasp – reading through the WP documentation. Hope to see that video soon 🙂

    1. Thanks Michael. I knew about the shortcomings of the free version and since posting/whining did a tutorial for iMovie. Hopefully we’ll get a few videos incorporated soon on the blog. Happy weekend.

  2. I understand your Mom’s frustration with iMovie, Sam. It is one of the least “user-friendly” apps I’ve ever used. I’ve gone back to just uploading videos on my iPhone’s camera directly into my WP post. It takes longer to upload than a still photo, but it’s far less frustrating than iMovie.

    1. Mom just took an online ‘class’ about some basics and it was super helpful so we’re probably gonna keep practicing with it. Fingers crossed she doesn’t throw her laptop at the wall in frustration. 😉

  3. Wishing you luck with the video, Sam. I’ve had problems sometimes, one caused by my usual browser [Firefox]. That won’t upload large files. Well, actually no that large at all. But I have to use Chrome then. And with videos on WP: you know that they can’t be more than 1 GB, don’t you. With YouTube I’ve not had any problems with my videos.
    Have a great weekend,

      1. Well, sometimes trial and error helps. As it did with me. And if it doesn’t, the support in the WP forums is a good resource to go to.

  4. oh she might be a good director. That’s different from tech support. Where are all those AV guys from high school when you need them?

  5. Minions! GAH! That’s a good one, S. Technology can be tricky. It turns ugly when you least expect it! Mom takes the long way around and puts my videos on YouTube – then shares them from there.

    Love and licks,

  6. we always load it up on youtube and embed it via sharing code in our post. it’s sadly not possible to include videos in a free wop blog :o( Have a super weekend, with sun and a lot of spring signs :o)

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