Monday Moanings

Even after a couple of days recovering fromheader, it seems clear that Sam is still a little ‘crinkled‘ rough around the edges. Is it pawsible he’s still hung-over from Ruby’s margarita truck or is the Denver heat just getting to him? Hopefully he’ll wake up in time to make the fur-stealing appointment session with the groomer so he can look pawfectly spiffed up for a hospice appearance later today. Anyone have a doggy Advil at their house for the Rastafarian wanna-be here?


Here’s hoping you all had a swell time at the pawty and a terrific weekend. Happy Mo(a)day.

Live, love, bark! <3

16 thoughts on “Monday Moanings

  1. all that sleep won’t save you from grooming. They’d let you fall over asleep while shaving and plucking and scissoring you. Cole
    (who got groomed again yesterday)

  2. no worries the hang over disappears after 87 hours…. I spent sunday in my bed with an ice pack and I even got my food there…. that was great, but sadly I can’t milk this for more than one day, they are crazy enough to bring me over to the vet man :O)

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