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Happy Monday, sports fans! Well…2016 is in the history books (and good riddance I say). And because we’re now looking at a fresh new slate, we often start out making resolutions.

Hope you got through the holidays fairly well and are ready to start anew.  Many people often post New Year’s Resolutions on social media in a feeble semi-serious attempt to hold themselves accountable to the world. For the record, I’m not one of those people.

Did any of your friends post a resolution to lose X number of pounds (losing weight is always high on the list of resolutions). This seems like a more realistic approach to the whole weight loss thing. {Smirk}cd557535dd1249032a4cbbafb7598b4b

So how did you do over the howlidays? Ready to start the New Year out dieting…or changing your lifestyle? I had been considering moving from vegetarianism to veganism. Then I realized how early you have to wake up and bagged that. I like sleeping in past 5 AM. Enjoy the extra day off, sports fans. There’s always tomorrow. 😉


Live, love, bark! <3

49 thoughts on “Monday Musings

  1. I didn’t make a resolution for the new year but I know so many who have and they’ve fallen off already. I’m down 51lbs in 7 months and I look forward to continuing this lifestyle change. And milking almonds??? 😂😂😂😂😂

  2. I like to think I have a pretty healthy lifestyle already, and even though I slack during the holidays, it actually feels good to get back to thinking healthier afterwards. There’s always room for improvement, and I did vow this year to get moving just a little more, and eating even a little better (I don’t do formal resolutions though).

    1. We don’t do resolutions either and are mostly healthy. Like you said, always room for improvement. Hopefully we can incorporate a little more moving around, weather permitting for the paws in the house. 😉

  3. The baking has subsided. The eating will however continue for some time. The Holidays never fail to “expand” one’s life do they? Why does everything bad for us taste so good to us? It’s like getting smarter as we get older. Gee, thanks. I wish I had that knowledge when I was younger!

    1. 😆 Boy can I relate to the whole expansion analogy! Hope your holiday goodies go quickly so the healthful lifestyle and smaller waistlines can follow. Warm wishes for a ‘wagnificent’ 2017.

  4. Happy New Years sweet friends – We are a little late to the game already. Mom/dad are determined to lose weight this year. Why? Because they have some secret they are keeping for fall of this year. They are not telling me what. Can you believe that? Like I would say something. So wrong. XOXO – Bacon

  5. I considered veganism for about 5 minutes. But it is so much work to prepare the food if one doesn’t want to live on salads (even if LA is the mecca of vegan restaurants so the job is made a little bit easier). But I have incorporated more vegan proteins in my diet, like all manners of pulses and grains. I am also planning an outing to the vegan cheese shop in West Hollywood. Will report back.

    1. It is hard work. Not just the extra preparation but also for trying how to substitute suitable items for things like cheese…which for me is, alas…impossible! I’ll chalk up my being a vegetarian to virtue and call it a day! 😉

  6. Haven’t done a single new years resolution ever, and I think it’s for the better haha General goals are way better, because most people forget about their new years resolutions after a few months

  7. Your graphics are hilarious. Jeff suggested I get off sugar like he has done (I am a true sugar addict) so I ate all the red raspberry jam with a spoon yesterday to get it out of the house. I heard the Little Debbie Cakes calling my name at Walmart today, and I ran the other direction. Whew, just missed THAT bullet. (I have an emergency jar of honey opened in the cupboard.)

  8. Mew mew mew ‘milkin almondsss’…Oh Lady Monika wee laffed so hard!!!
    Wee do not make reso-looshunss as wee werk dailee to bee thee best wee can bee….
    An sum dayss are grate an sum not so much. Butt wee follow Buudha Kat’ss teechinss an do thee best wee can……
    Happy MEW Year to you an Sam an Elsa!
    ~~~head rubsss~~~ Siddhartha Henry~~~

  9. Every year tons and tons of space dust fall to earth, which increases the earth’s mass, which increases the gravitational pull of the earth, which causes everything on the earth’s surface to weigh more, which means everyone gains weight all the time by default….

    Conclusion: Dieting is a lost cause. Blame science…

    1. The first syllable in the word ‘diet’ has always been more than enough for me but I like where you’re going with the conclusion. Ahhh, no thannnnk you for participating in that futile exercise-just need to eat less and move around more. 😉

  10. milking the almonds..bol.
    i switched to soy milk several years ago. plus i take a daily one a day. as for weight if i can still zip up my jeans standing up (not laying on the bed praying for them to zip up) then i’m ok. as for snacks i toss them into the back of a cupboard. getting to them i have to shuffle things around instead of just grabbing them without really thinking about it.
    i got tired of feeling so miserable from the highs and crashing of a suger rush. there are trigger foods i won’t let into the house. i could bury them in the back of a closet and still hear them calling my name.
    It’s JANUARY days getting longer and it’s down hill toward Spring.

    1. I find not bringing those bad things in works best for me because once sugar passes my lips, the addictive quality of it demands more. It’s a vicious cycle. The best way is to see how the clothes fit then make necessary adjustments. Diet is a vile 4 letter word in my books! 😉

  11. This is the first year of no written goals.
    So happy to see your post today to balance all the lofty goal sharing going on. Glad we are friends. I thought to jump off the sugar train I’ve been riding but maybe tomorrow.
    I sure appreciate your humor today, thanks for the almond milking graphic.

    1. Yeah, the sugar train needs to leave the station around here too and fast. It really clouds my judgment and makes me feel like crap. Talk about addictive! The most successful goals often are the result of necessity…when the volume gets turned up so loud that you feel like you MUST create a new outcome.

      Happy to share a smile. We all need them as we move forward in 2017 and the best smiles are always shared with friends. 😉

  12. Your post was timely. I’ve been thinking of moving more toward vegetanarianism (is that even a word?) except I have leftover steak, ham and pork roast in the fridge. Maybe after that is gone I will consider it. Not a big meat eater to start with (hence all the leftovers). I think I’m also giving up serving desserts. Yesterday I had a pork roast dinner for relatives and everyone ate so much that no one ate the German apple cake I made. Boogers! Next time I’ll keep some ice cream in the freezer and keep it at that. BTW didn’t gain an ounce over the holidays.

      1. The pork roast was really good. Not dry at all. Fresh mashed potatoes and sauerkraut (we’re of German descent so we love it!). Things we don’t get often. And yes, they are nuts. In our family dessert is a 3 p.m. kind of thing. Like the British and their 4 p.m. tea.

        1. Being German myself, I can appreciate that meal. But NOT having apple cake is just wrong! My favorite German custom is coffee and cake in the afternoon. A wonderful way to slow down and savor life and good food.

  13. Howled over milking all the almonds! No disrespect to vegans, but from this Italian gal that dietary lifestyle falls into my never in a million years category. In all sincerity, I wish you and all–including your four-legged loves–a terrific 2017.

    1. It’s doubtful I could make a switch to a vegan lifestyle either, milking almonds or not! It isn’t for everyone, that’s for sure. Sending our warmest wishes for a happy and healthy 2017. Let’s hope it’s ‘wagnificent.!’ 😉

  14. Apart from starting the year with one dog and ending the year with three; a knee operation that changed intermittent pain and discomfort to semi-permanent pain and discomfort and has now reverted to intermittent ; a weather pattern, that decided to occur when I was least physically able to deal with it and has left the back garden looking like a disaster area that finally found a place to happen ; and the partner of my son is pregnant ( Yah!!!) – it hasn’t been all bad..

    1. Congrats on the news about a new addition. How exciting! Life has quite the way to stay interesting. Let’s just hope 2017 delivers it out in a kindler, gentler way…with all good wishes for sorting out the over-abundance of dogs on your end.

  15. There are no plans for weight loss around here, thank goodness. Yikes. I have been on treat restriction before and it is NO FUN AT ALL. Less denial and more fun is my goal.

    Love and licks,

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