Frigid Friday

Well…we managed to make it to the first full weekend following the New Year. Don’t know about you but we received 6″ yesterday and bitter cold with our high temperature being just 9ºF. Sam is longing for summer. I’m with him. img_4187

Any special plans for the weekend beyond staying warm?

Live, love, bark! <3

62 thoughts on “Frigid Friday

  1. Mee-you Sam mee iss with you!!! Wee have 5 feet of snow here! An thee lowest temp iss -2.2 degreess…..FUREEZIN!!! Where oh where iss Spring???
    **nose bumpsss** Siddhartha Henry xxxx
    Pee S: Wee luv yur Winter header….

  2. Even Bear, who is Mr. I have to get outside just to prove I can, knows better every time I open the door. It has to be downright freezing for my stubborn boy to abandon his need for “civil disobedience” (civil meaning not including fangs and claws). Do the dogs get stir crazy when you have to keep them in?

  3. we have snow here in DE. just a couple of inchs but still snowing.
    lily has long thick fur. on her potty break she enjoyed frisking about in the snow. trying to towel her off was difficult cause she was doing her happy dance. lol
    doing laundry, drinking hot tomato soup, and being thankful hubby has sunday and monday off.

    1. Enjoy the coziness of a weekend with comfort food and companionship. I’m looking forward to more ‘normal’ temperatures (around the freezing mark). At least the sky is clear blue and the sun is reflecting off all the snow.

  4. Humphrey suggests eating lots of hot Chicken Noodle Soup and staying cuddled underneath about fifty blankets!!! Stay warm! <3

  5. We do have temps in the upper 20’s but all the snow and ice went above and below us. Six inches would shut our entire city down. Heck, 1″ shuts our city down. LOL!

  6. Unfortunately, it looks like a weekend of chilly heavy rain here…which has been the norm so far, so it will be football, fires and food for us!

  7. Do Sam and Elsa like to go out and play in the cold? Wilhelmina and Duffy really like it but they do have coats for extra warmth. Tomorrow we plan to go for a nice, long run in the forest. We haven’t been there all week because when we were last there the trails were really icy and difficult to negotiate for the Mom! Have a nice weekend! Love the pic of Sam gazing out the window 🙂

    the critters in the cottage xo

  8. 18 degrees and two inches of snow here…but we simply can’t handle the snow in Philadelphia. A long history of spotty road cleaning and bad drivers. The weather forecasters try to get audiences by scaring the heck out of everyone on top of this. I’m with you and Sam. Love the picture. Hopeful for warmer days!

  9. Sam certainly has the right idea. He looks so adorable looking out the window, almost blends in with the background. Here it is a balmy 32 degrees with threats (or is it promises) of snow tonight. Not much, just an inch or two. But enough to send everyone scurrying to the store to buy up all the bread, milk and water. Seriously. And schools would be closed if it weren’t Saturday. For real.

  10. Bitterly cold here too, but no snow, just clear blue skies and freezing temps. Meant to get to -4C tonight, so around 24F which is really cold for us. Brrrrr. Stay warm and have a lovely weekend xx

  11. We enjoy the winter when there’s fresh fluffy snow on the ground and it’s at least 20 degrees out. Right now we’re barely above that, but it got into the low 40’s last week, rained, and ruined all of our fluffy snow! Now the yard is icy so ball play is limited. Oh, and we’re getting that frigid weather this weekend too, so it looks like we’ll be getting the tunnel out in the hallway again! 🙂

    1. Have a blast running up and down the hallway. It’s been waaay too cold for walkies but we may go out for a quick romp this afternoon since it’s a clear sunny day and starting to warm up in the upper 20’s. Woot!

  12. Awww…such a cute pic of Sam. I remember those frigid CO days. I’d follow my cats around the house as they sought out patches of sunlight to stay warm. Oh, and all that ice on the inside of the windows…fun!

  13. We’re getting a little bit of snow here today. Temps in the 20F’s. This is Tippy’s kind of weather, so we’ll probably go out for a nice walk later.

  14. 9 degrees as a high- you must mean Celsius, right?? 😬 And I’m complaining about high twenties last week. We’re supposed to get 7 to 10 inches of rain in some areas- we need it badly but there could be a lot of flooding. My Saturday chore may be to get some sandbags. Kloe is right there with Sam- she hates the rain that keeps her indoors. Stay warm and be safe if you must go out.

  15. We even got cold enough to change the constant rain to snow. And it accumulated to about a half inch. No big plans, maybe putting away the holiday decorations.

    1. If it were 21 here, we might have to break out some sandals. It was -2F with a wind chill of -10F this morning. If my math is correct the wind chill would around -23C! Brrrr. ⛄️ Hope your weekend is cozy and warm.

  16. Any special plans for the weekend beyond staying warm? // Well, now that you mention it: staying cool would be pretty good- although having said that I hope, you, Sam the Comfort and Elsa the Ninja stay warm.

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