Wordy Wednesday

In honor of the New Year, I thought I’d mix it up a little bit today with a new category I’m calling, “Wish I Was There Wednesday.” This video came from an aggregator site that I’ve contributed to in the past.

It may be a short week for some of you, but hopefully you’ll take a moment to savor a place not many people know about but who definitely should. Besides, if you’re like many working people, there won’t be another holiday until Memorial Day so you might as well store up some peaceful spots now to help alleviate your stress level down the road. You’re welcome.

Live, love, bark!

35 thoughts on “Wordy Wednesday

    1. Adam

      I would love to be there too – my lab loves playing in the woods!

      While we do have big forests in Sweden naturally – we definitely don’t have the same weather as Portugal. Wish we did!

      Live. Love. Labs 🙂

      /Adam – The Doggy Institute

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