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We’re late getting this posted. It was a very busy weekend with a last-minute training session on use of the Biovigil hand sanitation system the hospital initiated back in early Spring.  Who schedules training sessions at oh-dark thirty on a Sunday morning (9:00 am)? Anyway, with trying like the dickens to contact family members in Texas to make sure they are all safe, it didn’t seem like much of a weekend. Hope yours was a good one. Any prayers for the safety of all those affected by Hurricane Harvey would be greatly appreciated.

Live, love, bark! ❤︎

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  1. Oh, that Bastard Harvey!!!!! Though, Ma has been callin’ him lots of other HBO wordies I can’t use here. I just can’t believe how bad the flooding is, I just hope and pray it won’t get too much worse! The worst sight I have seen was the elderly in the assisted living home up to their waist in flood water. Ma lost it. Too much. Butts, then there were all the brave men and women helping to rescue everyone. I fear the aftermath. sigh. they are gonna need so much help to recover. I will keep my paws crossed for your family and furiends. Sendin’ lots and lots of POTP and prayers, and AireZens!
    Ruby ♥

  2. I’ve been reading the stats on this storm compared to previous ones, and it really is amazing. May everyone come through it alive and well, including the pets and farm stock.

  3. I see from the comment thread that your family is safe. So glad to hear that. Unfortunately there is still risk until this storm gets out of dodge for good. So continued prayers for all of your loved ones will continue to be sent. Take care.

  4. Hope you, your family, friends and all the animal friends stay safe! Bad storm that is top news item here in UK. The world is thinking of you all there in Texas.

  5. Hey…wait a minute. Now that you’ve “retired” you have to start getting up with the chickens and going to bed at sundown like the rest of…cough, cough….seniors….cough.

  6. We have friends there too and have been monitoring. I got an email last night that the Humane Society is on the ground helping out but there are cattle in the low lying lands to worry about. Sigh.

      1. Many thanks. I did, all are safe though my sister lost a tree. We’re continuing to check in every few hours just to keep tabs on the situation. The area where my daughter just moved to is dry though a couple of the roads going in are under water. Wildest weather I’ve ever seen!

          1. My too. There is a “Texas check-in” on FB that my sis, her family and my daughter ‘checked in’ which was good news to me. We continue to monitor and pray everything stays safe. The photos are incredible and alarming to say the least.

  7. we pray for all epeople, pets and the wildlife of texas… and we hope the evil rain will stop…. the only good thing about harvey is the solidarity and the togetherness it caused between all people… there is no difference now, helpers are there for those in need…

  8. I pray that all your family members are safe! We have friends down there and the wife is pregnant and was due on Aug.24th. What a time to have a baby!!

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