Freaky Friday

Put fur coats on these two and it’d be Elsa and Sam all the way.

Much like the movie Freaky Friday it seems we’ve had an epic switcheroo around the Ranch. I mean when you see a post that shows a certain level of destruction, you kind of automatically think, “oh jeez, Elsa, what did you do this time,” right? Well, unlike the movie, no fortune cookies produced this furable switch. I can only surmised it may have had something to do with a touch of jealousy. You may recall Wednesday was supposed to be a bath and groom for the Ninja. It’s been one of those jam-packed weeks with something scheduled every day. I seem to have caught some sinus bug or something and have been suffering from a 4-day long headache which has robbed me of much-needed sleep to help feel better. Any who…I got going early with walks, breakfast, etc. so I could give Elsa her bath and clean up the Muppet look when, half way started, the phone starts squawking that we need to be at the vet’s to recheck Elsa’s blood levels (since we reduced her Phenobarb dosage recently we need to know if it’s going to keep her seizure free). AWK!!! I thought that was set for the next day. Ugh.

Better make it snappy, mom!

Are you kidding me? I’m not ready or cleaned up for going out of the house so like any insane person, I shift into hyper-drive, race around like a maniac and fly out of the house with Elsa in tow in record time. Bless her heart, she was up for the adventure, popped right into the car and behaved like a real champ at the vets. She didn’t react to any of the large dogs waiting to be seen and even got on the scale to be weighed without any freaking out (OMD!) or special cajoling. Amazingly, we were on time, too.

Whew, so far so good, right? So the vet tech takes her in the back, draws the blood and talks with the vet who says “um, we really need the draw as late in the day as possible to accurately gauge the Phenobarb levels, any chance they could come back again at 6 PM?” The tech brings Elsa back to me with the ‘good’ news. O-kay, yeah sure (calculating in my mind how long it will take to finish grooming, bathing, drying) . So we leave, head home and start back picking up where I left off. Elsa has a thick coat and her hair was pretty long so it took a while and it was hard bending over with the sinus headache. We finished up late in the afternoon, Elsa looked semi-presentable ok and I realized she’s one good-looking dog with that luxurious shiny black coat. I, on the other hand, looked a fright, the house had dog hair EVERYWHERE so I pop in the tub and proceeded to clean-up the bathroom which was totally trashed. She’s exhausted, I’m exhausted and we still need to go back to the vet for Round 2. During the height of rush hour.

About this time, that squawking alert on my phone goes off again. Wait, what…it’s too soon to leave for the vet, what the heck is it? Turns out I was supposed to go to a book signing on the other side of town to meet a local author. Oh man, are you kidding? By this time, I know there’s no way I can make it; so I hunt through my inbox to send a note of apology that I wouldn’t be able to attend (so bummed). The Ninja is looking at me like I’ve lost it when I glance over and see my fleece jacket on the floor with Sam hovering over it. When I go to pick it up, I realized he has chewed holes in the pocket to extricate all the treats I normally carry on walks. Who’d have thought the innocent, well-behaved Sam would have gone postal on a jacket? Could have blown me away at that thought.

He looked up at with that goofy look he so proudly wears (otherwise known as his face), tail wagging and looking like “well, you have been kind of neglectful of moi, today.” Never would I have expected him to pull something like this. Elsa, oh hell yes. But Sam, never. Talk about a Freaky Friday…I just hope they don’t continue their Lindsay Lohan/Jamie Lee Curtis switching of roles. I swear, those two are better than a Netflix comedy.

The weekend is nearly here and if you’re like me, you can’t wait. Any plans? I am hoping to sleep the whole time.

Live, love, bark! ❤︎ 

64 thoughts on “Freaky Friday

  1. You certainly earned your rest time over the weekend! We hope you were able to get it, and that all is back to how it should be this week!

  2. I hope by now the Ninja’s blood work came back with good results!

    Shadow has been more “springy” lately – since her knee healed – and even managed to pull off and hide one of her slipper socks this morning. Li’l stinker! Maybe it’s something in the air? She’s normally much quieter and laid back in the morning.

    1. Her levels are in therapeutic range so we’re continuing with a reduction in Phenobarb dosage which will be better for her liver. Yay! Sounds like Shadow has been ‘bitten’ by the January mischief elf like my two. 😊 So glad to hear she’s doing well.

  3. Teddy has done a Sam and chewed through a pocket for some treats too, and I was shocked because he’s normally such a well mannered poodle! Those smarty pants poodles know when they can do naughty things because we’re too distracted! I hope Elsa’s blood test results bring good news.

    1. It’s always the ‘good’ ones that make us most surprised, isn’t it? Blood work was totally on target, we’re keeping our fingers crossed her lower dosage doesn’t trigger seizures but we’re hopeful! Many thanks for stopping by. Hope you are well and having a decent winter. 😊

    1. Me thinks not. He’s been a pill all week running off down the alley instead of staying in the yard. I think the Ninja’s Juju has rubbed off on him and turned him into a little brat. She’s seems to definitely have made him young at heart. 💕

  4. You are a genius, S. Mom’s pockets always have treats. I never thought to eat the pocket and then eat the treats. I love how your mom describes your face after the naughty behavior. Mom and I hope she feels better soon so she can make is laugh some more.

    Love and licks,

  5. It’s funny how gaining a sibling changes things. For years, Bear refused to sit in boxes, refused to eat cheese, etc … now that he sees Ellie doing it, he changes his mind. And she’s learning his destructive habits too. The gifts that keep on giving, right?

  6. What a freaky day for sure!!! Here’s hoping the blood draw gives the results hoped for.

    Woos – Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  7. I was always glad that that no one ever asked me to groom a standard poodle. I think they are great dogs, but way too much work to groom! Back in the mid-nineties, there was a groomer in town who charged $50 for that breed. She also could do show cuts, which I didn’t/couldn’t. So I truly understand the work it is to keep those two looking good. What a crazy, crazy day! Sounds like Elsa understood you didn’t need one more thing to stress you and was being the good child. Sam, on the other hand… 🙂

    1. I only do puppy cuts, no frills and still not particularly good at it. But practice is making it a tad easier. And little things make a different (like shaving the toes-whoa!). Now if I could just convince the little Ninja that the clipper is not to be feared on her face. Scissoring is way too challenging!

      $50?? OMD…amazing. It’s more like $75 or more here.

      1. Well, that was about 22 years ago. If you could find a helper who would continuously feed the Ninja treats while you shaved her face, it would be worth a try.

  8. Poor you. What a week. Reading your post and the problems with Else, the two visits to the Vet. the Book signing missed and Sam being a bit of a pill (not like you at all, Sam!! ) going through my mind was:
    You ever have one of those days boys
    You ever have one of those days
    When nothing is right from morning to night
    You ever have one of those days.

  9. I got frazzled just reading this. And my hats off to you big time! I’ve only washed The Poodle once by my own hands, in a tub while vacationing at the Outer Banks. He spent a week running free on the beach having THE TIME of his life. The downside of that obviously was ten tons of sand (not to mention fish smell) on his coat. He took the bath like a champ but I was exhausted….from all the laughter that is; My 4 year-old nephew, hubby, Poodle and I were all in the tub together!

    1. Now that would be worth being a fly on the wall! Luckily, Elsa is very good about staying perfectly still in the tub.But I know, first chance she got, she’d be outa there! Bathing isn’t the hard part, it’s the clipper-ing. We’re still working on that, aren’t we, Elsa? 😄

  10. oh my good God.
    The worst part is Elsa has to get stuck twice! And your sinus thing… poor you…

    1. I know, I felt so very bad for her. She was pretty traumatized having to go a second time, but at least there weren’t too many dogs to frazzle her. The colloidal silver seems to be working it’s magic. First morning since Tuesday I didn’t wake up with a headache. Woo-hoo.

  11. Wow! That’s quite a frazzled day! And to have sinus issues on top of that… 😣 I hope you are able to get rested up this weekend! I get sinus issues as well and know how miserable those headaches are. Try placing something cold/frozen on the sinus areas, it feels good. Well, for me anyway. Ha!

  12. Bless your heart. Slow down and do it with me… breathe. WOW – what a morning/day you had. Hope you can put your feet up this weekend and relax a bit. And you know us anipals – we gotta keep you on your toes by switching up our personalities a bit. Snorts and rolls with piggy laughter. XOXO – Bacon

  13. Oh Monika what a funny blog post!! Yours is the 1st I’ve read this morning & I sure needed a good does of canine humour. (My week was H*llish as you know from my email).
    I hope the Elsa/Sam duo do not continue to switch ‘purrsonaities’; but I’d suggest watch those luvley Poodles! HAHAHA!
    I will blog today? Tomorrow? At least there is a part ‘happy ending’.
    (((hugs))) Sherri-Ellen & **nose rubsss** Siddhartha Henry xxx

  14. OH gosh you did have quite the day! Days like that I am just glad that my head is screwed on tightly 🙂
    Here is to a GOOD, RELAXING and no headache weekend for you!!
    Oh and my daughter loves that movie. 🙂

  15. that sure is a FRAKY friday… and there is no magic spell to turn it into a TGIF-worthy day…. Elsa, I think Phenny is your twin… he chewed holes in my jacket too… but because he is very young and has to learn a lot he opened the wrong bag and instead of treats the prey was only a used kleenex ;O)))

  16. Sounds like an over-busy day – not my favorite either. I hope you start feeling better soon, and Sam gets the attention he believes is his due! What a sweetie! It’s hard to stay mad, isn’t it?

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