Mutt Monday

The hoodlum and I hope you had a terrific weekend. Any exciting going on in your world?

Live, love, bark! 

73 thoughts on “Mutt Monday

    1. It was cold and super windy-no way I could wear that hat outside. It nearly blew us all away without worrying about hats. Hope your mum is feeling better today. We’re thinking of you both 💗

      1. EEEKKK!!!! Windy iss not nice speshelly if it iss a North wind!!!
        An maybee keep thee hat fur Spring time. Ladymum iss purrty much OK today lady Monika. Shee goess to see Neurologist Docktur today. Pawss crossed fur a good ree-port!

  1. Lookin’ good dude!!! Ma tried to put a hat on me once….I won’t say that blood was spilled, butts….☺ A headband is all she can gets on me! BOL!
    Well, the only thingie is my furcut…..wish me luck….and bandages…
    Ruby ♥

  2. Sam, you are looking so cute! If you’re going for the tough look, I’m not sure you’re pulling it off. 😉
    Have a great week!

  3. Hi Sam, it’s me, Xena. You look so cool! Much better than Ludwig. I bet you would be sweet with me too. 🙂

  4. Don’t you look awesome pal? We anipals had a quiet weekend. Why? Because mom/dad left us to go shopping both days. What’s up with taking our one on one lap time? Shopping – snort. Who needs that. XOXO – Bacon

  5. Sam’s looking so cute in that hat and scarf! Hope you have a wonderful week. Right now, my week is pretty laid back and unexciting. If it stays that way, which is highly unlikely, the most exciting thing on my docket is playing some tennis.

    1. Ooh, that sounds like fun. It’s super windy and cold today. I just checked…with the windchill, it’s 15. Brrrr. After 70 over the weekend. Silly yo-yo weather! Here’s to a great week.

  6. Thug for life!
    I watched bits and pieces of the Oscars last night, only because I wanted to see if any of my picks won. I got McDormand, Rockwell, Oldman and Shape of Water right. As for the rest . . probably not so good, lol.

    1. You did better than me. For all the posturing on inclusion the overall results left me somewhat disappointed, though I note the 2 wins for Coco. Oh well, next year, right? 😁 P. S. Thug for life is pretty accurate. 😆

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