Monday Musings ~ June 8, 2020


No prob-llama. Hope yours is terrific with no drama!

Live, love, bark! 🐾

52 thoughts on “Monday Musings ~ June 8, 2020

    1. They’ve started to blur for me but I still think the weekends go by quicker than ever.

    1. Bwahahahahahahaha! So jealous of your bilingual abilities, Lulu. Well done.

  1. I can tell that it’s Monday up here because the roads are not crowded with people looking for hikes!

    1. Lucky you. More cars than ever seem to be on the road down here. Things seem to be moving back to the old normal.

    1. Never one to pass up one of those babies! Hope the week is going well for you.

  2. BOL!!! that Llama is hilarious! Kinda looks like Ma sometimes….shhhh….don’t tells her I said that, k?
    Hey, how is our Norman doin’??? I hopes he is healin’ well, and Elsa isn’t gettin’ in too much troubles…hehehehee
    Ruby ♥

    1. We’re hoping the no-drama llama helps out Norman who’s doing well, I might add. He, Elsa and I are all hoping the cone goes bye-bye in by next week. 🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻

  3. The re-opening in South Australia has gone fairly well. Still no church yet. Our size and social distancing only allows for 18 people. Still, July is not so far away and we have waited this long, we can wait a few more weeks.The SA border is still closed. Other than that, it’s good to get out again, although we were never really restricted the way the city was.

    1. Even though I can barely figure out what day it is, the weekends do seem to go by quickly. Go figure!

    1. We hope Monday’s and all weekdays get better for you. 💞💞💞

    1. A good life strategy for Monday’s as well as for the whole week. Hope yours is better this week. Thinking of you.

    1. He’s slowly improving and (paws crossed) only needs to be coned for another week. Make it a great no-drama llama week!

  4. Glad that Norman is getting better….the perennial rainy season problem is upon us…the phantom canine piddler who does not wish to get his or her paws wet by going outside. And not at night…in plain daylight! We need CCTV or eyes in our backsides.

    1. Rain is so infrequent here but I sympathize on your situation. Neither Norman or Elsa are keen on being out when it rains…surprisingly Norman is a much bigger wuss than Elsa. Who’d have thought this big oaf would be so über sensitive to a couple drops of rain. 🤣

        1. Ha! Now that would be quite the sight! Even with an umbrella, he refuses to do potty breaks, holding it until it stops. The sound of rain falling on surfaces is amplified in their ears which is why most dogs are not fans of rain.

          1. That might explain a lot…when we get a cloudburst here even we can’t hear each other speak and the dogs seek shelter under the desks and beds.

  5. Awww, what a cutie pie and yes it’s Monday. I cared when I was still working, but I’m good with Mondays now.

    Have a fabulous day and week, my friend. ♥

    1. When you’re retired every day seems like a Saturday but for some reason, during the pandemic, it seems harder differentiating the days. Hope your week is ‘fur-bulous!’

  6. have a good week Monika… hope Norman is all good by now, and Elsa is being a sweet nurse.

    1. Thanks, right back atcha. Norman is getting better and looking forward to the day he can kick the cone to the curb (hopefully by next Monday). Elsa…well, Elsa is Elsa. What can I say?

  7. Here’s to no prob-llamas and prayers that we can start on a path to healing and solutions soon. Take care and be safe!

    1. Healing and solutions would be a great way to start every week. Here’s hoping your week is extra ‘Golden.’

  8. Love the poster………….also love “Blursday” as it kinda still IS around here. The fog is lifting though – slowly but surely! Happy Monday.

    Hugs, Pam and Teddy too

      1. Haha – we don’t Mo(a)nday… not until I go back to work and even then, depending on what my schedule is… 😉

    1. Even if all days seems like ‘Blursday’ in the pandemic, the first one of the week somehow seems to always stand out as the worst. We hope yours is ‘wagnificent.’

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