Monday Musings ~ October 19, 2020

Before we get to Monday, I wanted to express my heartfelt thanks to all who were so kind with their welcome back comments on our last post and extra thanks to those of you who reached out privately over the past six weeks. It has been so incredibly touching and most appreciated. The pet blogging community is quite special and I will always be grateful to each and everyone of you for your kindness and caring. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Now, let’s get to Monday.  For those of you living in the US who are not quite ready to welcome another week of the campaign, I hope you find comfort in the thought there are only two more weeks until the election. Thank heavens for small miracles. I’m sure everyone will be grateful for the end of the weirdest election ever. But if that doesn’t make you smile, how about seeing therapy dogs in action from Norman’s recent inaugural visit to Lutheran. The panDAMNic has taken a real toll on healthcare workers everywhere and it certainly  disseminated our therapy ranks, but ten dogs were scheduled for this event, five for each shift, which was a nice way to start up again.

Even with reduced numbers, there was still a good variety of participating pups from tiny Bindee to buffalo-sized Norman. Whatever your jam, the Lutheran pet therapy dogs have you well covered.

Therapy Dogs
Photo courtesy of Sue Sprinkle ~ Bindee and Norman

Norman was especially taken with little Bindee, wiggling his butt non-stop whenever he was around her but always remaining a well behaved, gentle giant. I wasn’t 100% completely sure how’d this mass get-together would fly  but Norman showed why he should do quite well when it comes to pet therapy work. There were loads of “hi there, how you doing, nice to meet you” kind of sniffs with tails wags and wiggles by all the dogs. It was particularly nice to also see the handlers after many months being away.

While I personally wish there had been more doctors and nurses from the Emergency Department (they had been lobbying for dog visits for some time and could definitely use the pet therapy visits as the hospital is once again full with patients as the city’s COVID numbers have spiked lately), we did get a few drop in’s from folks I’d previously seen around the hospital with probably half a dozen EMTS and police officers.

Photo courtesy of  Janet Gradwell Lewis  ~ Bismark and Logan
Pet Therapy
Photo courtesy of Jaycee Chinn ~ Rylie
Pet Therapy
Photo courtesy of Janet Gradwell Lewis ~ L to R: Bindee, Kai, Bismark, Logan, & Rylie
Pet therapy
Photo courtesy of Jaycee Chinn ~ Rylie

Everyone seemed very pleased to visit with all the dogs on a perfect autumn day with mild temps and the dogs were glad to be back to work. We’re all hopeful that we can do this again soon.

Pet Therapy
Photo courtesy of Sue Sprenkle  ~ our most experienced pet therapists, Beau & Roxie
Pet Therapy
Photo courtesy of Sue Sprenkle ~ Zoe and Rylie
Pet Therapy
Photo courtesy of Jaycee Chinn ~ Rylie (Kai and Bindee in background)
Pet Therapy
Photo courtesy of Sue Sprenkle ~ Axel

Rylie also made her maiden voyage with Norman. She’s going to be a great addition of the group. At the end of the day, the Good Dogs of Lutheran’s pet therapy program made the event a resounding success and everyone is already jonesing for the next time when these special dogs are able to make people smile and breath just a bit easier in these weird times.

Live, love, bark! 🐾

70 thoughts on “Monday Musings ~ October 19, 2020

    1. Thank you! We were very happy to ‘pawticipate’ since it may be a long while before we can do it again.

  1. What a great event … and a toast to our four-legged heroes. The opening pic of Norman made me laugh! 🙂 Yep – I’m late – but happy that I saw this tribute.

    1. That image was just too perfect to show the wide variety of pet therapy dogs doing this event. As always, thanks for swinging by!

  2. lol….Norman’s picture with Bindee is priceless. What a great therapy crew. Just to get a smile from these horribly overworked people would be praise in itself.

    The cases of covid are getting more pronounced in Canada also. The 2nd. wave has struck with more force than the first wave. Let’s hang on tight and grab some happiness when we can.


    1. We’ve got our fingers crossed. The more people adhere to the rules, the quicker we’ll get through this. We’re up to our 3rd wave since peeps around here can’t be bothered to adhere to the rule. 😳

      Yes, I loved that photo of Norman and little Bindee. She’s a real cutie that everyone loves since her tongue hangs out. Norman was extremely gentle with her.

  3. I’m so sorry the cases are spiking in your area….that happened here a few months ago, so more restrictions, butts nows it’s opening up, even though there are STILL peeps that refuse to wear their masks! sigh. Though, I believe that if they just found the RIGHT mask for them (cause, I have gotten masks that made it hard to breathe in), they MIGHT change their minds and stop being a**holes. ☺
    I digress…..FABulous meet up with the pawsome therapy doggies!! OMD, Norman, you are SO handsome! Ma wants to drive up there just to run her fingers through your furs! BOL!!!
    I am sure you are gonna make one FABulous therapy doggie!
    Ruby ♥

    1. We say ‘stop being a mask-hole’ to peeps who refuse to wear them. They are just making this thing last longer 😬

      P. S. Tell your mum that Norman has the softest fur I’ve every touch on a sheepdog. Blows me away.

  4. So wonderful to see you all out and about! That first one with “Giant” Norman and “Elfin” Bindee is too precious for words. Yep. Norman’s good nature with two- and four-legses is going to make him a fabulous therapy dog, of that I’ve no doubt!

  5. How wonderful that Norman has taken up where sweet Sam left off. I was hoping Xena would do the same, but don’t think that will ever happen. Loved seeing all the therapy pups, knowing how happy they made everyone.

    1. It was a special visit seeing all the dogs excited about visiting EMTs and others. Everyone seemed happy about it.

    2. Some dogs just aren’t suited to being therapy helper dogs (Elsa comes to mind) but that doesn’t make them any less special for their families. She’s a sweet girl around me and that’s all that matters.

  6. Love all the pics, but that one of Norm and little Bindee is too adorable! So glad everyone had a good time!
    Yes, the election cannot be over soon enough!!

  7. Oh how I love this idea……….and even though you weren’t overrun with hospital staff coming to see the official “greeters” the ones who did stop by were greeted with a friendly lick and leg bump and no doubt enjoyed having some CALM before going to work. Hospital work is certainly a whole different ballgame these days – bless everyone who works there and bless those precious therapy dogs and their owners for taking time to make the day special!

    Hugs, Pam

  8. Looks as if Norman will take to it like a duck to water…such a sweet photograph of him with Bindee. Let’s hope the Emergency staff can have a little more time with the pooches in future.

    1. We hope so, too, Helen. I think this gentle giant will be a ‘pawsome’ ambassador for pet therapists around.

    1. Thanks! I think he will be pretty good at it. He sure seems to love people (and other dogs).

  9. What a great event you had!! I should ask our facility if they can allow pets to have outside therapy visits sort of what you did there.
    We truly miss all the furry ones that came to visit, some being pets were there almost every day. The therapy dogs like you say are surely bored and frustrated as are their peeps.
    I did meet one lady and her pup at the pet store, so we had a wee chat…but she said there is nothing in the works as yet. So sad:(

    1. I’ve suggested the hospital allow us to greet screened visitors at the lobby. We’ll see what the powers to be think of that (or even if it’s possible). While I only want everyone to remain safe, I’d love for the group to be able to make life better at a time when everyone really needs it. 🤞🏼

  10. This is all just so wonderful. Dogs are often the best therapy a person needs. Kudos to you and all the others who do this therapy work.

    Woos – Lightning, Misty, and Timber

    1. We’ll see if it’s permitted again; it was great being able to do this downsized version. There has been a recent spike with numbers of COVID cases rivaling those from early on in the panDAMNic.

  11. Great photos of all the pups! Looks like the first visit was a resounding success! Maybe next time the ER group will be able to get some of that special, one-of-a-kind love from the pups.

    That photo of Bindee and Norman greeting each other brought back a bittersweet memory for me: Ducky’s and Radar’s introduction last year. (He’d have been with us one year on the 4th.)

    1. Thanks. It seemed like our visit was well received.

      Gosh, I can’t believe it’s been a year since sweet Radar walked into your life. Thinking of you and sending hugs and puppy kisses as your thoughts will be bittersweet.

  12. I can’t wait….Gracie can’t wait…to be able to get back to pet therapy. We really miss it. So nice to see your photos and to know that Norman is getting started!

    1. I think Norman will be a big hit (figuratively as well as literally!). It was good being back even if outside in the parking lot.

  13. Awww, so precious. I’m so happy that pups are out working to make life better for so many. I love the shot of Bindee and Norman. That’s a perfect shot.

    Have a fabulous day and week. Scritches to the pups. ♥

  14. Your next challenge will be introducing Elsa as a therapy dog. Hahaha…just kidding! Those are great photos of the kind hearted pooches. Love the Bindee & Norman shot. If Bindee ever goes missing, check if Norman had a snack. Looks to have been a rousing success at a time when organizing anything is a challenge. At least the doggers don’t have to wear face diapers.

    1. Haha, is right! The Ninja might actually be a lovely comfort dog if there weren’t any loud noises, voices or sudden movements. *sigh

    1. Thanks Herr Pit. It felt good being there bringing smiles to folks who could definitely use them.

    1. Thanks! The panDAMNic has been particularly hard on therapy dogs. There’s just no way to explain social distancing to a therapy dog.

        1. Some of us have adapted better than others. 😇 Still too many people not wearing masks.

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