Monday Musings ~ November 9, 2020

Happy Monday. Don’t know about you but I think we should start the week out with a pun after last week. My favorite bedroom community west of Denver is Indian Hills where my daughter and her family lived for over 5 years before moving out of state. I’ve written about Indian Hills before here.

What was once a summer campground for Ute Indians inthe area, Indian Hills became home to area hearty pioneers, booming as a resort community in the 1920’s and finally transitioned into the small mountain community of today.  The community center located along State Highway 74 is where residents get together for town meetings or other public events with the sign board outside announcing them, as well as posting the occasional pun and is managed by Colorado native and town resident, Vince Rozmiarek.  Begun several years ago, he delights passersby with his clever wordplay. The town also has a Facebook page showcasing the signage and where they are now selling a calendar for 2021.


Given the tenseness over past several days, I think we can all use a chuckle to start out the week. Happy Monday.

Live, love, bark! 🐾

55 thoughts on “Monday Musings ~ November 9, 2020

  1. This just be turn out to be true, after which some Charlton Heston type character will discover this sign half buried on the shore and cry out “We did it! We finally did it!”

  2. I always enjoy the Indian Hills signs. They really are funny. On my last Costco jaunt I noticed they were again almost out of paper goods and didn’t have any of their Kirkland brand bottled water. Crossed fingers that we don’t have a second run on basic supplies because I never caught up on the first run – still missing cleaning products and sanitizing wipes!

    1. Yup same here, with limitations on some products. Course there weren’t any by the time I made it to that isle 😕

    1. It always feels good checking out that guy’s cleverness. Guaranteed laugh every time.

  3. ooooo maybe that’s why it was limited for a while… is it snowing there? Pretty heavy here, and thank you mother nature for the precip!

    1. It sure is. I always loved driving past the community center on the way up to my daughter’s place. It’s a charming, quirky community.

    1. It made me smile too although I’ve beginning to see lots of empty shelves at the grocery store in the paper isle. 😳

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