Monday Musings ~ July 5, 2021

We hope you survived the 4th. Clearly there were no supply chain problems when it came to obtaining fireworks if last night was any indication. Booms were very loud and steady until shortly after 1:00 AM. It’s simply inconceivable so many people were so thoughtless. While I understand wanting to have fun and celebrate, blowing up loud fireworks nonstop, well into the night seems beyond excessive or necessary.

But enough of the past, it’s a new week with a clean slate, so let’s begin it with a smile.


Here’s hoping your favorite scent remains available. Have a ‘pawsome’ Monday.

Live, love, bark!  🐾

48 thoughts on “Monday Musings ~ July 5, 2021

  1. I thought I heard on the news that there was a shortage of fireworks to buy. Either I heard wrong, or people had been stockpiling them! I’m just glad it’s all behind us, we didn’t fare too badly at our house.

    1. Whoa, if that was a shortage, I’m a monkey’s uncle! Glad it wasn’t too bad for you. There have been a few nights since the 4th where folks continue to shoot off fireworks, but nothing like the 3 days before. Glad it’s over until probably New Year’s. 🤞🏼

    1. Good for you guys! We’re still having a few knuckleheads shooting off a few but they are either far away or light weight boomers so it hasn’t been too bad. Thankfully.

    1. Not our choice…but I’m told…some are into that sort of thing. Sorry.

  2. We’re with you on the noisy fireworks issue….not necessary – especially when they’re just NOISE and not even colorful. Who can make the biggest NOISE – that’s just plain dumb! Anyway, we’re moving on from the 4th and into the HEAT of the summer…..

    Hugs, Pam and Teddy too

    1. Let’s keep our fingers crossed for quieter (and cooler) times. 🤞🏼

  3. We wish that they ban fireworks furrever in the future. Thank Cat that it”s a new day with new chances for you all😸Pawkisses for a Happy Week ahead🐾😽💞

  4. Oh, they were goin’ on furevers last night! You would thinks in an Extreme drought, that peeps wouldn’t send fireballs in the air to possible come down on someone’s house or brown lawn! geesh.
    I didn’t gives two hoots ~ slept through the whole thing! The fourth hour of the M-100’s goin’ off really ticked Ma off 🤬 BOL!
    Anyhu, luckily nobody’s house caught on fire, and no brush fires to report. Just lucky
    Okays, Nows i would likes to put in an order for possum and butt scent please……😂🤣
    Ruby ♥

    1. Precisely! In my neighborhood, houses are generally close together too. It’s just completely incomprehensible! Glad you were able to sleep through it.

      We’ll make sure they send you an email once those ‘flavors’ are back in stock. 🤣

  5. I feel for you, I know so many had the same problem. We had them here too but not so late like you did! That is just crazy! I saw a meme making me think of you . It said, “There must have been a buy one pack of firecrackers and get 5,273 packs free special going on this year!”

    Haha on your comic. You find great ones. 🙂

    1. Sounds about right. It was the worst it’s ever been. With all the professional displays it’s hard to believe people need to blow up more at home for hours on end (and for several days to boot). 😡

  6. Sorry your pups had anxiety. Dalton seemed unperturbed, believe it or not. Benji wasn;’rt too bad, but he didn’t want to eat…but he’s fussy anyways. They both had a good dose of CBD…Dalton gets that every night, so I doubled his.
    It was pretty quiet here after about midnight. We all slept:)
    Saturday night there was a big professional display for a work picnic, right in front of our house, they have a huge field that they use…but it was done by 1015pm…and later in the nearby park they let off some more,and again last night. At least now we can all go back to peace and quiet…

    Those ‘fresheners’ sound like just the thing! We would love to roll on them to freshen ourselves up, too. Do they send out emails when they are back in stock??

    1. Glad your guys weren’t too adversely affected. The fireworks this year were the worst yet (and they’ve been getting worse with each year) but I’m hoping we’re done for now. Both dogs were stressed out, but Norman more so which was pretty surprising since he’s usually so chill of the two. I tried a new homeopathic remedy that was fairly effective. Just wish people weren’t so stupid and inconsiderate about fireworks. They bother both pets and peeps and there’s certainly no reason to have them go on for hours and hours for several days. Hoping for a decent night’s sleep for us all tonight. 🤞🏻

      My dogs want to sign up for emails on those fresheners. Especially Elsa! 😆

  7. I have to wonder about people who blow off fireworks period. Here they are illegal and yet plenty are blown up. Someone who does that at 1:00 AM has serious attention problems.

    1. Attention or alcohol. Either way, it’s beyond annoying, disrespectful and downright rude. While I don’t like loud fireworks for any length of time, do your blowing up from dusk to 9:30, not in the middle of the night! Grrrr

  8. Another year of aerial explosions and again Max completely ignores the blasts of M-81s and cherry bombs. I simply do not comprehend how this little dog who is absolutely beta and an admitted coward is completely immune to explosions. He just doesn’t care about them. A mystery but a happy one. Max liked the cartoon but wanted to remind all his fellow dogs that they should always let those fresheners ripen in the hot sun for a couple days before putting them to use.

    1. Glad to hear little Max is not bothered by the inconsideration by others. Good for him!

      Oh yes, 3 days in the sun for sure before opening one of those fresheners. 😆

  9. I’m in a new, more rural neighborhood and it was worse than my edge of city neighborhood. They went on until well after 1. Seriously? I feel bad for the outdoor critters who must think it’s Armageddon!

    1. Some of us indoor critters think it’s like Armageddon too. I suspect there’s a whole lot of pent up emotions being released from the panDAMNic but geez… 🙄

  10. Poor Tegan was so terrified, she tried to go through a closed window. We’d get her settled down, then, as you said, the 1 am final rocket would go off. It was a long night.

    1. So sorry. It’s heartbreaking to see them panic like that. Don’t understand why they had to go on snd on like that. The final one I heard went off at 2 something. Maybe I was so exhausted by then I didn’t hear any more. Ugh 😑

    1. That whole “the rules don’t apply to me” mentality is very much alive and well in the DNA mentality of the US. 😬

      1. Everywhere, these days, it seems…but part of that could be the application of absurd rules too…so the defiance then extends to the sensible rules.

        1. There’s nothing wrong with self monitoring when it comes to common courtesy. Even when it has to be mandated.

    1. It was heartbreaking watching them pace, pant and generally be distressed for hours on end. Surprisingly, Norman was worse than Elsa. It’s the first thing I’ve seen him struggle with-he’s usually so laid back but they really bothered him. July 4th in the city is a bloody nightmare and makes me question why I’m living in this environment more often.

      1. Can’t “Like” this comment; poor Norman and Elsa! Kali is the only one who ever had to experience the boom booms. My Red Girls have not but we do get the thunder and they all seem to have adapted to that. My son lives in Sacramento and like your area they are out of control with the booms. He literally has to give his pup a sedative to knock him out due to the high and uncontrollable anxiety he has on the 4th. Here’s to a good peaceful week!

        1. Totally understand, Michael. I dosed the dogs with a homeopathic remedy which helped but it’s just all shades of wrong we have to knock our fur-kids out because someone wants to get tanked up and set off an obscene amounts of noisy fireworks. Free-Dumb, my foot! Yes, to peace and quiet this week.

  11. It was loud here too. Very loud and for many hours. I hope tonight will be quiet. Hope your babies did okay. Our Angel Little Bit hated fireworks.

    Love the funny. I laughed out loud.

    Have a fabulous day and week. Scritches to the pups and a smooch to Norman. ♥

    1. So glad you got a chuckle out of it. It cracked me up too.

      Both Elsa and Norman were super distressed with the fireworks. Norman more so than Elsa. It’s heartbreaking to watch them suffer from panic. I tried a new homeopathic remedy that helped somewhat, but Norman in particular was pretty upset by all the racket. Have a great week, Sandee!

  12. making noise to make noise is beyond me. Why? There is also a big increase in really souped up loud cars around us all the time now too. Our neighbors went on well after we went to bed. It’s illegal to shoot off exploding ones like those in Aurora but we were afraid to send the police because of retribution from the offenders.

    1. That retribution makes the illegal fireworks all the more egregious. There is this notion anymore that the rules don’t apply to some people, only others. 😬

  13. A friend told me that in her ‘hood, the bloody fireworks went on until 4 am. Come on now… Total lack of respect for anyone.

    1. There’s no shortage of over indulgence or entitlement these days. It’s rather repulsive in my mind.

    1. Thanks. People have lost their minds when it comes to consideration. I could blame it on the panDAMNic but think there are deeper issues at play. Sigh.

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