Nature Friday ~ November 12, 2021

Nature Friday

Welcome to the  Friday edition for this week’s  Nature Friday blog hop as we join our pals, Rosy, Sunny, Arty and Jakey from LLB in Our Backyard. Click on the link to  see what others are sharing.

It would appear that Mother Nature is fighting with herself. One faction (pending winter) has dropped temperatures and  foisted a few nights of light frosts while amping up windy conditions during the day. It’s been very blustery most of this week forcing residents to rake leaves repeatedly. One of the few remaining Halloween decorations even seemed to be complaining of its aching back.


On the other hand, the summer faction of Nature has been hanging on for dear life. And it seems to be doing a pretty doggone good job at it.

We’ve been monitoring landscapes around our neighborhood and have been pretty amazed at the number of flowers still in bloom. For instance…when was the last time you saw tender morning glories blooming in the middle of November?


Yesterday Norman discovered a fairly robust California poppy growing out of a retaining wall.


Just a few houses away from the California poppy, a very vigorous lavender plant bloomed amongst fallen leaves. In November! I can safely state I have. never. seen. lavender. blooming in November. The scent was every bit as intoxicating as it would be in June.


As we meandered around our daily route, we encountered a rose in the midst of dry conditions with a fallen leaf hung up in the fence. It seemed like the perfect juxtaposition for Nature’s ongoing battle while it figure out which way it’s going.


Potted plants continue to provide color like it’s July and even my potted cherry tomato is still setting fruit and making  dailey contributions for nightly tasty salads.


What in the world is going on with Mother Nature?! We sure have no idea but will lounge about enjoy watching sunflowers bloom and the solar fountain do its thing this weekend while it lasts. Our weekend forecast calls for sunny conditions with temps in the upper 60’sF. Perfect weather for leaf raking.

Norman & Elsa Fountain

Is Nature slugging it out in your ‘Hood and will you do anything special to enjoy it this weekend?

Live, love, bark! 🐾

51 thoughts on “Nature Friday ~ November 12, 2021

    1. It was 27F this morning and I was surprised at the number of still blooming annuals around the neighborhood. Nature is certainly confused.

  1. “Human sacrifice! Dogs and cats living together! Mass hysteria!” (Ghostbusters)
    Our weather is more the normal…slowly getting colder and no gifts of spring/summer flowers. I don’t know whether to suggest you enjoy it or to run!

    1. Bwahaha. I loved that movie and it’s clever dialogue. Sounds perfect for our kind of autumn. We are supposed to reach just over 70 tomorrow. 😲

    1. Two of my trees are locusts and they’re my favorite tree. What doesn’t blow away composts nicely. Have a terrific autumn weekend.

  2. We are slowly slipping into winter with cold temps, snow flurries and supposed to get an inch or two this weekend. It’s time for winter, and it makes us happy.

  3. Mee-yow those Poppiess an Hyacinthss an Mornin Gloriess are wunderfull as are yore toe-matoe plantss Miss Monica!
    Like youss’ Mother Nature iss conflicted here inn THE near near near North of Ontario Catnada! Wee had snow Novemburr 1st an 4th an then it melted an mee bin sittin out efurry day inn condo hangin with mee ‘peepss’….THE Birdss an ChewyTwo Chipmunk an Mimi an Browny Squirrelss are prancin ’bout all so happy an stuffin their facess!!! Mew mew mew ….
    Elsa you lounge so reegally….yore beeuteefull….
    An Sweet Norman you are adoorabell purr usual 😉
    **nose kissess** an **purrss** BellaDharma an {{{huggiesss}}} BellaSita

    1. Both pups know how to chill. Norman is the chillest dog I know and regal Elsa keeps her eyes on EVERYTHING! Mother Nature needs hormones! 😊

    1. We just have wind drying everything out more and warm then cool days. Wish we’d get some moisture but definitely enjoying the warm sunshine 🌞

    1. You ain’t the only one. Each day brings a whole batch of replacements for the ones raked up the day before.

  4. Its been mild here too and I am afraid that when the temps finally do drop its going to be a drastic shock! BRR!
    Love the photo of the leaf and rose, like you said perfect example of this weather!

    1. This sunbathing in November thing is kind of cool but one of these days the other shoe is gonna drop.

  5. Love the Halloween decoration with the tired back. I laughed out loud.

    Love all the beautiful plants and flowers.

    Aw on the pups. Both are adorable.

    Have a fabulous day and weekend. Scritches to the pups, a smooch to Norman and a hug to mom. ♥

    1. Thanks, Sandee. I laughed out loud when we walked by that Halloween decoration. It seemed so accurate with all the leaves swirling around. Norman, Elsa and I send our best weekend wishes!

  6. We had pouring rain this morning and now the sun is out full force…..most of the leaves still clinging to the trees (there’s always holdouts….or is it hold-ons?) are bright yellow so with sun and yellow everywhere it’s almost blinding. LOL Weird weather though overall – 60s last week and 40s this week.

    Hugs, Pam

    1. Sounds like yo-yo nature is going on everywhere. So strange. Enjoy a lovely autumn weekend.

  7. It’s a wonderful time of the year, isn’t it? I love Norman’s attitude, btw! 😉
    Have a great weekend, y’alls,

  8. I cannot believe how mild it is. Just this morning (before being caught in the rain, at 6:30, it was 50! Unheard of. There are flowers hanging on here, too. Many trees still have lots of leaves attached to them while others are completely bare. My potted garden, however, succumbed to the overnight freezing temps of last week.
    We are having the wet stuff today that you wish you had. Looks like we’ll have it for most of the day, to boot. Glad I managed over 6K steps while finishing off Stanley. Wait. That doesn’t sound right! I finished the book… That’s better 😉
    Happy Friday to you!

    1. Nothing wrong with finishing off Stanley, just don’t let his new wife know. LOL Glad you polished off the book. Just thinking about your 6K walkabout with him makes me green with envy. Well that and your pending showers. Happy Fri-Yay!

      1. Hahaha! It was so good. I tell ya. I would actually recommend it. Mind you, it’s gonna cost me the paper version because there were too many recipes I don’t want to do without!
        Happy Fri-Yay from this very dark and dreary part of the world.

            1. Good cookbooks are addictive as all get out. And then there are those exquisite photos that convince anyone they’re going all James Beard on the world.

  9. same here… monday starts the heat up. So weird this time of year and frightening to think summer will be even longer and hotter if this trend continues. Are we becoming Az?

    1. It’s the most bizarre weather patterns I’ve seen in a long time. Just wish some wet stuff was interspersed in these nice days.

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