Monday Musings ~ May 2, 2022

Ever have one of those weekends where the dog is unusually clingy? It seems to coincide when you have something of import to accomplish.

Exhibit A – both dogs were not pleased with my attempts to do some spring cleanup and upgrading the backyard by reinstalling the flagstones after spending more than a week leveling the area and weeding. Both barked loudly when left indoors while I tried to work as quickly as possible and then stared at me with disdain when I brought them outside with me. Norman in particular has discovered that using his rather large body laying in the most inopportune spot is quite effective as he tries to derail my work than doesn’t revolve around him. I won’t even comment on the Ninja’s attempt at scratching dirt into furrows after I’d spent days leveling and smoothing the area flat.


While I know at some point I’ll miss any annoying attempts to derail my attention on activities that aren’t 100% focused on them, once they’re gone. You have to give dogs credit for being in the moment and I’m actually pretty envious they can do that instead of like us peering into the future and seeing how it might benefit their comfort but I’d really appreciate it if dear Norman and sweet Elsa would realized the backyard area isn’t going to  finish itself for just a few more hours. Luckily for them (as well as my back) today will be a makeup day since the forecast is calling for  a bit of moisture (fingers crossed). Here’s to having a ‘pawsome’ week.

Live, love, bark! 🐾

53 thoughts on “Monday Musings ~ May 2, 2022

    1. She’s just trying to show she loves you and is contrite for being underfoot. Distance would be a better coping mechanism, but hey, you gotta appreciate their tenaciousness. 😉

      1. I think you are right. Abby is not a velcro dog, she never was, but I have realized that she seems to be much more in tune with how I feel. When I am feeling down or sick, she does, for that time, become a velcro dog. After that she is fine. I love my girl!

        1. Such a sweet sensitive girl. Gotta love how they tune into our moods, eh?

          1. Dogs, even the ones that belong to my clients always surprise me. Years ago, a Doberman mix stayed with us a few times during the year and once when someone was hugging me and I said, “Ouch!” just kidding, he got up and growled at this person. Could you believe that? And this was not my dog.

            1. He obviously felt the need to ‘protect’ you. Dogs are amazing. Simply amazing!

  1. I was going to point out that cats can be just as clingy, but a lot of other people beat me to it. And even when Ody isn’t by me whining for foo…. er, I mean, attention, he’s playing “feline speed bump” in the middle of the floor…

    1. Nice to know they’re ‘interested’ in all that you do. 😁

  2. Oh they know! Once you are done they will want nothing to do with you! Chester lays across the hall when I put laundry away so I have to step over him. He doesn’t move until I’m done! Ah, dogs!

  3. Lulu: “Sometimes we just need to help our humans by snoopervising. Like when Dada is trying to put away laundry and we go lie down on the bed where he’s trying to fold things or whatever.”
    Java Bean: “That counts as helping?”
    Lulu: “Yeah, it forces him to fold and stack more efficiently because he hasn’t got room to let everything spread out.”

  4. Have you considered they’re really just trying to help, LOL! That funny is so right on. When I find that happening, if I just stop my busy-ness and give them full attention, at least that particular dog leaves me in peace for a while. And I realize how much I needed to stop and just be in the moment with that pup, too. The benefit usually goes both ways. Of course, it can be aggravating if you’re working on a deadline!

    1. That’s a very likely idea, hadn’t thought about it that way before!

  5. Aww! They love their Mama! Enjoy the rain break and hopefully they will give you enough of peace to get things done later while they take a snooze. 🙂

    1. That’s quite the presumption (that they’ll sleep and not wake up as soon as the door handle is turned). Dogs wouldn’t make very good business people-they’re all about play and satisfying their desires and I rather like that quality in them. <3

    1. I think most pets fall in this category-and good for them and us (when we heed their ‘advice’).

  6. I miss having Sophie under my feet…you headed somewhere, she was in front of you…..except at bathtime. How such a large dog could squeeze under the bed astounded me…

    1. LOL, they sometimes manage to find the smallest spots to hide in when it’s convenient, don’t they? 😇

  7. Gracie’s favorite thing is to “help” me vacuum. Every time I get the vacuum cleaner out she comes from where ever she happens to be to assist me. Very funny.

  8. Our Angel Little Bit did the very same things. We let her too. Now that she’s gone we’re glad we did.

    I linked this post to Awww Mondays.

    Have a fabulous day and week. Scritches to the pups, a smooch to handsome Norman and a big hug to you. ♥

    1. They know just how to bring us back in the current moment, don’t they? 😍

  9. I feel your (back) pain. Spent much of the weekend doing winter clean up chores. Koda used to be a royal pain and as Norman did manage to sit or lie just where I need to be working. She’s outgrown it tho’. Kloe follows me around with a ball in her moth hoping I will throw it for her. So when I stop to do do course she won’t let go and decides to put,Amy keep away instead. Hope you get your projects done this week!

    1. I’ve always had dogs that’d bring the ball and when you throw it look at me with a blank stare, like “why’d you throw that?” Too funny. Maybe they’re trying to tell us to slow down a bit, the work will keep. Have a great Cinco de Mayo week.

  10. My husband and I get excited when rain is coming because we know we can have a break from trailing Ted around the yard….and again…..and again…..and again until HE’s ready to go back inside! Yardwork is impossible. Take your eye off Ted for two seconds and he’s disappeared. LOL Enjoy your rain break – we sure enjoy ours!

    Hugs, Pam

    1. So Teddy is an escape artist, eh? How funny (and clever of him).

  11. Kurama the Chow-Retriever mix used to sit in the middle of the kitchen as I was trying to make dinner. It was an effective strategy for her — I spilled a lot more, and she was right there to clean it up!

    1. Whoever coined the express ‘dumb animals’ didn’t have a dog!

  12. gosh, I wonder if they are trying to put in their two cents about landscaping their restroom ? Or just curious or want to be right where you are at every moment. Sometimes you’d like to know, sometimes you are okay with them not talking.

  13. that cartoon is SPOT on, but that’s Levi EVERY DAY, not just the weekend. I’ve never seen a dog that can’t do one thing by himself. Even with toys, whatever he has he has to do in my face lol

    1. I’d give anything for Sam to pester me with his “I must have 110% of your attention NOW” moments. 🥰

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