Wishful Wednesday ~ May 4, 2022

Venice, Italy
Freeloader pigeons in Bascilica de San Marco, Venice

Live, love, bark! 🐾

43 thoughts on “Wishful Wednesday ~ May 4, 2022

    1. Thanks. Frankly I was appalled someone was sitting in the midsts of an over-abundance of pigeons while I was avoiding them like the plague. 😇

        1. Still…you certainly can’t deny the opportunity to people watch of all sorts.

    1. They are opportunists and with as many people who are there eating, drinking and hoping for one to land on or near them, there is definitely an over-abundance of those flying rats.

    1. My idea of serenity has less pigeons in it but I get what you’re saying.

  1. One just might need an umbrella with all those pigeons around…my dad got a load on his trench coat once…yup…walking to church, that was the thanks he got…and my sister and I will never forget that morning, LOL!

    1. I had one do something similar to my forehead walking back to work on lunch break. Awk!! It was disgustingly gross.

  2. It’s like being in the Lodge at Kent Town. The lodge is across thee road from one of the major parks in Adelaide and in the early evening the Sulphur Crested Cockatoos leave the parklands and gather round the lodge. We are not supposed to feed them but many people do — me included…

    1. Pigeons aren’t nearly as interesting or cool as cockatoos. 😉

  3. I visited Venice with my father when a teenager…a foggy autumn where the city seemed almost unreal. Not a pigeon to be seen. A true Scot, he was armed with a powerful torch to see the artwork in the churches without paying for the illuminations. A magic memory, all of it.

    1. It’s a very magical place. I thought I’d hate it but then I was seduced by its magic.

    1. Thank you, sweet kitty. Venice is completely magical. I was unexpectedly smitten with it and had no idea I’d love it so much.

    1. It was such an amazing trip…one I was not prepared to be so captivated by all the sights and people. I began to fell like others can have the universe if I can experience Italy. 😉

        1. One of my favorite places on earth. The people, the food, life…it’s all so remarkable.

  4. Freeloaders? Opportunists! Who wouldn’t take the easy road when it is proferred! Lovely image, my friend

    1. I’ve never seen so many pigeons in a plaza. They are a nuisance, enough so the mayor has declared war on them. Still, tourists perpetuate with handouts. I think this girl was from Eastern Europe judging by her language to them and nearby friends.

      1. Oy. They really are. I definitely do not encourage them… Their poop gave my father’s best friend pigeon lung – awful business..

  5. We feed the birds here too and we call them welfare birds.

    I linked this post to Wordless Wednesday.

    Have a fabulous day and rest of the week. Scritches to the pups, a smooch to Norman and a big hug to you. ♥

    1. Thanks for the link, Sandee. I don’t have trouble feeding birds, but there’s something a bit creepy about so many pigeons. One landed on my shoulder and freaked me out.

    1. I know…it’s such a magical place, even if there are way too many pigeons. 😉

    1. Now that’d be welcomed in the plaza. You guys could have a great job chasing off the freeloaders.

    1. Sometimes, but this redheaded young lady was distinctive embracing all the pigeons when most people are trying to get away from them. The mayor of Venice has declared war on marauding pigeons.

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