Nature Friday ~ July 15, 2022

Clouds from yesterday’s sunrise

Good Friday morning peeps. As usual, we’re joining Rosy, Sunny and Jakey from LLB in Our Backyard for this week’s Nature Friday blog hop. Don’t forget to check out other posts by clicking on the link to see what others have shared.

This week has been dominated by one word. HOT, just miserably hot. And it’s hot everywhere, not just here. Europe is suffering as much as much of the central US with heat advisories being issued for Great Britain and Wales. Today’s forecast for Madrid, Spain is sunny with a high of 105ºF-ugh (around 41ºC).

So for this week, let’s stroll on over to Sloan’s Lake where perhaps we can use the water to at least refresh our parched souls. Sloan’s Lake has been in the news this past year.  Officials had to close all access to the water for a large blue-green algae bloom discovered last year. The potentially deadly condition made it unsafe for any paddle boarding, boating, or any other water sport that the lake allows including fishing and dog owners were cautioned to keep their pets away from the water as well. Added to the blue-green algae closure/news, last month wildlife officials caught a Caiman who had been surreptitiously released in the city’s largest lake. A freaking Caiman! Now dubbed “Miss Bo Mangles,” the small reptile has joined other rescued reptiles at Oscar and Friends, who graciously assisted wildlife officials in the capture. Kudos to Oscar and Friends for saving this creature as she likely would not have survived for long in the lake especially once temperatures drop. [Please tell me they will eventually drop]

Even otherwise fierce Canadian Geese have been trying their best to stay cool in Denver’s sweltering temperatures. I caught a number of them lounging in the shade near the water’s edge.


When not resting in the shade, some of them decided to train with locals in preparation for the Dragon Boat Festival which will be held next weekend after cancellations over the past couple of years, first for COVID and then again last year after the lake was closed with the blue-green algae contamination.

After a quick sprint with the Dragon Boat team, they exited the lake, single file…one by one.

The temperatures were so miserable, I could empathize with this mallard who seemed to keep diving in the water to stay cool though I expect he was probably noshing on whatever mallards eat. Ducks and geese

While I’d love to watch the Dragon Boat races next weekend, it will be totally dependant on the weather. Twenty minutes at Sloan’s in the middle of the day was far too much for me and after bidding the one team crazy brave enough to train in the sunny, hot conditions, I bid them a fond farewell. I left the park for the air conditioned comfort of my living room for the rest of the day.

Dragon Boat Race

Still it was great visiting the lake, even for a short period of time. If you like sunny conditions, heat and low humidity the day was tailor made just for you.

Have you got any special plans for this weekend? Whatever you do, we hope you stay safe, well-hydrated and are able to enjoy the wondrous sights Mother Nature provides us when we take a moment to check her out.

The latest countdown update is there are ‘just’ 69 days until autumn officially arrives.

Nature Friday

Live, love, bark! 🐾

53 thoughts on “Nature Friday ~ July 15, 2022

  1. Mom and Dad love seeing the Dragon Boats when they are at The Plaza in KC. To us, that water looks so refreshing – it really has been WAY TOO HOT for much too long!!!

    Woos – Lightning, Misty, and Timber

    1. A lake always look refreshing on a summer day. I think the ducks agree. 😉

  2. Someone released an alligator here too, just recently. Not sure what kind. Peeps are nuts to think they can keep these creatures as pets, sheesh.

    You sure made some serenely beautiful images with the wildlife and activity at your lake. They made me feel cool…it’s hot here, too…at least by our standards. It 82 right now and quite muggy…highs of near 90 predicted.

    My plans this weekend are ‘go to work’!

    1. Sorry about the need to work this weekend; hopefully it won’t be too bad and at least comfortable inside during warm, muggy temps.

  3. GREAT photos! People will do the dumbest things like releasing a caiman into a lake – they get them when they’re little then get tired of them or they get too big so they release them??? Crazy. They do that with snakes too. EEEK. Dragon Boat Races sound like fun – hope the weather cooperates!

    Hugs, Pam

    1. It’s a stupid and cruel treatment of an animal. Really makes me mad that people are so thoughtless. There’s a whole sanctuary about 35 miles east of tigers, bears, lions and other large cats from people who did the same thing. Unbelievable. Who in their right mind thinks a tiger would make a good pet???

  4. Ugh, sounds awful. I’m counting my blessings, as the jet stream is favoring us with some cool Canadian air… I pray may it continue to do so! Hope relief is coming your way soon.

    1. Thanks. The next 10 days seems to be a mirror of the previous 10. One day closer to autumn though 😉 Have a terrific weekend.

  5. So, was the blue-green algae just last year, not this year. I’m sorry I’m a bit confused. I had to look up what a caiman is, and oh my! An alligator type creature!! Love the geese retreating in a line from the lake! Yes, stay in and stay cool!

    1. The lake was shut down last summer. Not sure about the ‘all clear’ date but they e been monitoring it closely with these hot temps which seems to be a trigger for it.

      Yup, alligator like creature-creepy. Still can’t get over the fact someone intentionally dumped the poor thing in the lake. That’s just cruel! Even for a gator!

  6. Love the Canadian geese and the one especially who kept diving in the water. Smart one! Don’t blame you for seeking the comfort of your A/C! When burning up it is hard ot enjoy anything. Stay Cool!
    Seeing my sisters tomorrow, so that is always fun. Happy weekend to you!!

    1. Enjoy your visit and don’t do anything either Elsa or I would do. That should give you some leeway. 🤣

    1. Those geese have reached the top of the short list in some of the more tony neighborhoods. They’re nasty and I’ll tempered creatures and best be avoided. You never want to be too close to them.

    1. I just heard about the records your area is setting. My sympathies, sir.

  7. Makes me kinda glad to be north of the 45th parallel… Mind you, we do get nailed with hot and humid, usually, in late July to late August. Today’s 79 (feels like 86) i shall take over your 100+ Ugh. The weekend is looking mid-80’s to mid-90’s so I’ll be lounging by the piscina with a cold cerveza if anyone needs me…

    1. There’s always something interesting to see there. Have a lovely weekend.

  8. Toasty! It’s warm here but only mid-80s with moderate humidity — a typical summer day. I love it as long as I don’t have to be “IN” the sun for any length of time. The shade is just lovely! Especially with a cold brew although it’s a bit early for that.

    1. It was nearly 80 this morning just before 6 AM! And you’re right, the sun makes the heat that much more unbearable. I feel like Wily Coyote dashing from one tree to the next to avoid walking on sunny sidewalks. A cold brew sounds like the perfect way to start the day!

        1. No kidding. Hate walking out the door expecting a certain coolness to the air and it’s the exact opposite. 😬

  9. Hot has also dominated the weather here too…but at the risk of sounding like a tourist, at least it’s a dry heat…The temps were cooler in New Jersey last week but the humidity made it feel miserable!

    1. The family members who live near Austin & Houston remind me of that whenever their temps are over 100 with 70%+ humidity. I have to remind myself a dry heat is better, though not by much. Guess it’s all relative, isn’t it? Stay cool and hydrated and make it a pawsome weekend!

    1. With climate change, I’m afraid as to what comes next. A dustbowl seems likely. Sigh. Happy weekend.

      1. A dustbowl, yikes! Knowing our current state of monetizing every single thing, there’s no doubt in my mind it will be offered up on a streaming service.

  10. Wish I had been with you for the lake visit. Always love being on or near water.

    No plans this weekend. Just a Costco trip so our granddaughter can stock up on supplies and food.

    Have a fabulous day and weekend. Scritches to the pups, a smooch to Norman and a big hug to you. ♥

    1. It’s a nice lake especially being just 3 miles from downtown. Lots of water skiing, sailboating and paddleboarding as well as lots of people like to fish there. Has an amazing view of the Denver skyline-you’d love it. Stay cool and have a great weekend. Hugs and tail wiggles from me, Norman & Elsa.

  11. Our ducks and geese have started to hit the water as we’re finally seeing a little more heat and humidity. So much of the US is sweltering right now, and almost feel guilty we’ve probably only had one 90 degree day this year, plenty of rain, etc. Weird non-summer in these parts of PA. I love you are counting down the days to Fall. I’m absolutely a Fall-Winter fan opposed to Spring-Summer. Hope the Ranch has a safe, happy weekend.

    1. Truth be told I’ve been counting down since June 1st. LOL I hate summer heat (even if it is a dry heat). If we had the humidity, I’d probably need to be jailed. What we wouldn’t give for some nice rain these days instead of the sunny hot conditions. Sigh.

  12. Happy hot July! (I’m not a fan of hot and muggy) …. This morning I saw a report about the drought in Italy, which will definitely affect the pasta trees. Oh, is that Abe Lincoln’s face in the clouds? Thanks for the dragon boats – which reminded me that we were in Schwerin, Germany on a day they were having a dragon boat festival. … Fun!

    1. The Dragon Boat races and festival celebrating Asian/Pacific culture is a big deal here and attracts 150,000 festival goes. A lightning strike destroyed one boat about 10 days ago and they’ve been scrambling to find a replacement for it in time. We have our fingers crossed but note it will take a boatload of Yen to bring it from around your part of the country. Stay cool and hydrated. I am so over this summer heat.

        1. Good point! I’ll keep that in mind as the temps rise to the triple digit zone. 🥵

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