Monday Musings ~ July 18, 2022

Elsa encountered some stomach upset yesterday in the living room (I know…hard to believe given all the things she’s eaten over the years). Apparently (1) she does NOT have a cast iron stomach as once thought and (2) napkins don’t digest very well. My question is why do dogs intuitively race over to the carpet to up-chuck? Especially when they’re sitting on hardwood floors several feet away. Oye.

Monday Musings

For the record, she’s fine, just a ‘tiny’ bit obsessed with eating grass. Who knew grass acts like ginger ale for canine tummies?

Here’s hoping any accidents you encounter this week are minor. Try to stay cool.

Live, love, bark! 🐾

73 thoughts on “Monday Musings ~ July 18, 2022

  1. My Bear likes to graze and he did throw it up last week. Thankfully he was outside but he did manage to get a drop between his eyes.

  2. Yep I knew about grass! Hoping Elsa is feeling much better!! Levi has eaten so many Kleenex and paper towels it’s unreal!!!

    1. Thanks, Caren. She’s getting there. The joys of a special needs pet, eh?

  3. Miss Monika guess what?? Catss are liek Poochiess!! Wee allmost ALLWAYSS throw up on carpetss…..
    Not sure why….
    Mee iss THE only Kitty who usess THE floor mostly!
    Elsa wee sure hope yore feelin MUCH bettur! Sendin you POTP an <3
    Sweet Norman pleese watcy over Elsa fore us….
    ~~head rubss~~BellaDharma~~ an {{huggiess}} BellaSita Mum

    1. Thanks, sweet kitty…she’s well on her way mostly. The hot temps don’t help.

        1. About 12 drops fell yesterday. More thunder than moisture. Other areas around the metro area got nice showers but not here. 😭 I just don’t get it!

  4. Cats are no better. I swear, they want us to think of them as long as possible; they must know it is much longer to clean up off carpet rather than tile or wood.

    And yes, grass does act as a great upchucker. 🙄

        1. I just never figured Elsa would be in cahoots with Bounty or other paper product companies. 🤪

  5. Maybe she figured the napkins would clean up the mess? Okay maybe not. As for the rug? Yeah, my dog Molly would do the same thing! We had a couple area rugs in the house but it was ninety five percent hard wood floors. She always found the five percent.

    Glad Elsa is feeling better.

    1. Vegas wouldn’t even allow odds of pets finding the carpet in moments of gastric distress.

  6. Chaplin: “Ooh, poor Elsa! Sounds a little bit like Lulu’s gopher incident!”
    Lulu: “Oy, is everyone still talking about that?”
    Charlee: “Everyone is ALWAYS going to be still talking about that …”

  7. Poor Elsa! I hope that her tummy felt good for the rest of the day. I did know about grass being like “ginger ale”, but yes would have never thought of it!
    That is an unsolved mystery about them heading for carpet. Here we have all hardwood floor, BUT, they would rather stay on the couch when they start gagging instead of jumping down to the hardwood floor!
    Oh if only dogs could talk. 🙂

    1. It’s the strangest thing. Must have something to do with trying to hide it within fibers, perhaps? Who know? I think she’s doing better but now she seems to be ultra picky about eating. A little gun shy on edibles which makes giving her medication a bit of a challenge. I think patience will be the buzz word for a few days.

  8. It’s so true about the rug. We have hardwood and tile, with an area rug in the front room. Guess where everyone goes when they have to puke. Yep. Sorry to find out that Elsa’s stomach isn’t cast iron. Angel Lexi’s was! But glad to hear she’s getting over it. Have a good week and hope the carpet survived.

    1. Thanks, I have the same arrangement here and no matter they’re at, they rush to the area rug in the living room. Silly dogs!

  9. Milo the cat throws up frequently…usually on the bed. Ugh but at least it’s easy to wash. Poor Elsa!

    1. She’s much better, ate a normal breakfast and has kept everything where it’s supposed to be. 😉

  10. Pipo used to have his sessions of projectile Mount Vesuvius eruptions on top of the cat tree, and it was amazing and super yucky about where that all would go…OK, TMI!!

    Hope your carpet survived to tell the tale…and of course we wish Elsa well…and tell her napkins are not doggy treats, BOL!
    Our predicted highs are around 90 with high humidity this week…so I suppose we shouldn’t grumble too loudly:)

    1. I deliberately chose the color to hide stains/dirt. After years of learning the hard way. LOL Not sure if it reach 100 or not, but it’s in the high 90’s. I may evaporate before autumn arrived in 66 days. 🥵 But I’m quite grateful it’s a ‘dry heat.’ Couldn’t do the hot temp AND high humidity.

    1. It’s so bizarre; I mean we’re dealing with a life form with the intelligence of basically a radish. How do they manage it…without fail?

  11. as my old vet used to say, dietary indisgression. I hear the first, urp and run to the rug with some kind of towel or paper or what’s at hand. Then we start the dance of milo trying to avoid messing up the paper/towel etc. He will also drink a lot of water and throw it up, having an apparent air bubble, and that’s quite the mess. Oh and cold things make him urp too.

    1. Yeah, I’ve tried that try to have a towel at the ready to catch, but it must freak them out. Each and every one, work extra hard to avoid that, opting for the carpet quickly. Sigh.

    1. She’s much better now and happily napping near my desk. Sweet little pill! LOL

    1. Yes, I think lots of smiles will be the only way we get through it, right? Loads of smiles to you.

    1. She will, I suspect the heat is affecting her digestive system. But she’ll be fine soon. Thanks. Have a great week.

    1. Thank you. She’ll be fine, this heat is probably as much to blame as the napkin. 😉 Stay cool-we’re headed to triple digits like so much else of the world today. Sigh.

      1. You stay cool as well! As I’ve mentioned before, we in SE Pennsylvania have been spoiled all year with comfortable temps and humidity. We’re supposed to be looking at 90’s all week. It’s normal for us this time of year, but abnormal this particular year. Still, nothing close to what you guys have been through.

        1. At least we don’t have the humidity with the high temps. I think the entire earth is on the broil setting. Did you see there were 500 heat related deaths in Spain? Enjoy the normalcy.

  12. Poor Elsa, but you’re right about the finding carpet to upchuck. Our Angel Little Bit did the very same thing. I’m glad she’s doing well.

    I love the cartoon. I laughed out loud and then linked this post to Awww Mondays.

    Have a fabulous day and week. Scritches to the pups, a smooch to Norman and a big hug to you. ♥

  13. We have doggie artwork carpets as well. The same question here, why there? Our indeed. You stay cool also. ❤️🐾

    1. Ironic too because what comes out doesn’t remotely resemble the color of what went in! LOL Have a good Monday, Paulette.

  14. Love the cartoon !! Cats do the same thing……they can be in a spot that would be easy to clean but insist on making sure they’re in a comfortable place (on furniture or the rug) to upchuck! Go figure.

    Hugs, Pam

    1. Isn’t it just baffling? Go clear across the entire room/length of the house to find carpet when it would be so much easier to empty their stomachs while they’re on the hardwood floors, nevermind on the tile floor. {head shaking}

  15. Aw, poor Elsa. I’m glad she’s feeling better this morning! Give her some loving for me. <3

    Almost every dog I've ever lived with since I was five years old – sweet Ducky being the exception – has always made a beeline for the carpeted areas of the house to empty the contents of their upset tummies. I think it must be an unwritten rule in the domesticated canine world. And since Ducky liked breaking the rules from time to time….well, need I say more?

    1. Elsa appreciates the loving attention-thank you. Ahh, sweet Ducky, why am I not surprised with your precious angel breaking the rules? 🥰

  16. The age old question on the attractiveness of carpet. Twiggy told me they don’t want to splash their feet. (I know should have kept that one to myself)

    1. So THAT’S it, eh? Stands to reason. Tell Twiggy I won’t spill the beans; the secret is safe with me. Happy Monday-try to stay cool today.

  17. I feel your carpet pain. My girls have done the same from time to time; quickly glide across the laminate in the kitchen to get to the carpet in the living area. My thinking is although they have full run of the house that are is farthest from where they sleep at no get (?)…. And yes grass. Both my girls will eat grass for their tummy but don’t often throw it up. Glad to know Elsa is ok. She was probably fine the moment that napkin hit the ground (carpet!). 100plus degrees yesterday at The Golden K. Hoping for a cool down soon. Have a healthy stomach filled week at the Ranch. 🙂

    1. It’s the age old dilemma of pet parents everywhere. Sigh.

      Triple digits here too, it never really cooled down last night-it was still 85 when I went to be at 12:30. I’m so over summer-just 66 days until autumn arrives. I only hope it cools down then! Wishing you and the Golden Girls a splendid week.

        1. Each season has its pluses and minuses, no doubt. As least when I’m cold I can add layers, in the heat, there’s only so far you can appropriately discard. 😉

  18. Sounds like she’s a cat. Always the carpeted or fabric surfaces! And yes, grass helps them bring it up. Some people don’t allow their pets to eat grass because it often ends up in a barf but then again, the bad stuff should come out! Just not on carpets.

    1. It must be an unwritten rule for Ninjas. Barf only on the lightest colored but thickest piled carpet. 😬

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