Somebody Flipped the Switch

Full disclosure, this post is gonna be a rant-because I’m steamed, literally and figuratively. If you’re looking for unicorns, butterflies or glitter, you won’t find it here today.

Somebody flipped the switch. That switch going from lovely springtime temperatures to fiery hell at Mach speed. It was just 3 weeks ago that my furnace was still running for crying out loud! Fast forwarded to now and it’s Dante’s Inferno. WTH happened? Why couldn’t Mother Nature gradually e.a.s.e. into blissful Summer instead of going from a cool Spring (you may recall those of us in the 303 had a snow storm on Mother’s Day) to full on blazing heat shimmers? I realize folks in the South have blistering heat AND oppressive humidity (something that thankfully we get little of-ours is always joked as ‘…but it’s a dry heat’ as if when it’s hot as hell it matters). Yes, I also realize the Southwest is broiling with temperatures well above 100. Frankly, I don’t know how you guys do it. I’d evaporate away but not before I bitched like crazy about it. And try to walk a dog on black asphalt in temps like that and well, let me just say, I won’t walk barefooted out there so I definitely don’t expect Sam to either.

IMG_1914So I was waiting for the bus in the shade of a lamp pole a minuscule spot barely wide enough for a pigeon to take shelter from the blazing sun. I thought I’d have to fight a couple of them off for that prime real estate but luckily they acquiesced with no feathers shed. Naturally, the bus was late and in downtown Denver, a late bus is best described as ‘the pits.’ It usually means there was some accident along the route and traffic backs up. Between the concrete jungle and asphalt radiating intense heat right through your shoes and your head feeling like boiling oil was being poured on top of it as if you were in an episode from Game of Thrones, you almost can’t breathe it’s so stifling. It’s like walking into a 500 degree pizza oven without the yummy  mozzarella. This oppressive heat also makes for very cranky drivers sitting in their overheated cars in near gridlock. It took 3 light cycles for the bus to move less than 40 ft. to the bus stop. And whenever there is a baseball game downtown, well ‘fugetaboutit.’ In fact, sometimes I’ve been on a bus so long that I had forgotten where I was going in my sun-addled state.

I’m not the only one complaining about the heat. It seems to be THE topic of discussion on the elevator. On Tuesday the HVAC went out in our building and let me tell you, if you really want to cheese off lawyers, make them evacuate a building for a fire drill AND have the AC go out in the same day. 🙂 When the temps soared above 80 in their offices, many of them came out complaining and wondering why can’t the building can’t just ‘flip a switch’ to cool things off? Ex-actly!! Law degrees can be very powerful tools when fighting injustice but when it comes to the elements, they have no influence whatsoever and those degree holders are just like the rest of us schmoes…helpless and hot.

Hope wherever you are, you can flip the switch, stay cool and civilized. You’ll find Sam and me sitting beneath the AC vent cooling our jets till the monsoons arrive. 🙂

Live, love, bark! <3

[Post script to this post that was prescheduled for publication. After being in the 90s again, I left work Wednesday at 5 with 40+ mph driving rain/hail, downed trees, tornado and flash flood warnings. In the 3 blocks it took to dash to the bus stop, I become as soaked from head to toe as I have ever been in any storm (yeah, no umbrella with me today 🙁 though I’m not sure it would have helped since the wind was turning them inside out). Was going to post a selfie showing me sopping wet but it was just too pitiful to share. Think drowned rat but this is a good alternative.  372909038_0ec8203144_z  My clothes, shoes, backpack, and I will be drying out and getting ready for the next opportunity to flip the switch. <3

34 thoughts on “Somebody Flipped the Switch

  1. Mom said you are hilarious when you are mad about something you can’t change. She said as a kid and young adult they didn’t have air conditioning in western PA, so on 90+ degree days/nights she would lay in bed with the windows wide open and the fan on when she couldn’t be in the community pool. As a little black dog, I can’t imagine living in TN without air conditioning.

  2. Oh boy! The weather isn’t being very kind to you! We know how you feel though, we had really hot temps here, then rain which brought the awesome humidity and now we have rain and chilly temps! This has been a June around most parts! I hope July is much better for all of us!

  3. Ah, Denver! I grew up on the east coast, land of humidity, spent 8 years in Denver, and now live in San Diego, with drought and wildfires. Denver had the most dramatic and extreme weather I’ve ever experienced. A violent hailstorm that required a complete roof replacement, rains that flooded the creek on our favorite walking trail (not to mention my poor garden), and feet of snow week after week in the winter that never got plowed in my neighborhood, so that even our Jeep couldn’t maneuver around the foot-high icy ruts in the street in front of our house. You captured the frustration I felt just perfectly…hang in there!

    1. It can be quite extreme, but having lived elsewhere at various times, I still come back to Colorado where seasons are distinct and at times breathtaking. To see that blue sky makes it all worth it.

  4. Being a transplanted Yankee in the South (Carolina Upstate), I whine and complain about the heat & humidity here, too. Not that Long Island has been much better overall in the 21 summers I’ve been here; but today — right now — it is 20 degrees cooler according to my weather app at least. The poor dogs want fresh air, but at 93 degrees in the shade, I say uh-uh, no way. I don’t need two seniors with heat-related illnesses in my house. Give me winter — or at least late fall — any time over this crap. Being a die-hard Dark Shadows fan, I love thunderstorms. As long as I can watch them from inside the house, while the DS opening theme is playing on my phone. 😄

    1. OMG, talk about a trip down memory lane with the whole t-storm on DS! Thank you for that! I’m with you, Autumn can’t come soon enough (even if I am wishing my life away!) Happy weekend my fellow DS junkie. 🙂

    1. I know I shouldn’t complain; it’s pointless especially about things you can’t change and others have it soooo much worse with heat and humidity. I can always add clothes to warm up, but you only can go so far trying to shed heat.

  5. Was just saying to someone on their blog that I would MUCH rather be cold than hot. It is sooo much easier to warm up than to cool off. I HATE oppressive heat. Hoping your heat in Denver takes a detour and doesn’t head for Detroit.

    We have family in Denver….surprised they haven’t said anything about it but they moved there from Miami so that could be why.

    Hoping it has cooled down for you!

  6. You think you have it tough? Let me tell you how we in Hawaii suffer. What part of our weather horror story do you want to hear? Did you hear that south shore surf is actually only 2-4′ today?

  7. Please know that I am sincere when I say “Bless your heart.” It is stupid hot here in Louisiana…don’t worry, its a “wet heat” with the humidity! LOL! Colorado is my dream destiny and I’m sad to know that it is miserably hot there.

  8. I’m with you on this sister. Last year we had the best spring/summer I could remember. It actually went along the way it did many years ago when I was a kid. This year we went from cold to hot in about a nano second.

    This past winter we had a similar problem as you with the air. Our work furnace kept shutting off. It was frustrating to come in and need to remain in boots/hats/coats/gloves while the dang thing was reset and took it’s sweet time warming up.

    I typically don’t mind a little rain, but monsoon and hail…not so much. Here’s hoping your weather straightens out!

  9. That weather is all over the place and must be driving you nuts. Break out the sangria! No wait, break out the gluhwein … wait … um, got beer? To hell with it, pass the wine and let’s watch someone get boiled in oil on GoT. Cheers to a less eventful summer and fall for the entire planet!

  10. The lawyers wanted you to flip a switch? I would have flipped myself (if you flipped yourself, it wouldn’t have the same effect, after all, I’m a bird).

  11. I feel you my friend. We all feel you here at the Hotel Thompson. It went from some what cool days to Dante’s Hell overnight. The only way to cool things off are the random thunderstorms that come out of nowhere. And they aren’t fun – like your experience. After the rain, everything seems hotter and the roads are steaming. And the Hotel Thompson sits in a little gully so when it thunders, it rocks our crib. I feel you. I hate the heat. Despise it. Wake me when it’s Autumn okay. And hey – try to stay cool. XOXO – Bacon

  12. I know, I know. My post yesterday was after the storm, with 100 degrees high humidity only DC can do, and how all the critters are shell shocked. I lived in Utah one summer and it was dry heat like you said, and we laughed as newcomers, saying it’s like a convection oven. Still, if I have to have that hot, I prefer being able to sweat to cool off, not the way it is here. Cole stays in the shade, and AC if possible. LeeAnna

  13. All your frustrations are understandable, but you got yourself all wound up with things over which you have absolutely no control. Why would you want to do that to yourself? Nothing changed as a result of your increasing frustrations except your body chemistry …….. and that is a negative so you basically beat yourself up for no practical purpose! Hmmmmmmm!

  14. Mother nature has a weird kind of humor that’s for sure… and why we always get THE FLOOD when we have NO umbrella? A miracle :o(
    We have a heatwave too and I currently cross my paws for my dad… he is on a funeral for a friend with wearing a black suit…and he is one of the coffin bearer… :o(

      1. thanks… Mark said it was not easy with so much people and the frankincense in the church. they fortunately decided to go to the cemetery in the evening, it’s just too hot and a lot of the people are a little older and can’t stand that heat…

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