Happy Birthday, Colorado

Today’s post is for history buffs as we celebrate our state’s birthday. Colorado became the 38th state in August 1, 1876 having been a territory from 1861. At the western entrance to the capitol building, carved into the 15th step is the inscription “One Mile Above Sea Level” which explains, Denver’s Mile High City moniker. Although later determined to be off due to inaccurate measuring techniques at the time, a marker now rests at the 13th step with is exactly one mile high. Originally plated  with 200 ounces of 24-karat gold leaf as a nod to the state’s gold rush days and to all those who helped build and settle Colorado, the dome received a fresh reapplication of 65 ounces of .999 pure Colorado mined gold three years ago. It truly sparkles in the Rocky Mountain sun. Modern day settlers are seeking another kind of rush…marijuana and a booming economy with thousands moving to the state every year. There are now over 5.4 million people in Colorado.

Designed by Elijah E. Myers in a neoclassical design, the capitol was built in the 1890’s from Colorado white granite and opened in 1894. The interior has copious amounts of rare Colorado Rose Onyx marble with the main entrance hall open to the top of the dome and as tall as an 18-story building. The capitol is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and is part of Denver’s Civic Center area.




Happy 140th, Colorado. You’re still looking good. How old is your state?

Live, love, bark! ❤

32 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Colorado

  1. Tails by the Sea

    Happy birthday Colorado! You’ve inspired my human to find out about our home state, California. Here’s what we found: California became the 31st American state on September 9, 1850. We’re going to be 166 years old in September! Thanks for the history lesson 🙂 Woofs and wags ~ Kona

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  2. Kismet

    You’re doing better than us in Arizona. Arizona because the 48th state in February 1912. The signs pointing out the centennial are still up along the freeways. I guess that in 2112, they’ll save money by pasting “Bi-centennial” over “Centennial”.

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