Wish I Was There Wednesday~January 11, 2017

It’s been cold. And snowy. But worse, windy. Nothing makes me long for someplace far away that’s warmer than windy conditions. I despise the wind. Would I love to be laying on a beach in a sunny warm clim? You betcha!

Currently, I have been enjoying the broadcast of the  PBS’s series, “The Durrells in Corfu” which reminded me of my own trip to Corfu a few years ago. Can I just say I LOVED all the Greek islands I discovered. What a country! There’s just no comparison to anything like the Parthenon; Mykonos with its iconic windmills and island mascot, Petros; and sweet Corfu that charmingly captured my imagination. Luckily my travel mates were vastly different from the eccentric Durrell family (can there be any offspring more annoying than those spoiled brat adult children??) If you are not familiar with the PBS series, in a nutshell it is about a poor widow who uproots her British family and  attempts to start over again in 1930s Greece and their family adventures. If for no other reason, the Swedish guy Sven, is worth watching. Just saying. You’re welcome.

So to get through this windy/nasty weather stretch, I did what many of us do. I went back to relive a fabulous trip in the photo albums. This is the image that spoke to me. It made me long for another stroll along that beach where I encountered one of the sweetest dogs I ever met while in Greece. Hope this charming beach scene at beautiful Paleokastritsa (courtesy of my dear German friend ‘sister,’ Andrea) brings a smile to you like it did for me. Oh, that beautiful Ionian Sea with its turquoise waters and ever so gracious people. I miss you so.


Where would you like to be today?

Live, love, bark! <3

57 thoughts on “Wish I Was There Wednesday~January 11, 2017

  1. Me? I’d like to be in Hawaii, specifically Oahu, visiting the Arizona memorial – and others – or maybe Bermuda, riding a motor scooter around the island. It brings me back to the days back in the late 60s when my family spent Christmas week there and I rode on the back of my dad’s scooter. 💗

  2. I agree about the wind. When it is just cold out, that’s do-able. When you throw in wind, that’s just wrong. Not a beach person but, having never been to Hawaii, I think I’d like to be there right now anyway. Yes, Hawaii sounds like a plan.

    1. Walking on beaches is the only appeal for me too. The melodic song of waves is so peaceful, but sunning, no thank you. 🙂 I had never been to Hawaii before and had no desire actually, until my son moved there 4 years ago. It really is a paradise. 🌊

  3. I’m with you – I hate the wind! We’ve been to Greece and it was lovely! (Naxos, Mikonos and Santorini to be exact.) Gotta admit, I’d just want to be here today – but then I live in San Diego. 🙂 It was actually gray and rainy here today, but rainy days are kind of a rare treat here.

    And, yes, those adult children on TDoC – SO annoying. The little boy was my fave character. (That Sven… must admit, he doesn’t do it for me.)

  4. Ah, some warm and sunny weather sounds perfect about now! It has been gray and snowing for days on end! We are watching the desert forecasts for a good window to escape!

  5. Our pawrents went to Greece and visited the islands too! When they were in Thessaloniki they were in an elevator crash and the fire department had to cut them out. Fun times in Greece!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  6. No, beaches are not for me. I find no solace in sand and sea. I should like to be in Glencoe hiking in the solitude with the mountains rearing up around me. I would be almost at peace there – to be at peace I would need my dogs with me, Benji – Chienne and The Man, Misty my Westie and Scruffy. Dear sweet Scruffbag – wash her, clip her nails, groom her and put her down on the floor – one shake and the hair goes everywhere again. Me, the mountains and my dogs, past and present – that would be my special place – the solace for my soul.

  7. We are having a warm day today with very spring-like weather so we’re pretty content at the moment! However, we know it won’t last very long. My favorite place, other than home, is the Maine seacoast. I have visited there almost every summer since I was a teenager so it’s become a second home of sorts!

  8. I cannot complain about the weather here in SoCal, but I also have fond memories of a trip to Greece and the Greek Islands I took with my Mom years ago. We went in the spring, around Easter, so the weather was actually a little cool…and the island cruise part of the trip was a bit rough and stormy, so I might have been one of the passengers who dropped a few pounds during that part of the trip!

  9. That looks like a lovely place to dream about being today. Our snow is gone and we have rain, but at least the temperatures are nice. Where would I like to be today? I guess on my dream vacation to the Galapagos Islands – which will probably never happen. One can dream.

  10. Definitely not a beach for me. I dislike being in the hot sun just as much as I hate being frozen in a subzero windchill. I’ve actually never been on a real beach in my life…. you know, one that overlooks an ocean or a sea rather than just a muddy river or crappy lake like we Midwesterners settle for…

  11. I once read a book that was set in Corfu and it sounded lovely. One of my favorite memories was a place on one of the lesser known Bahama Islands. There was a short narrow strip of land in the middle of the island where you could see the ocean on both sides. Glorious. Warm. Blue.

  12. I am going to be where I would like to be… home! While our weather is much like yours, it provides a golden opportunity to organize photographs or do anything else that is on my “to do” list. Inclement weather is an invitation to a productive day! 🙂

  13. Oh, am I the source of your discontent since I recommended the show? Nah, that cold snowy stuff is. I would love to meet all the characters in the show actually, because they are quirky and I like that in a person! The kids are fast growing up and becoming less entitled as the season goes on. It does a fun job of showing what it’s like to go from a buttoned up culture to a chilled out but warm one. Feels like I’m living there with them when I watch. And Sven… well the story thickens. He’s sure attractive. LeeAnna

  14. On my! I’ve been away for a spell from PBS since Downtown Abbey ended and had no idea. Thanks for sharing this important news! I’m making a run for the remote to add it to my watch list. So many things to watch…(and read) …..so little time!

  15. I really enjoyed watching that series, so picturesque. Right now I am happy here as we have snow forecast and that is exciting for us! Plus our kitchen is snuggly warm and there are delicious smells coming from the oven right now, it’s a Wednesday which means half day school for the children so everyone is home for lunch!

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