Mercurial Monday

Given the events over the past few days, this image seemed to express a worthy message. If you participated in a Women’s March over the weekend, how was it? Were you inspired? Bottom line, never give up!


Live, love, bark! <3

33 thoughts on “Mercurial Monday

  1. I too hope that the energy is sustained. Perhaps we have it pretty good here but the attitudes and words about women expressed by our new president are unacceptable. And women are not his only target, that much is for sure…

  2. I was there! Unbelievable turnout! Amazing to see so many awesome people in one place peacefully standing up for what matters to them/us. I heard it was even more than 100k people … so how did we not run into each other? LOL 😉

  3. I probably stand alone with regards to the Women’s March on Washington, but that’s OK with me. I remain supremely grateful that I am a woman living in a country where things may not be 100% perfect—nothing ever is–but I feel more is right here than wrong when compared to nations where women are treated worse than animals. I can vote…I can drive and move around without a male chaperone…I can love and worship as I choose. I can dance like crazy, sing out aloud, and wear pretty much whatever strikes my fancy. I can drink my wine, read whatever I want and voice my opinions about anything that comes to mind. I don’t live in fear of being stoned to death or being subjected to physical mutilation because of my gender, my beliefs, or how I choose to love, live and work, I can march (or not)…without being thrown in a dark dungeon for dissent. We’ve got it pretty good here…in my humble opinion….but one wouldn’t believe that if they listen to the rants and diatribes of certain celebrities. 🙁

    1. Celebrities notwithstanding, I thought a number of ‘regular’ speakers had more nuanced speeches that touched men and women of all ages including minorities and member of the LBGT community in very positive ways for the betterment of every one.

  4. Of course the gains that have been so hard won must not be abandoned…but I wonder where all those women were when women in Irak, Libya and Syria were being killed.

    1. I think this march is the result of accumulated grievances and fear of the new administration who had said he would roll back a number of things to ‘make America great again’ (i.e. build the wall etc.). Fear is an enormous factor in getting people to act.

      1. I agree…it is. But I do worry about the sense of solidarity with women worldwide, the need to stop civilians being killed, families broken apart – a woman’s life is precious wherever she lives.

  5. thank you for marching for those like me who couldn’t. I will resist though, giving up is not an option. Don’t give up your power to lesser mortals!

  6. I deal with this every day with a mercurial cat 🙂 In the end, the things that won’t hurt him or kill him probably aren’t worth it (like him being on the counter or the table) … but it was a very hard lesson to learn for someone known for her stubbornness.

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