Never Forget Tuesday

FlagToday we remember 9/11, the day where 2,996 innocent people lost their lives and over 6,000 where injured. It was also the single deadliest incident for firefighters and law enforcement officers in the history of the United States.

There are seminal moments growing up that trigger strong emotional memories. The assassination of John Kennedy and 9/11 both fall into that category and I  remember exactly as if it happened yesterday. Do you remember where were you when the Towers came down?

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41 thoughts on “Never Forget Tuesday

  1. Those of us who lived it will never forget the event, never forget where we were, and never forget the various ways we were personally impacted. Good reminders, Monika!

    1. Even after all these years, it still is as fresh in my mind as it was back on that beautiful September morning.

  2. I was going into work a tad bit later than usual, taking full advantage because it was such a beautiful day, not a cloud in the sky. And then the plane hit and I remember my then wife saying the news reports were saying it was a small plane. i took one look at the hole in the side of the North Tower and was like “That was no small plane.” Having been down to the Trade Center many times, those buildings were immense, their width a block long. And then came a theory that it was pilot error, but this made no sense at all. And the whole time, there was this gnawing feeling that something was happening. Something truly horrible. And when that second plane hit, well, we all knew.

    You’re right, it was a seminal moment that anyone who lived through it will never forget. When you think back, it feels as if it happened five minutes ago.

    Peace and blessings to you Monika

  3. Yes, I remember exactly where I was on 9/11, at work when I heard the first announcement on the radio I was listening to. I know I will never forget that and all that unfolded afterwards. 🙁

  4. One of the worst days for people across the nation. I’ve heard so many stories first-hand – of people with loved ones in the buildings – of first responder families – of the survivors. I really have a hard time getting a handle on that level of destruction emotionally and physically.

  5. yep, I completely remember. I was at my new job and was speaking on the phone with a friend in Cleveland from the newspaper where I used to work. She shrieked about a plane hitting the towers……we got off of the phone and I ran down the hall (with others) to our HR Department where we knew there was a TV…..that is when we saw the second plane hit…………devastating, terrifying……heartbreaking. We worked in a building that had 28 floors……..they evacuated us (made us take the stairs) and sent us home.

    1. We watched it on the conference room. No one spoke, it was totally surreal. At that time I worked in The World Trade Center building in Denver and the building management made us leave because they were afraid of the association of the name. I’ve never seen the city as quiet.

  6. I was at work at the Contemporary Christian Music Station, J103. We were in a staff meeting. Word somehow came to us. We were all in shock and most of us started to cry. It was so unreal.

  7. I was on the floor with my 2 year old toddler and rubbing my stomach while 7months pregnant wondering what kind of world I was bringing my child into and scared! It was numbness and just disbelief as I watched the TV seeing New York look like a war zone. I remember the need to have family close, everything else just lost all importance!

  8. Such an awful day and afterwards-
    Thoughts and prayers. Always.

    I was in Paris, juste going home after my work – I had a little chat with a friend.
    When listening radio, I could not believe it, nor the TV
    I had the reflex to phone my friend last seen and tell her. She told me : ” It is not possible, my uncle is travelling Usa ” –
    Then the family was here. No words.

    Where I was working, there was the day after, a meeting of all of us,some words and silence – some of us certainly praying silently.
    Then life changed.

  9. 9/11 was our generation’s Pearl Harbor. But not for the grace of God and the United Nations, 9/11 may well have catapulted us into another World War. I was at work that morning. We were all in shock – some were crying, some of us were staring into space in utter disbelief – and for an hour or so, all work stopped and we watched the news in various rooms of the building. I shudder to think of it all again. Thank GOD 45 wasn’t president back then! Not that GW was great, but at least he was united with the rest of us in standing up to the terrorists.

    As for JFK’s assasination, I was in school. We heard about it over the loudspeaker. And if I remember correctly, my 5th-grade classmates and I were on our way back to our regular classroom after being in the art room.

    1. Disbelief indeed. Even to this day, the shock I felt then is still with me as it was when I a naive junior high student during the Kennedy assassination. The whole thing was just inconceivable.

  10. It is a vivid memory and one that will never be forgotten. I had just got in my car and was driving to work. The radio told me what happened and I called Holly (wow – just realized I had a cell phone way back then) and told her turn on the news. At that time the second tower had not been struck yet. The heroism and bravery of all the responders is a remarkable testament to our collective spirit and determination. Like you JFK’s assasination is another is in this categorical memory box as is RFK’s assasination and the Oakland Hills Fire, and the 1987 earthquake when the bay bridge collapsed.

    Thanks for your post and reminding me that inhave not and should not forget this event if nothing else for the lives lost and for those saved.

    1. It’s so striking with those unforgettable images. It was one of the prettiest blue sky days I ever have remembered and stunning in how the attack left everyone quietly numb.

  11. I do remember, for both tragedies, Monika. When I first heard of the Twin Towers having been attacked I was sitting at my desk, preparing for the next day at school. I immediately went to the living-room and switched on the TV. When JFK was assassinated, I was in the theatre, with my parents. We never got to know of that horrible incident till the next day.

    1. Both days just left me feeling incredibly numb. I was in school when Kennedy was assassinated. And at work when the Towers were hit.

  12. Our thoughts are with all the families & furiends who lost a loved one on 9/11.

    HuMom was at home when she got a call from a furiend who told her to turn on the tv. HuMom never watches tv during the day but she left it on that day🐾

    💜gentle nose nudges 💜

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